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June 30, 2015

The Bonnaroo Diaries: BirdMan + BassNectar

Urban Outfitters Olive Green Crop Top (similar), Gap Short Overalls (similar), Red Plaid Oversized Flannel c/o Sheinside (similar), Tan Strap Sandals c/o LuLu*s (similar), Gorjana Gold Cuff c/o RocksBox (last Day to use code "jennifhsieh" for your first month free)

Day Three of Bonnaroo was definitely the hottest of them all and none of us could avoid the burn of the sun since it was way, way, way too hot to wear anything more than nothing of all. If it wasn't for the societal standards of having to wear clothes, we'd all be running around naked underneath the water fountain. The trick to stay cool was to pack some ice in a bandanna, soak it in ice water, and then drape it on random places on your body, one of the best places being your neck.

A bunch of us ended up escaping into the air conditioned cinema tent to cool off and watch Birdman, which had been on my list of movies to watch for quite some time now. Not only was the movie spectacular on all fronts, but the famous jazz drummer Antonio Sánchez recreated the score of the movie that he composed LIVE. IN FRONT OF US. Pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself.

With a couple of shows here and there as the sun started to set into the sweet, cool, breezy evening, we ended the night with a great performance by Mumford & Sons and plenty of raucous dancing at Bassnectar. Touché, Bonnaroo. Touché.


June 28, 2015

The Bonnaroo Diaries: Water Slides + Throat Singers

H&M One-piece Ruffle Swimsuit (similar), Target White Linen Striped Blouse (similar), Urban Outfitters Destroyed High-waisted Cut-offs (similar), Tan Combat Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar), Aldo Heart Shaped Sunglasses (similar)

By the time I woke up for our first full day of Bonnaroo, I was 100% in the Bonnaroo spirit and ready for a day full of incredible music and overall kick assery. The main goal for that morning was to ride the shit out of the giant water slide in the middle of the grounds. There's nothing more satisfying than soaking yourself in water from head-to-toe while you're stuck in burning hot temperatures and minimal shade.

It's been long enough already that the days at Bonnaroo seem to blend together, but I do remember that one of the most memorable performances I saw on the second day was definitely Tanya Tagaq, a Canadian/Inuk throat singer. I didn't particularly have any strong desire to stop by her performance, but boy, was it a performance. Definitely one for the books if you're into something much different and unusual, but incredibly impressive. My other favorites were seeing Sylvan Esso for the first time, Kendrick Lamar for the third time (who will always, always kill it), and ending the night with STS9. All in all, a success of a day. Also, cheers to avoiding an awkward tan line even while wearing a cut-out one piece, amirite?


June 26, 2015

The Bonnaroo Diaries: Arriving on the Farm

Sweet Daydreamer Dress c/o For Elyse, H&M White L/S Lace Crop Top (similar), Tan Combat Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar)

Only two weeks after landing back in New York City from the chilly winds of Iceland, I set sail with a handful of friends and drove down the sweltering state of Tennessee to a little place called Bonnaroo. A little magical place that pops up once a year to #RadiatePositivity and foster a community of beautiful people, inside and out. We made the long drive down and entered the campgrounds on Thursday afternoon. The heat immediately hit us hard and in between having to unpack the cars and set-up camp, I was in no mood to be wearing any clothes at all. But For Elyse came to my rescue with this shift dress that has, get this, AIR HOLES.

Well, I wouldn't really call them air holes per se, but the lace around the waist definitely let the air in which was a much needed bonus with the steamy Tennessee air.

After we managed to get settled in and catch our breaths, we split into groups and headed to our shows for the evening. After stopping by Glass Animals and then squishing into a ridiculously crowded Tove Lo (although it was so worth it since she killed it), we ended the night with a very satisfying Gramatik.


