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May 30, 2014

The Montreal Diaries: Concordia Salus

Denim Vest c/o For Elyse | Madewell Camouflage Shirt (similar) | Urban Outfitters Polka Dot Skirt (similar, similar) | Sandals c/o Blowfish Shoes (similar) 

For Memorial Day weekend, Jeremy and I headed up to Montreal (if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw a few snapshots of our adventures up there) for a quick break away from our everyday lives. The journey up there was an adventure in itself, actually. We had a few difficulties with getting our rental car as well as some difficulties with the guy who's studio we were renting out, but ultimately everything was figured out and the drive was smoooooth sailin'.

We took a quick overnight pit stop in upstate New York on the way up and we arrived in Montreal on Friday. By the time we got all our housing issues figured out it was already close to dinnertime, so we decided to keep it a relaxing night and just grab some noms in the Latin Quarter, along St. Denis Street. Dude, there were so many food options and places with outdoor seating, which made it hard to settle on one. We eventually picked a barbecue place to indulge with some smoked meat, which everyone kept telling us to try. But the star of the night, was La Distillerie. Hands down, best cocktails I've ever had in my life. What they do is actual art (not to mention their incredibly perfect menus).


May 23, 2014

Montréal, Nous Voilà

Gap Striped Shirt (similar) | Forever 21 Navy Belted Shorts (similar) | Reversible Tote c/o LuLu*s | Urban Outfitters Gray Wedge Sandals (similar) 

There's nothing wrong with a (sort-of) repeat outfit, right? Especially when it's from three years ago?

Jeremy and I are currently getting ready to leave our overnight road trip pit stop in Albany (which really doesn't have all that much to be honest) and finish up the rest of the drive to Montreal. Jeremy is super excited since I'm pretty sure he secretly (or not so secretly) wants to live in Canada. I'm just glad to get away for the long weekend since it's been a super stressful week of late nights at work and I'm finally giving in to my wanderlust.

I won't get much internet while I'm out and aboot (har har) but be sure to follow along my adventures (or boring shots of food) on my Instagram. Drop any suggestions you guys may have as well - would love to hear them! :)


May 19, 2014

Can't Pin Me Down

Forever 21 Denim Jacket (similar) | H&M Unicorn Tank (similar) | Modcloth Watercolor Skirt (similar) | Report Ankle Strap Sandals 

I've taken a step back from blogging this month.

I've still been taking outfit pictures and all that fun stuff, but for some reason I'm just not feeling it recently. Either I'm too critical of how they came out or I just don't have the energy to do anything with them. So over time, I just pushed it to the wayside and took a bit of a breather, something that we all need from time to time when it comes to anything in life.

It's a four-day week for me since I have a four-day weekend for Memorial Day this year. It's such a blessing but such a curse at the same time, since it means I lose two extra days of work meaning timelines are even tighter. But at least I have Montreal waiting for me at the end of the rainbow. Friday, come sooner.

What do you guys have planned for Memorial Day, if you're celebrating?

Also, my ridiculously long hair here? Cut it last night. Gonna miss it.


May 14, 2014

Le port de la Moutarde

Forever 21 Mustard Sweater (similar) | Vintage Midi Skirt (similar) | H&M Brown Belt (similar) | Brown Cut-Out Wedges c/o Wayfair (similar) | Reversible Tote Bag c/o LuLu*s

It's been a really long time since I've had a decent vacation and I feel like I'm surrounded by people going on trips to exotic places or not so exotic (but equally amazing) places. It's making me really, really, really look forward to Memorial Day weekend since Jeremy and I are taking a little road trip up to Montreal. Seems like I've been giving Canada a bit of lovin' this year, what with my trip to Vancouver in January. I've never been to Montreal before but I hear it's such an insanely fun time and it's just a great city in general. Do you guys have any travel suggestions if you've been to Montreal before (or if you're from the area)?

Time to brush up on my French. Just kidding, I don't really know any to begin with. 


May 10, 2014

The Room I Grew Up In

Modcloth Green Cardigan (similar) | Black Maxi Dress c/o For Elyse | Reversible Tote c/o LuLu*s | Black Sandals c/o LuLu*s (same) | Sunglasses c/o Paul Frank

I really need to go home more often. 

It's always weird sitting in the room I spent most of my adolescence in and remembering all the strange and awkward memories of going through puberty. It's always a little bit frightening thinking about how quickly time passes. One minute you're laughing over your candy stash from an excellent night of trick or treating with your friends in the middle of your bedroom. Or slamming your bedroom door in the middle of an argument with your parents about your latest report card. The next minute it's ten years later and you're lying in bed feeling a little bit out of place and feeling more grateful than you ever have for your mom's cooking. 

Every time I come "home" I feel like I have a chance to take a step back from my busy life to just reevaluate where I am in life and really take a long, hard look at where I'm headed. Who knows where I'll be the next time I'm back in this room. 

P.S. Shout out to the everchanging and always vibrant East Harlem in these pictures. Love my neighborhood. 


May 8, 2014

I Could Live In Hope

I need to learn how to put myself first. I have a tendency to cater to the happiness of others and, because of it, all my life I've been called a pushover. Making others happy? I thought it would ultimately make me happier, but when it's one sided I only find it hurting me. And when it hurts me, I take the negativity and take it out on the people I wanted to make happy in the first place. So maybe, what if I put myself first? What if I take care of my own well being to make sure I can be the best person I can possible be?

I've been very tired recently, both physically and mentally. I've found myself in a place where I need to take a step back and just be alone for a while. At least when it comes to my thoughts. I barely have time to gather them these days and they gradually get into such a mess that I find myself stuck in their tangles. Time alone is underrated but I've put myself in a tight spot where my happiness is dependant on those around me and whether or not I'm doing the right thing for them. Whether or not I'm surrounded by the people that I love. I'm afraid to spend time alone because when it's just me and my thoughts, I'm forced to face their reality. And you guys, I'm running so low. Too low to be alone.

Just breathe. 

May 3, 2014

Remix: Ways to Style a Black Crop Top

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