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July 27, 2015

Pale Midriffs + Bumblebees

H&M Black Turtleneck Crop Top (similar), Urban Outfitters Mustard Skirt (similar), Urban Outfitters BDG Leyla Sandals (similar), Urban Outfitters Black Backpack (similar)

When it came to soaking in the sun these past summer months, my back has been the champion and my midriff has definitely come in dead last. They're completely different shades so when I'm wearing a crop top there's a little beam of white light coming in between my top and my skirt. But speaking of this skirt, I still can't believe I've had it for so many years and to this day I'm still not sick of it. Skirt, YOU HAVE SERVED ME WELL. Keep it up.

Also, I look like a bumblebee. That is all for this slightly gloomy Monday morning. That is all.


July 24, 2015

New Chapters + Bittersweet Goodbyes

Sweet Daydreamer Dress c/o For Elyse, H&M Striped Shirt (similar), Black Nikita Sandals c/o Méduse, Two-Toned Tote Bag c/o Chicnova (similar) 

Moving Weekend Pt. II is coming up and I can't wait to finally have the space looking some what complete. We found our perfect couch within Astoria yesterday at a little furniture store a few blocks away and this weekend we're going to drown ourselves in cute things at Target. And while I'm embracing this new apartment, at the same time I'm also saying goodbye to my childhood home in New Jersey this weekend. My whole family is moving across the country by the end of the month and I'm still in denial that it's happening, since everything moved so quickly.

I hold on to memories way too hard and how do you say goodbye to a home that housed so, so, so many of them in just a few hours? This house was always a safe place I would escape to during college and post-college life whenever I needed to reground myself or just hide from the rest of the world. Now that home base isn't going to be there anymore and maybe I'll be stronger for it. Either way, now it gives me an excuse to travel more often to see my family. Guess I can suck it up for that. ;)


July 22, 2015

Heart Eye Emoji Feels

Gap Chambray Shift Tee (similar, similar), White Plaid Pleated Skirt c/o LuLu*s (similar, similar)Aldo Heart Sunglasses (similar), H&M Black Strap Wedges (similar), Black Satchel c/o Pink Basis (similar)

As cheesy as they are, I can't help but fall in love with these heart-shaped sunglasses. Maybe it's because they make me all kinds of nostalgic for my childhood sunglasses or maybe it's because somewhere deep down inside I've always wanted to resemble the heart eye emoji. It's probably the former but who knows what's going on in my subconscious.

Then again, I've definitely been feeling like I'm constantly walking around with heart eyes around my new apartment. Even though there's still crap lying around everywhere, the space just makes me so excited for the future and what this little home is going to become. It doesn't hurt that I have a babe of a man walking around the house helping to clean (when he's not playing his nerdy video games) and a babe of a cat sniffing everything in sight and being a more adorable napper than anyone I've ever met in my life. This is definitely a sweet, sweet home.


July 20, 2015

The Not So Big Move

H&M Striped Crop Top (similar), Forever 21 Skinny Jeans (similar), Tan Reversible Tote Bag c/o LuLu*s, Urban Outfitters Olive Green Suede Pumps (similar)Gorjana Taner V Necklace via Rocksbox (Sign Up w/ Code: jenbff159)

It's finally done. After some really crazy, insane weeks at work, hectic weekends full of traveling to see family and friends, and countless hours and hours of packing, Jeremy and I are moved to our brand spanking new apartment and I couldn't be happier and more relieved. We're still living in the same neighborhood, Astoria, just a few blocks deeper into Queens and in a slightly larger (and way more beautiful) space. Right now it's just a clutter of boxes and a very disoriented Bubba, but hopefully we'll be much more settled over the next two weeks and get the space to look somewhat live-able.

In the meantime, I'm in need of a very, very long nap. Moving out of a five-floor walk-up and into a four-floor walk-up is no easy feat, my friends.


July 7, 2015

A Neverending Burger Diet

Black Suspender Shorts c/o LuLu*s (similar), H&M Striped Tee (similar), Madewell Blue Plaid Flannel (similar), H&M Gold Band Rings (similar), Black Band Ring (similar), Black Flats c/o LuLu*s (similar) 

It's been two days since the end of the long holiday weekend and I'm pretty sure I'm still full of the two days worth of barbecue I consumed. Doesn't help that I've been using the leftovers to make my work lunch the past two days and that I also just cooked up some lamb burgers. Alright, some lamb burgers doesn't do it justice. Three lamb burgers. EACH. You bet your butt I'm stuffed beyond belief.

But in the meantime, I'm super excited to share some awesome news with you guys. Until the end of July, I'll be partnering with Coach on a small influencer campaign on my Instagram and rocking their crossbody pouch on my summer adventures. Super excited to kick off this project and it gives me some extra motivation to really boost my creative on a daily basis. Follow along! :)


July 2, 2015

Long Weekends + Mushy Brains

Denim Vest c/o For Elyse (similar), Striped Midi Dress (similar), Black Mesh Peep Toe Heels (similarand Olive Green Hat (similar), c/o LuLu*s, Black Ring via random boutique (similar)

I'm finally back to non-travel posts and now I suddenly can't think of a blog title when it used to be so simple before. This one took me quite some time, let me tell you, and it's not even that good. It doesn't help that it's technically Friday, due to the holiday weekend, and my mind has turned to complete mush already. Like, on the same level as mashed potatoes...and not the chunky kind. I'm looking forward to just relaxing, eating lots of good food, and making some trips down to Jersey for family and friends. OH AND JURASSIC WORLD WHICH JUST MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH FLUFFY THINGS I'M SO EXCITED.

But hanging over all of that is the stress of apartment hunting since Jeremy and I are looking to move into a slightly different place. We're still staying in Astoria since we've fallen head over heels in love with the neighborhood, but Bubba definitely needs a bit more room to run around and burn off his energy.

What are you guys up to this weekend? 

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