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September 30, 2013

When September Ends

American Apparel Black Crop Top | Vintage Patterned Skirt (similar) | Urban Outfitters Mustard Cardigan | Patent and Suede Heels c/o Lulu*s (similar) | Shoemint Satchel (similar)

Is the weekend over? Well, bollocks.

I'm pretty sure there wasn't enough hours in this past weekend and I'm still emotionally accepting the fact that Breaking Bad is over. I also came across my dream home yesterday morning so this weekend was just brimming with feels. All the feels.

Oh, and tomorrow is October. Is anyone else freaking out?


September 26, 2013

Remix: Ways to Wear a Mustard Skirt


The World of Jen Pt.1

I don't often blog about my everyday adventures (unless you count my clothing choices as adventures), which is where Instagram comes in handy. Above are a few recent shots from my life because I'm a really exciting person and you want to know all about me. Obviously. 

Oh, and you know you're dying to follow along on my Instagram

Clockwise from top left
1. Jeremy takes selfies of himself on my phone last weekend as he waits for me to pick out my outfit for the day. 
2. I found a chair in the middle of the sidewalk yesterday. So, I did the smart thing and sat in it. 
3. There's nothing like catching up with high school friends with some green tea frappuccinos. Right? 
4. Taxi ride selfies. 'nuff said. 
5. Exploring Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and realizing how short I am.

September 25, 2013

I've Been Around A Few

Forever 21 Sweater, Feather Necklace | Urban Outfitters Mustard Skirt | H&M Heeled Loafers

As a fashion blogger, sometimes you're blown away by how many clothes you've worn over the past few years. I randomly flipped to my cringe-worthy outfits from 2010 and saw clothes that I forgot even existed in my memory. But you know what I also saw? This skirt. (If you click on the link, please forgive my horrible bang trim, which caused me and my friends to dub that period of my life "The Summer of the Horrible Bangs"). 

It's pieces like this skirt that I know I'll never let go no matter how old I get because I can never get sick of them. It's pieces like this I can wear a million times and it'll never feel old. Timeless pieces. The dress I wore in yesterday's post? Got it in 2010 (aka "The Year of Colored Tights) and I'll be passing it down to my kids. No girls? No problem. I'll make my son play dress-up on Halloween. EASY SOLUTION. 

But going on a tangent, do you guys ever have your own fashion time periods? My friend told me this summer was "The Summer of Maxi Dresses" for me. Guess I was in the mood to drop it to the floor. I would love to hear yours! 


September 24, 2013

The Fashionable Traveler

Gap Navy Cardigan | Vintage Beach Shift Dress (similar) | Urban Outfitters Gray Wedges (similar) | Star-Printed Duffle Bag c/o Surfdome | Mint Necklace c/o Lulu*s (similar)

Since so much of my heart is still in Jersey, I always find myself escaping to my beloved suburbs on random weekends, which means I travel constantly. Packing is always a hassle since I suffer from the struggle of being an indecisive over-packer ("Juuuust in case, I'm going to pack two extra pairs of shoes. You never know."). Since the weekends were such short trips, I used to either bring a mini-suitcase or two shoulder bags just to carry everything, which was a pain to drag around the subways and trains. 

But I have the perfect solution. You guys, check out this boss ass duffle bag. It's seriously a dream come true and it's awesome enough where I won't feel ashamed while dragging it around. Jen Hsieh is officially a fashionable traveler. Bring it on, NJ transit. Bring. It. On.


September 22, 2013

Just the Beat Inside my Soul

Urban Outfitters Ruffle Crop Top (similar) | Maxi Skirt c/o Lulu*s | Madewell Sandals | Forever 21 Bangle (similar) | Urban Outfitters Bracelet

I'm pretty sure the weather is at that really awkward stage where it's really chilly in the shade but once the sun hits your skin you just start sweating buckets. If fall is right around the corner, it better hurry up so I can stop spending my mornings debating whether or not I can still pull off bare legs.

But regardless of all my complaining, it's actually been the perfect weather these past few days. In the mid- to high-60's, cloudy with a hint of sunshine, and a light, refreshing breeze. Can it stay like this forever? I know it'll be snowing in the blink of an eye.

And yes, I realize that I'm contradicting myself by telling this summer-to-fall transitional period to hurry up, but also to stay around forever. It's my blog, I don't have to make sense.

Jen, out.


September 20, 2013

The Spark in My Bonfire Heart

Urban Outfitters Cropped Sweater (similar) | American Apparel Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt | Gabriella Rocha Booties (similar) | Lisa Wallet c/o Free Endearment | Urban Outfitters Bracelet | Forever 21 Rings | Cat Ear Ring c/o Chicnova (similar)

I'm super pumped for this entire weekend and I can't wait for the day to end so all of it can commence. Even though I'm a huge fan of relaxing weekends, I always end up preferring the ones that are full of plans back-to-back. There's nothing like keeping busy instead of being bored, no matter how much more exhausted you'll be on Monday morning.

Whenever fall rolls around, I always find myself transitioning back to my usual routine of neutrals on neutrals on neutrals.  You just can't go wrong with them, am I right? 


September 19, 2013

You Fit Me Better Than My Favorite Sweater

Vintage Boy's Cardigan (similar) | American Apparel Gray Tank | Lucky Spades Jeans c/o Level 99 Denim | India Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes | Floral Satchel c/o Darling Clothes (similar) | Forever 21 Rings | Urban Outfitters Bracelet 

There's nothing cooler than taking a break from your laptop to snap pictures in your company's stairwell. Nothing cooler. And I know I wore this cardigan a few posts back but there's no shame in wearing it over and over and over again. Just watch, it'll be in tomorrow's post too. Gonna rename this blog "Adventures with my Cardigan."

Now, back to work!


September 18, 2013

Flew Away From Her Reach

ASOS Striped Crop Top (similar) | Denim Overall Jumper c/o Chicnova (similar) | Forever 21 Cap-toed Heels (similar), Necklace (as bracelet) | Ring c/o Kitsch | Anchor Laptop Bag c/o Snupped 

Since I've been working a few extra hours here and there at my office, I'm taking advantage this morning by coming into work a little bit late. I always forget how nice it is to get up in the morning and to be able to cook breakfast, read a little, and just take some time to fully wake up. Good, fucking, morning. But then again, I took advantage of the extra sleep a little too much so no cooking or reading for me today. But blogging? Yes.

How's everyone's week going so far?

Oh, and check out my new laptop bag. It's pretty sweet, isn't it? I accidentally ordered the wrong size since I'm an idiot and didn't realize the actual size of my laptop, but it still protects my baby from all harm. I'm not a big fan of the outer texture since I prefer it to be padded both outside and inside; however, the ability to customize the front print, back print, and lining? Fantastic. Anchors and polka dots for the win.

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