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Telling Me That You'll Be Sweet

March 31, 2013

Telling Me That You'll Be Sweet

Yesterday was one of those beautifully lazy Saturdays that you just want to frame and remember for the rest of the week. I woke up way earlier than I wanted to, looking like a hungover mess of a person, tucked into bed still in last night's clothes. Such a classy broad, am I right? So I dragged myself out of bed, took a shower, made breakfast, watched an episode of Girls, and then went right back to bed. Continuing to live the life. After a quick Skype session with Jeremy, the rest of my afternoon consisted of sitting on my couch with my roommate and watching episode after episode of Glee. It's my guilty pleasure and I'm not ashamed.

Forever 21 Dolman Coat
American Apparel Circle Scarf
Vintage Green Lace Slip via Elana
Urban Outfitters Striped Crop Top (similar)
OASAP Black Shoulder Bag
Blowfish Shoes Cain Flats

My evening was definitely way more productive than the rest of my Saturday. I cleaned up the filth from my bedroom, did my laundry, actually got around to working out, and gave my mom a much needed phone call. And now? I'm finally posting these pictures that my friend Haley snapped earlier in the week. This beauty of a dress, which is actually a vintage lace slip, is my second Flock Together swapped item and I'm slightly obsessed with the dark green fabric. The slip originally belongs to the adorable Elana from Room 334 and you can see how some of the other Flock Together ladies styled it up at the bottom of this post.

Lost Track Along the Way

March 28, 2013

Lost Track Along the Way

This was one of those days where I pulled together my outfit in under a minute. Usually I spend at least five minutes fumbling through the depths of my closet, debating whether or not a skirt is a good choice for forty degree weather or debating whether or not wearing chambray twice in a row is acceptable. I tend to pick outfits better when I'm under pressure and this morning was definitely a rushed one, mainly because I spent twenty minutes trying to make salmon rice balls. Luckily, all the time I spent on them was worth it and lunch was a success. Noms.

Gap Striped Top (similar)
Urban Outfitters Polka Dot Skirt (similar)
Forever 21 Dolman Coat (similar)
H&M Necklace (similar)
Ralph Lauren Sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop
Gabriella Rocha Abarne Booties (similar)


March 25, 2013

Carried Me to a Place Without Words

Can we all agree that I look a little bit ridiculous in these sunglasses? I look like the love child of Yoko Ono and John Lennon but you know what? I kind of like looking ridiculous. They'll definitely come in handy when I make my trip to Miami, which is only a month away! Can I fast forward to my trip and then keep hitting repeat over and over again until I'm ready to head back up north? 

Sunglasses Shop, a long time sponsor of my blog, sent over these Ralph Lauren Sunglasses for me to test out and they are definitely some high quality stunners. I found myself lost in their selection of designer sunglasses but finally settled on these circular frames because I thought I could rock the hippie look. Even though I ended up being wrong, I'll still embrace my non-existant, inner hippie either way. Plus, I'm too in love with the tortoise frames not to rock them. 

Forever 21 Polka Dot Blouse (similar)
Ralph Lauren Sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop
Light Beige Mini-Skirt c/o Lulu*s
Stick Together Mint Necklace c/o Lulu*s
Forever 21 Cap Toed Heels (similar)

Is anyone else a little bit sad that spring is still not here? There are a few flurries in the city, usually mixed with a bit of rainfall, and my friends in south Jersey keep posting pictures of their snow-covered towns. I guess the groundhog wasn't thinking straight this year. Spring, come sooner! I'm craving plenty of sunshine and outdoor adventures!

I mainly want to stop having to wear coats when I'm out and about since I have a bad track record of having coats stolen at bars. Whoever stole my black peacoat on Saturday night, which had my monthly metro card in the pocket? I'm sending lots of bad karma your way! I guess it was time to say goodbye to my 7-year old coat anyway. Alas! :(

The Turkey Diaries: Cats of Istanbul

March 24, 2013

The Turkey Diaries: Cats of Istanbul

So yes, my final post in the Turkey Diaries series is all about cats. I promise I'm not a cat lady (I'm slightly allergic to them anyway, which kills that dream), but I couldn't help but capture all the cats that we came across during our time in Istanbul. Unlike the pet culture we have in America, numerous cats and dogs freely roam the streets. If I had to compare it to anything in New York City, just replace the pigeons you see every where you turn with cats. Heaven, am I right? Jeremy had to remind me not to go chasing after them, trying to pet every single one. Let me tell you, it was pretty hard to resist.

The Turkey Diaries: Goodbye, Malatya

March 22, 2013

The Turkey Diaries: Goodbye, Malatya

Forever 21 Denim Jacket
H&M Beige Sweater, Raspberry Jeans (similar)
First Boots c/o Jellypop (similar)

I'm not going to lie. The fact that these are the last pictures I have to post from my trip to Malatya (besides one more random post that I guarantee you guys will love) makes me really sad. Really sad. Spreading out these posts from Turkey over the past three months let me relive each moment all over again.

