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September 27, 2011

Great White Sweater

I invested in this super cozy sweater while I was shopping with Jasmine and Emily. For some reason I always find myself buying a new sweater during my yearly Topshop visit. Their sweaters are seriously irresistible and I probably also have a sweater problem. There's just something about seeing a giant sweater that makes me want to snuggle in it while watching a movie or reading a good book. That might also be why I like the colder seasons - trying to stay warm is always a lot more fun than trying to stay cool.

Topshop Sweater
Forever 21 Jeans, Owl Ring, Sunglasses
Urban Outfitters Bar Ring
Rocket Dog Boots via TJ Maxx

My growing sweater collection is also helping out recently since I'm feeling miserably sick. I'm feeling a little better today but yesterday was like death. Serves me right for waking up sick and still going to work and class from 10am until 10pm. Hopefully I'll feel completely better by the end of the day. This is when I wish I was at home so my mom could make me some chicken rice soup with carrots and celery. Om noms.


September 23, 2011

Dynamic Duo Vlog #2

I now present to you, the Dynamic Duo Vlog #2! This time we're in HD and we're still kicking ass in pajamas. Jasmine and I were a little bit tired and ridiculous in this video so please forgive us for our past-midnight insanity. Enjoy and check back in the next couple of days for our Dynamic Duo post! :)

September 21, 2011

Atlantic vs Pacific

After a weekend full of fashion blogging activities and shopping in the city, Jasmine and I were exhausted so we spent the next day in New Jersey. I decided to drive her down to the shore so she could see the Atlantic Ocean and compare it to the Pacific. We've all got our biases so of course Jasmine still preferred her California beaches - although, I have to admit, I might love the Pacific more since I used to live on the West Coast for a bit. I'll always love the Jersey shore though (not the show, the actually shore itself).

Gap Chambray Shirt, Sandals
Urban Outfitters T-Shirt
American Eagle Shorts

It was nice just getting to relax and take things slow for a day. Jeremy even came along for the ride and spent the day with us. While we were walking along the boardwalk, Jasmine hit the jackpot and was able to win a little, plush, minion (with the help of Jeremy).  Obviously this inspired us to watch Despicable Me after grabbing an early dinner on the Boardwalk and doing some extra, last-minute shopping. Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I can't get enough of those minions!

Check back tomorrow for the Dynamic Duo Vlog we filmed later that night! :)

pictures 1, 3, 5 c/o Jasmine

September 19, 2011

Sheep's Meadow Picnic

Last Saturday, Jasmine and I traveled into the city for some lunch and shopping in Soho. We were able to meet up with Emily again before we all headed up to the Blogger Picnic in Central Park. It was a little bit surreal seeing so many bloggers all in one place - it was especially surreal seeing the bloggers who I read on a weekly basis. I got to meet some really awesome people such as Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage and Hope from A Flattering Tale. Hope, Jasmine, Tieka and I stuck away for a bit to snap some pictures. One of the most entertaining moments was definitely when a swim team walked over while serenading us and trying to raise money for an upcoming competition or something of the sort. Definitely something to remember.

Forever 21 T-Shirt
ASOS Dress
Blowfish Flats
Belt from Modcloth dress

I'm always a bit timid meeting new people at events like this so I didn't get to know most of the girls but a few of us went out to dinner afterward and I had some ridiculously delicious mashed potatoes and corn. I had a serious craving for corn and I didn't care that there was corn stuck between every single pair of teeth. To end the night, Jasmine and I wandered over to Times Square so she could do some shopping for her boyfriend, Robert. It was definitely a day well spent and I can't wait to post about the rest of my weekend with Jasmine!


September 13, 2011

Day into Night

I haven't been updating lately since I've been spending the weekend frolicking around New York City with Jasmine of Transient Withdrawal attending blogger events, shopping, and taking crazy amounts of pictures. She left earlier today and I miss her like crazy already! Hopefully the next time I see her in person it'll be on the west coast! I lived in California for a couple of years when I was younger and I haven't been back since.