June 22, 2015

Icelandic Road Trip Diaries | The Blue Lagoon w/ Filosofia

The morning before our flight back to Boston, we decided to make one last quick stop at the Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately, we were spoiled by how quiet and untouched the Nature Baths in the north were that we didn't even realize we had to make reservations beforehand. A few of us ended up hastily making reservations for the next open spot just because we weren't going to not jump into the Blue Lagoon after coming all the way to Iceland...even if it meant only getting 40 minutes in The Blue Lagoon before having to jump out, dry off, and rush to the airport to catch our flight. Just to check it off my list was glorious enough, not to say it wasn't beautiful. Boy was it beautiful. I could just do without the high amount of tourists. The biggest way to tell that a place is more tourist-ridden, is the amount of people who are ready to just rip off their clothes in the locker rooms with no shame. At the Nature Baths I'm pretty sure I saw everyone's nipples and bare butts; but, at the Blue Lagoon, everyone slinked off to their corners and private stalls to change.

But speaking of being dressed and being naked, Filosofia helped me find just the right balance with this beauty of a swimsuit. I had the chance to meet Adyam, the founder of the brand, and her passion for their goal to challenge women to redefine the definition of beautiful and normal is inspiring. Their suits are designed to flatter every body type and the bad ass Brazilian-inspired patterns and designs don't hurt either. They're currently having a 50% sale on select styles, just in time for the tan-until-I'm-twenty-shades-darker weather, so go, go go!


June 21, 2015

Icelandic Road Trip Diaries | Fishing Towns + Back to Reykjavik

Urban Outfitters Long White Cardigan (similar), H&M Striped T-Shirt (similar), Levi's Denim Leggings, Timberland Authentic Boots in Burgundy

Oh, hello. So now that I've gone to down to Tennessee for Bonnaroo and traveled all the way up to Aspen for work...I'm finally back to finish up my Icelandic adventures. Talk about a slow blogger, you know what I'm saying?

But anyway (if you've been following along in my Icelandic adventures) on our last full day in Iceland we kept it pretty relaxed since we were pretty pooped after driving around the entirety of the country. We woke up in our quaint little cottage in the little fishing town of Skagastrond, up in North Iceland. I know, it's a little hard to believe that all six of us fit into that little cabin, pictured down below, but we did it and it was cozy as fuck. We headed down south to meet our other four compadres, who rented a separate airBNB on a farm near the town of Blönduós, but not before our friend Matt did a polar plunge into the ocean. Unfortunately, no whales or narwhales appeared to congratulate him.

Once we arrived back in Reykjavik and settled down in our final airBNB for the evening (which was beautiful in every sense of the word), we set out for a final night out on the town, starting off with the best hot dog I've ever had in my entire life. If you're ever in Iceland, you absolutely need to stop by Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, which is a little hot dog stand in the middle of a plaza that will blow your mind and change everything you ever believed about hot dogs.

The rest of the night was full of birthday shenanigans since two of our friends (who happened to be twins) were turning 25 that evening. From crazy games of foosball, and Big Lebowski themed bars (we would find the most American thing in town), to shutting down a bar with our group rendition of Lose Yourself, it was overall an epic end to an epic trip.

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June 17, 2015

Getting A Little #MeduseColor Crazy

Stylemint Red Orange Shift Dress (similar), H&M Cobalt Blue Cardigan (similar), Black Nikita Sandals c/o Meduse, Pyramid Necklace c/o Gogo Philip (similar)

WHERE DID ALL THIS COLOR COME FROM? But seriously though. Knowing me, I'm not one for bright colors, especially not from head-to-toe. But here I am, stepping outside of my comfort zone to partner again with my friends over at Méduse. Advocating color? I might be going a bit crazy, but I was up for the challenge.

In honor of the start of the summer, Méduse is spotlighting their sandals with a little color clashing adventure, and I challenge YOU to take part. Who know...if you're one of THREE WINNERS, you could win three (3) pairs of your own Méduse (One pair of their SUN sandal, a pair of their Saldano ballerina pumps, and one pair of their Jumpy boots). Pretty dope, right? But not quite as dope as my usage of the word dope.