Jeremy took these quick pictures during a quick break between two of his classes. It was so much fun meeting his students and feeling like something someone brought in for show and tell. A few of his students ended up friending me on Facebook and I even chat with two or three of them from time to time. It's kind of adorable. By the time I left Malatya, there was still so much snow on the ground and I felt like it was never-ending, especially with the snow covered mountains in the background giving an illusion of a completely white backdrop.

But anyway, it's Friday and there are shenanigans to be had. Enjoy the weekend, everyone, and don't forget to enter the caseable giveaway below! :)


March 21, 2013

Caseable Phone Case Giveaway

About a week ago I shared my thoughts on my newest iPhone case, courtesy of caseable, and now you guys have a chance to win your own! They have cases available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Be sure to let me know which design is your favorite down below for your chance to win! 

If you're feeling impatient and you want to get your hands on some caseable gear as soon as possible (I highly recommend the incredible iPad cases), be sure to use the code "jencase" for 15% off your purchase! Let me know what you get! ;)

Pressing Pause on My Heartbeat

March 19, 2013

Pressing Pause on My Heartbeat

The wind was crazy this morning which is making me realize, from these pictures, that I really need to schedule an appointment with my hair salon and get a trim. Those split ends are ridiculous and my bangs are almost becoming a giant eye patch again. I'm horrible when it comes to keeping up with trims and haircuts. I'm at that point in my life where I'm trying to grow out my hair, so even cutting off an inch makes me feel like I'm undergoing a huge set back on life. I'm only a little overdramatic about my hair. But then again, nothing will ever be worse than my bangs of summer 2011. Did I just jynx it? Perhaps. But seriously, never ever trust a haircutter who has a stripper name, especially if her own haircut is questionable.

Gap Navy Cardigan
Urban Outfitters Suede Belt
Modcloth Striped Dress swapped with Jessica (similar)
HUE Navy Tights
India Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

Wearing this dress makes me feel like I belong on the boardwalk down by the Jersey shore with an enormous floppy hat and even bigger sunglasses. This dress is actually my first swapped item with the Flock Together ladies! The lovely Jessica from Midwest Muse is the original owner and Jessi already had a chance to style it up on her blog. It's going to be hard passing this along when the time comes so I'll be sure to squeeze it into as many outfits as possible.

Two Tickets on that Coast City Bus

March 18, 2013

Two Tickets on that Coast City Bus

This past Friday, I dragged three of my co-workers with me to Atlantic City for a night away from New York City. Trading one crazy city for another? Sounds like my kind of night. We stayed at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino and proceeded to run around the hotel, which was pretty much a giant maze. Our first stop was Boogie Nights which was beyond hilarious and super cute at the same time. Since the club was 70's and 80's themed, we were surrounded by an older crowd and a Michael Jackson impersonator, all underneath an enormous disco ball. What better way to start off the night than with some peace signs across the eyes and finger pointing?

Once we appropriately felt out of place, we headed to Anthem Nightclub which was more our cup of tea (or rum). It slowly filled up as my friend tried to negotiate drink prices (which surprisingly worked) and we eventually joined a Bachelor party which was just all kinds of strange. Atlantic City is full of the weirdest people and I love it. And what kind of trip would it be if we didn't gamble a little? Or a lot? We grabbed a taxi once we were ready to take our dancing shoes off and headed to Caesar's to try our luck. We had gotten free vouchers with our bus tickets so we took full advantage of them; I even ended up winning a total of $20. Jackpot, right? I was rolling in the deep. Two of my friends had trouble with their vouchers and, after an hour of arguing, managed to get $40 worth of food vouchers for the hotel. What does that mean? I found myself eating mozzarella sticks, loaded boardwalk fries, the best buffalo wings I've ever had, and chicken fingers at 4 am and nodding off at the table from a food coma. What a classy broad.

I littered my Instagram with a few pictures from that night (those don't belong on my blog). ;) And these pictures? They're from the morning after and therefore feature a very exhausted, and very hungover Jen.

Joe Fresh Chambray Shirt (similar)
Forever 21 Dark Skinny Jeans
Madewell V-neck Pocket Tee
Yacht Flats c/o Burnetie (similar)
Mustaches c/o Shwings
Triangle Necklace from Jasmine (similar)

I'm not sure if you noticed that my shoes didn't have time to shave that weekend, resulting in a little bit of facial hair to accumulate underneath the laces. I had a chance to review these adorable Shwings, which are attachable wings (and other shapes) for your shoes. I love that they add a little bit of fun to my footwear and I can't wait to attach some gold shwings I have to my converse sneakers. Have you guys seen any of these around or tried some out before?

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