15 Questions.

So here is my first ever Q&A. I decided to answer some questions with pictures to liven up this post (thank you photoshop). Hope you guys enjoy! Oh! and thanks for all the advice and comments concerning my Wisdom Teeth Surgery this upcoming Monday! You guys are amazing. :)

Carrie asked, "Who are your favorite designers?"
There are too many to name, but I would have to say one of them would be Vera Wang because I've loved her since I was a little girl. Karl Lagerfeld, just because he looks like a BAMF. Mmm, then there's Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen, and Betsey Johnson (because she's a little bit naughty haha) to name a few more.

Kristiana asked, "If you won $500,000 and you could only spend it all in ONE single shop, which shop would it be and why?"

Diane asked, "Tell us about one item in your closet that you just cannot live without."
Seattle Wash Taylor Destroyed Jeans (Delia's) - They never fail me and they're always a perfect fit. Unfortunately, the hole on the left knee is getting increasingly bigger. Woe is me :(

Sharon asked, "What was your favorite childhood toy?"
I had tiny little stuffed cow in red overalls that I loved (then lost), and then I shared a stuffed whale with my brother which I also loved (and then also lost). I swear, I loved them so much I brought them everywhere, which explains why I always lost them.

Sybil asked, "How old are you and when did you start thinking differently (becoming more conscious) about fashion?"
I'm 19 years old and I started being more conscious about fashion around 6th grade. I loved sketching people and people wear clothes...so then I started paying more attention to the clothes the people wore.

Indy asked, "What made you start a fashion blog?"
My Best Friend actually wanted me to start a fashion blog with her this past summer. She moved to Texas almost two years ago and thought it'd be something we could do together to stay in touch. Eventually, near the end of 2009, we split up as she found herself a little too busy to blog. Hopefully she'll restart blogging soon (winkwinkwink).

La Historiadora de Moda asked, "What is your favorite kind of pizza?"
Either Pepperoni or Sausage. Actually, recently I had Ziti pizza and that was ridiculously delicious. But I'll still stick with the first two.

Emma asked, "Which actress would play you in a bio of your life? And why?"
I'd have to pick the beautiful Zhang Ziyi, mainly for two reasons: 1) She's asian. I guess I don't know too many asian actresses...so from the few that I do know, I picked her. Plus, she always plays her roles so passionately. 2) Inside joke back from High School. One of my friends thought I looked like her (oh, if only...) and I guess I was made fun of for that for a while haha :)

Shannon asked, "If you were trapped in a burning building, and could call one superhero to rescus you, who would you call, and why?"
I was originally thinking of Superman since he can fly. But thinking about it a little more, I'd say Captain Planet since he can manipulate the element of Water and put out the fire. :)

Erika asked, "What one fashion trend do you wish would make a comeback?"
If you asked me that a while back ago I would've said Velvet, and now it has made a comeback! :) Now a days I can't really think of a trend. Most trends have come back into style, are still in style, or are things I would not want to come back in style. :P

Pierrot le Fou asked, "When/What/Why was the last time you cried with laughter?"
My friend farted. I laughed for hours. Hours.

MJ asked, "What do you want to do when you leave education?"
I want to get a relatively enjoyable job and save up loads of money. Then I'll eventually open up a little Cafe in NYC that'll be full of opportunities for struggling and new artists to perform in order to get their name out there. That's only a dream though, so we'll see. :)

Alanna asked, "What was your favorite s/s 2010 collection?"
It was hard, but I narrowed it down to two (that are very different). I have to say, Burberry makes the most gorgeous trenches.

Melanie asked, "In your opinion, what city should be the fashion capital of the world?"

The Owl's Closet and Indy asked, "What are you studying in school/majoring in?"
I'm currently a Sophomore and I'm majoring in Marketing. I'm really starting to get into my major starting next semester so we'll see how that goes!


  1. :) hahaha amazing, i love captain planet!

  2. Omigod, I love that Pendleton collection, too! I"m so glad to know someone else is excited about it as I am!

  3. i remember going home early in 5th grade just to watch Captain Planet! Haha!

    i love your distressed jeans... i think they're better distressed to make them more comfy! i love it when my jeans start to sag a little..and then i remember that i have to wash them..hehehe.


  4. aww jen! this was so lovely!! i would definitely spend my money at urban outfitters too!! (: and i'm with you on captain planet, though clark kent is pretty sexy...teehee ;]

    ps. loving the layout changes :D

  5. I am a psychology/business/marketing double-major. I think you'll really like the marketing classes - especially since you're a blogger. You'd be surprised at how often blogs are mentioned in marketing textbooks!! :)

  6. i love Zhang Ziyi she;s so pretty =]
    great Q&A

  7. Ooh, getting your wisdom teeth out?! Don't worry, it's nothing. You don't even feel anything. What you should try is to stay awake when they put the sleepy stuff in you.. I don't know, you could sing really loudly for as long as you could consciously remember, haha!

    PS) I love OU, too. It's fun to look. (:

  8. You'll be great in marketing! that was my major but i switched to entrepreneurship.

    am i dumb that i don't know who captain planet is? maybe i shouldn't admit that.

