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February 28, 2011

Cardigan Weather

I really need to start managing my time better. I have two exams on Wednesday that I haven't started studying for yet (and they're not easy A's) and two more exams coming up next week! I've also got a list of about twenty more things to do for Circle K, work, and this blog. I can never get into that productive mindset though. Actually, that's a lie. I can definitely get into a productive mindset but within 10 minutes I'm thinking of grabbing a snack or two. Oh, if only I didn't have such a short attention span or a constant hunger for food.

(Vintage Cardigan, American Apparel Tank, Forever 21 Jeans, Topshop Belt, ASOS Necklace, Crown Vintage Boots via DSW)

I love this little vintage cardigan to death. I bought it over a year ago when I was walking in the downtown area near my campus. There's this dollar store that always has a tiny little rack of used clothing for $1-5. There's usually nothing spectacular but sometimes you hit the jackpot. Once, when I was with my friend, we found a complete men's suit for only $5! Unfortunately it wasn't his size so we left it behind. On another occasion I found this cardigan which I'm pretty sure once belonged to a little boy. It's cozy and I love the rich colors. I haven't gotten around to wearing it until now but hopefully you'll see it on my blog more often from now on. 


February 26, 2011

Dynamic Anniversary

So it's officially the Dynamic Duo's one-year anniversary! It's been a crazy twelve months and it seems like it's been so much longer than just one year. I still remember when I won Jasmine's bow giveaway and she suggested that we style up the bow in our own separate ways which led to our very first Dynamic Duo post! I'm so glad I was able to gain such an amazing friend through this blogging experience. It's still feels surreal whenever I remember picking Jasmine up from the airport for NYFW! Now if only there were easier ways to get from the east to the west coast.

Jen (Gap Sweater, Topshop Belt, Urban Outfitters Skirt, Tights, Bag, Forever 21 Bow, Crown Vintage Boots via DSW)
Jasmine (Gap Cardigan, H&M Top, Urban Outfitters Skirt, Aldo Loafers, Charlotte Russe Belt, Forever 21 Bow, Necklace gifted)

Along with with remixing this mustard skirt, which was my choice in our last joint online purchase, Jasmine had the cutest idea of also remixing our first ever item - the bow that started it all! Jasmine's always an expert with styling up bows (she's got three on!) but I'm not the best with them. In the end I decided to clip it onto my belt. :)


February 24, 2011

The Geese of Beverly Road

So I finally got my new hard drive put into my laptop and I've never been happier. There's no way I'll be able to recover the lost data on my old hard drive though since Apple had to confiscate it in exchange for the new hard drive. I'm coming to terms with it though and I think I'm just going to peer pressure all my friends to reenact all the pictures and videos I lost. That's obviously the best solution, yeah?

I've been in a much better mood these past few days than I was in Sunday's post. I think I'm slowly getting over my slump and I'm trying to stop being so thin-skinned. I always let other people's moods affect my own and that only makes things worse. But I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for all your heartfelt and comforting words. Honestly, not to sound really cheesy, but each one of those comments was like a giant, reassuring hug...which was all I really needed. :)

(American Rag Coat, Gap T-shirt, H&M Belt, Urban Outfitters Skirt, HUE Tights, White Mountain Boots via DSW)

So I've always wanted to try out some pattern mixing but I've never gotten around to it. When I'm picking out my outfits I always stray towards solids or I only snatch up a single pattern. This time I went all out with stripes, polka-dots, and florals. Damn, what a daredevil.


February 22, 2011

Taste of Spring

So it's been exactly a week since I've had a working laptop (why is my hard drive taking so long to arrive at the Apple store?) and I'm surprised I've maintained my sanity. I spend a lot of my time at the computer lab in order to get my homework done. It's actually nice to know that I can survive without my laptop (last semester  - when my phone died - it was a little bit harder for me to survive). Oh, technology - I'm just a little bit too dependent on you.

(Target Cardigan, Forever 21 Tunic, Topshop Belt, HUE Tights, H&M Wedges)

Last Thursday and Friday, winter decided to take a break for a while and let spring fill in. The weather was in the low 60s and feeling the beautiful breeze was so refreshing. I took these pictures on Friday when I went home for a few hours in order to get my hair cut (these pictures were taken before I got my hair trimmed). It was pretty awesome not having to wear a coat outside and let me tell you - self-portraits are so much more enjoyable when your fingers aren't about to freeze off. Unfortunately the weather has dropped back down into the 30s since winter came back from vacation. Spring is such a tease.


February 20, 2011

I Believe You When You Say We're Never Gonna Fall

Since my laptop still hasn't been fixed I haven't been able to upload my outfit pictures. Luckily, I had these saved up from December that I just decided not to post. I remember it was freezing cold that day to the point where I refused to take off my hat and mittens, despite the fact that they clashed with my outfit. The pictures didn't come out that great and my outfit was overexposed. But besides that, enjoy my beloved owl hat since he's looking quite sharp in all these photos. Also, check out how sexy my camera remote is looking in all these photos. Self-portraits are no fun in the winter.