How to Enter

 - Entrants to #MeduseColor must upload a photo (in accordance with Terms and Conditions) of them showing off their color contrast creations in an outfit or a moodboard.
 - All photos must be uploaded to either Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #MeduseColor and tagging @MeduseOriginal
 - Photos should be submitted for entry into the contest by Friday 19th June 4pm (G.M.T.)
Don't feel like entering but want to check out some of the finalists? All approved photo submissions will be added to a Facebook album on the Méduse® Facebook page by Monday 22nd June 11am (G.M.T.).

How to Vote
 - One Facebook like = One vote 
 - Voting closes on Monday 29th June 4pm (G.M.T.)

Guest Blogger | Rachel of Rachel Lately

June 11, 2015

Guest Blogger | Rachel of Rachel Lately

Hey everyone! I'm Rachel, I blog over at Rachel Lately where I share my personal style and life around Austin, Texas! I started following Jen's blog a couple years ago when I realized we had a real-life mutual friend in common! What a small world, right? A little about me: I'm a 24-year-old Texan gal originally from San Antonio, but I've been living in Austin since 2009. During the week I'm a social media director for a local SEO company, and on the weekends I enjoy writing for my blog, travelling to new places, binge-watching anything on Netflix, and going out for brunch. I'm a huge Harry Potter geek and can get lost in conversation with anyone who has also read the Game of Thrones books. And being from Texas, I of course enjoy riding my horse to work everyday! (Kidding. :P)

My style is usually pretty casual and effortless, but sometimes I like to girl it up with a cute floral dress. Especially in the spring! How can anyone resist wearing floral print during this season? These daisies were definitely calling my name. This dress is actually an old favorite brought back to life; I haven't worn it in like 3 years! You ever have those pieces in your closet that you simply just forget about? Then one day you find it again and think, "I would totally still wear this!" And *bam*, instant new outfit (well, for the most part. I mean, who's gonna remember?). Those rare moments are just the best.

Thanks for letting me share with y'all & special thanks to Jen for having me on her blog! If you'd like, you can follow me on Instagram or visit my blog to see more style posts and adventures around Austin! Have a lovely week! :)

Outfit details:

ASOS daisy dress
Target denim jacket
thrifted belt
Target wedges
Target sunglasses

June 9, 2015

Icelandic Road Trip Diaries | Northern Ireland

Gap Striped Shirt (similar), Gap Black Overalls (similar), Madewell Chambray Shirt (similar), Timberland Authentics in Burgundy (similar)

After spending a night in Akureyri, we continued our drive further west to explore more of the north. On our way out of the city, we couldn't help but stop by a little, orange lighthouse in the neighboring town of Svalbarðseyri. We all scrambled up to the top of the lighthouse like a group of maniacs because at that point we were just so used to climbing everything we saw in Iceland that it just became second nature to want to conquer this little guy too. But it didn't come close to the next time we climbed...Goðafoss.

LIKE, JUST LOOK AT IT. If anything in this world was to be my home boy, Goðafoss would absolutely be my home boy. You were able to climb all over the rocks along the side of the waterfall, as long as you were willing to jump over random streams of water to get to the edge. Just sitting on the rocks and listening to the roar of the water crashing, nothing could really beat the peacefulness of it all. The enormity of it all. Imagine living close enough to just stop by for a quick nap or just to read a book.

To wrap up our relaxing day, we stopped by the Mývatn nature baths, which is right around the corner from Lake Mývatn, which was created by a large lava eruption over two thousand years ago. In my opinion, this was incredibly more enjoyable than the Blue Lagoon (which we went to our last day) since it was smaller, less crowded, and less congested with tourists. Also, talk about that view from the springs. Swoon. We stayed in way too long and ended up looking like raisins from head-to-toe.

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