The first full day of her weekend on the east coast didn't go exactly as planned. On Friday we were going to shop in the morning until the Mod Swap event in the evening but we ended up spending the afternoon relaxing in my apartment and watching the most recent episode of Project Runway which was perfect for our exhaustion. We eventually made our way into the city and had some time to walk around and take outfit shots. 

Jasmine and I decided to try out day to night outfits - the outfit above was the day version of my look. The city flats I'm wearing from Gap are absolutely amazing and they make walking all day a piece of cake. I've wore them out this entire summer so I will definitely need to invest in a new pair. When it came time to head over to the Mod Swap event, Jasmine and I switched into our night looks. I just threw on a nice blazer and some black wedges.

Urban Outfitters Jacket
Zara T-Shirt
Forever 21 Patterned Skirt, Necklace, Bag
H&M Black Wedges

The Mod Swap was amazing and I had an awesome time meeting and seeing so many other fashion bloggers! The event was held at Black Door and each attendee brought two items to swap and we were also able to pick from racks of Modcloth items! I can't wait to show off the dress I snatched up as well as the two pieces I swapped from fellow bloggers. Even though the lighting was dim I snapped a few shots before leaving. There was also a photobooth where you could pose with hilarious props (photobooth picture courtesy of The Swapaholics) - pictured is Emily from The Daily Fashionista, me, Jasmine, and Tieka from Selective Potential.

I was able to meet Emily and reunite with Jenny that night as well! They're such sweet girls and it's always crazy seeing other bloggers in person no matter how many times I've met them. After we left the event with our new swag, Jenny, Jasmine, and I wandered over to Hill Country Chicken which is right near Madison Square Park. They might have had the best chicken I've had in a really, really long time. It was a great and delicious way to end the night! Be sure to check back soon to see how Jasmine and I spent our next day in NYC!


September 10, 2011

Dynamic Duo: Ask Us Anything!

I've been in and out of NYC for the past two days with Jasmine and it's been crazy amounts of fun! I can't wait to upload pictures from our adventures but I'm going to have to wait until I'm less exhausted from all the travel and walking. But now that the Dynamic Duo is reunited from last year's Fashion Week, we're thinking of doing another VLOG and this time we'll be answering any questions that you guys may have! Last time we just blabbed on and on about completely randomness so this time we'll give you guys what you want to hear. Leave your questions below! :)

September 7, 2011


Our first football game of the year was last week and for those of you who don't know, football is a huge deal at my school. The first football game is usually the one most worth going to since everyone is all riled up and there's definitely the most school spirit shown. I shot some pictures for Student Life and then ran over to tailgate before the start of the game. Definitely the best, last, first football game of the season as a Rutgers student. :)

Now that the semester is in full swing I'm already starting to get down in the dumps. I was busy enough before classes started with my work, my blog, my club, and my life and now adding on classes, which should be my first priority, seems impossible. I'm really going to have to start working on my time management and my organization skills without over stressing myself. I'm also determined to make time for my social life. This is gonna be one hell of a semester and I'm going to try to stay positive instead of crying in a corner. BRING IT ON.


September 3, 2011

Sunset at Boyd Park

Before the semester kicks in and before we start drowning in piles of work and conflicting schedules, Monisha and I decided to take a relaxing trip down to Boyd Park which is home to our university's crew team and has the most gorgeous view of the Raritan River. Because of Hurricane Irene's flooding there was mud crusted over the entire park as you can see from the pictures (and the few random branches). We caught the sunset at the perfect time which also meant that we both went picture crazy with my camera.

Gap Chambray Shirt
H&M Maxi Dress
Vince Gamuto Heels via DSW

I haven't had my first class yet since I don't have classes on Thursday or Friday and the first day of classes was a Thursday. I've only gotten two of my textbooks and I'm definitely in denial that it's my senior year of college. When I walk around campus I still feel like a junior. Maybe once I actually walk into my first class of the semester it will all kick in and I'll suddenly feel bittersweet about everything. Graduation seems so far away but I know that in a blink of an eye I'll be wearing that robe and cap and thinking "I'm doomed." :P

Well I better get back to all of the work I need to get done before I head over to Jeremy's house. He's finally back (for good this time) and I can't wait to see him. Good luck to all of you starting the new school year and enjoy your labor day celebrations!

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