  9. Great answers! I love Betsey Johnson too.

    And I can't wait until you start your cafe in New York. Maybe I could sing there? ;o)


  10. Yay! Those were great questions and you answered them so well. :)
    A cafe owned by you...I'd visit it all the time. hehe

  11. wow . i do i like your blog so much :) nice to know you

  12. that's so cool! i just finished marketing too!! i also just want to save up some money and establish my own business.. ideally it would be back home in the philippines but anywhere will do. :D

    thanks for answering my question. you look so much younger than 19 yrs. old. and good for you for being able to get into fashion at an early age. :)

  13. I love that you picked Captain Planet! hehe he is awesome!

  14. What a wonderful interview!



  15. oh that sounds like a lovely idea- to open a cafe in NYC for artists to get their name out there. & i love, love betsey johnson.

  16. Sweet J... I loved reading all the fabulousness that is YOU! You're such a sweetheart.. and yay, you chose my question to answer too. :) A cow with red overalls - awesome, I love it. Bummer you lost it though.

    Hope you're having a good one.

    Love & Aloha, S

  17. love this post, jen! i feel like i know more about u:) thanks for answering our questions! captain planet is definitely a good choice! haha i just love ur response to that question:D that was actually one of my favorite cartoons growing up lol oh wow, marketing! good for u:D


  18. what an interesting facts about you! i agree with you about what city should be the fashion capital of the world. that would be tokyo!

    sassy rica ^_^

  19. i absolutely agree with the choice of captain planet! oh those were the days.


  20. i really enjoyed reading this piece from u Jen . it's great to get to know you more . i wish i could talk to you in person .

    thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
    loved this post very much .
    thanks for sharing..

    visit / comment / follow me back at..

  21. great answers :) i'm also a sophomore in college; i'm just finishing up my associates in fashion merchandising & about to take the next 2 years for my bachelor's in marketing too :)

  22. A cafe - such a cute idea! Good luck with it all... :)


  23. Your personality always comes through your post but it's nice to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing.


  24. Loved reading your answers to these questions!

  25. Oh it was so nice reading all the answers!!
    I am going to take a look at the Pendleton's S/S 2010 Collection I didn't know anything about it!
    Kiss from Spain!

  26. oh this was so fun to read! and thanks for answering my question :)

  27. i love drawing people in outfits too :D i used to ALWAYS draw manga people since i was 11 and then it turned into more fashion illustrations, i have some on my blog if you wanna see :)


  28. Jen ... your answers leave me thinking what an adorable girl you are!

  29. It was very fun to read, thank you for your amazing answers :D

  30. Wonderful answers! How interesting to learn more about you! You do kind of look like Zhang Ziyi...:) I love Velvet, too!


  31. this is great to read all your answers and learn more about the girl behind the blog. and your collage of outfits with your delias jeans makes me really want to get myself the same pair- the are perfect on you. ~joelle

  32. I loved learning about you so much it made my day!! And your future plans sound amazing a café how cool is that mega rad!!( I just sounded like a high school girl hahah) I love this post so much oh and thanks for the comment and visiting my blog!( and I will be the first 50 to step into your café never give up your dream!

  33. Superb post, darling! Loved learning a bit more about you...
    And thanks for answering my question!!


  34. Pendleton/Opening Ceremony is awesome. I want it ALL.

  35. Amazing!

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Miss C. Alexandria giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  36. I loved reading the answers to the questions. It is always fun to find more out about fellow bloggers!

  37. i think i would choose topshop! :)

    +bu the right thing

  38. Jenn, I loved reading these things about you!!! I love Burberry too! and Tokyo is definitely a fashion capital!! ;)


  39. great questions, even better answers! i agree with you on the UO shopping spree (although i think net-a-porter might be better hahaha) and burberry DOES make the best trenches in the world


  40. Awww, I loved your answer! And your answers to the rest of the questions :) I'd also probably go and spend all that money in Urban Outfitters too.

  41. what a lovely post, i feel like i kinda know you now <3

    ps: love you blog!

  42. Hi! Beautiful blog full of beautiful things! I love Betsey Johnson too. A friend of my sister and I was in Hawaii a few weeks ago and met Betsey at a restaurant! She said she was super nice! She's the luckiest girl alive getting to meet her! Anyway, I've given you a shout-out on my humble blog and linked to you. Please check me out when you get a chance!


  43. totally agree with you about burberry - they make such amazing jackets and haha obviously captain planet!

  44. I love how creative you were answering these. Omg in my opinion Tokyo is the fashion capital of the world. The designers there come out with some insane things. And I usually hate jeans, but those are great!

  45. Hehe I feel slightly creepy reading all of this, but I LOVE IT :) Your responses are so creative... <3

  46. I love your post! And Pendleton/Opening Ceremony looks amazing. Also your cow and whale sound adorable. I also had a stuffed animal I used to take everywhere with me. It was a pink bear that I named Dustbunny b/c I slept with her in my bed, but in the mornings she would fall under my bed and roll around in the dustbunnies... I lost her on a trip somewhere when I was little, but I bought the same bear in a brown version. I still miss the old one though

  47. love love love zhang! she is GORGEOUS! great blog, ps! def going to start following!!!


  48. Intersting, You look fab! xxx


  49. loved this post - it was so interesting to read :)

    ♥ Hannah



  50. this was great! i really enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

    im pretty sure i would blow all my money at H&M. i seriously love that store to no end!

    and ROME!!!! i love ROME!!!

  51. I loved reading your answers!

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