(Coat American Rag, Cardigan dELiA*s, Dress ASOS, Lace T-shirt TJ Maxx, Tights HUE, Hat Urban Outfitters, Mittens Forever 21)

I'm in a slump, and this time it's not a blog slump - it's a life slump. I try to keep my personal life off of my blog for the most part (or at least to a minimum) but I just feel exhausted and I need some sort of outlet. I can't stop worrying all the damn time. My mind is constantly moving and I can't seem to get it to stop. The only thing that makes it stop is sleep - and lots of it. Unfortunately, it's only a temporary solution - you can't sleep your life away. Even when I'm out with my friends all I can do is think and it's driving me insane. All this thinking is dragging me down to the point where I feel lousy...constantly. Feeling lousy also causes me to focus on all the tiny negatives that occur throughout the day that I would normally brush off. Over time they build up until I'm about ready to explode. It's  been getting worse over these past two weeks and I feel like my emotions are just unstable. I need some stability in my life. Oh, and a giant hug to slow things down.

And congratulations to Emily from Color Shows for winning my $40 CSN Stores Giveaway. :)


February 18, 2011

Every Thought is a Thought of You

After taking these pictures, Jeremy and I went to this abandoned jungle gym on another campus and took a few shots. It's a little creepy at night but during the day it's pretty nice. The snow was up to our knees so it was a cold trek towards the jungle gym. The snow is slowly melting day by day though and today it's reached the 60's! Soon it'll be spring and I'll be able to run outside without a coat on...maybe even take some pictures in the local park and check out those swing sets I love so much. :)

So even though I lost a lot of pictures due to my hard drive crashing (including the ones with the jungle gym), I'm really, really, really, insanely glad that I had already edited these ones and uploaded them to photobucket a few days ago. These are definitely some of my favorite outfit shots as of recently. I love this pathway surrounded by a row of trees on either side. It's a million times more gorgeous during the fall since all the leaves on these trees turn a beautiful ruby red.

(H&M Coat, H&M Cardigan, Target T-shirt, Zara Skirt, Belt Forever 21, HUE Tights, Crown Vintage Boots via DSW)

I love the color palette of this outfit and I'm definitely someone who gravitates towards colors that fall under the category of "autumn". Unfortunately my absolute favorite thing about this outfit is covered up. The pockets of this skirt are actually scalloped (you can see them a little bit in the photo directly above) and, even though the skirt was a size too large, I couldn't resist picking it up. :)


February 16, 2011

JennifHsieh on Lifesize Paperdoll

Go check out my guest post on Lifesize Paperdoll! :)

Also, please excuse me over the next couple of days if I don't get around to blogging properly. Last night my laptop's hard drive failed and now I have to get a new one to replace it. Good thing it's under warranty! Unfortunately I lost an outfit picture or two (and also literally thousands of pictures, videos, and documents). I really should have backed up all of my files but I've just been so busy since mid-november that I haven't gotten around to doing so. Lesson learned. If only it wasn't so damn expensive to get my data recovered in a clean room. Time to go mourn and curse my dependency on my laptop...

February 14, 2011

Yours Are the Sweetest Eyes I've Ever Seen

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're single, taken, or just plain bitter...take the time to tell someone you love them. There's nothing like telling or showing someone just how much they may mean to you. Sometimes that's all people need to hear to brighten up their entire day. :)

Unfortunately my Valentine's Day is full of classes (Yay for Mondays) but it doesn't mean I won't enjoy it. As much as I hate the sappiness of Valentine's Day...I can't help but love it a little when I see couples walking down the street with those ridiculous smiles stuck on their faces.

(H&M Coat, Urban Outfitters Shirt, Target Cardigan, Unknown Skirt, HUE Tights, Crown Vintage Boots via DSW, Scarf from Jeremy)

 Please ignore the hole in my tights - I'm not one for taking good care of the things I own and I refuse to go out and buy another pair (aka I'm lazy). I'm off to the nearby flower shop to surprise some of my favorite people in the world. Go out and stuff yourself full of chocolates and candies!


February 11, 2011

Dynamic Duo #9

It's been way too long since Jasmine and I last collaborated on a Dynamic Duo. Since it's our one-year Dynamic Duo anniversary month (almost exactly a year ago we styled up our first item) we decided to get some new items! We each picked out an item and this Rooster printed boat neck top was Jasmine's pick. I always gravitate towards solids so it was nice having a printed top for a change (and how awesome are these roosters)!

Jen (Urban Outfitters Shirt, H&M Shorts, HUE Tights, Gap Scarf, Crown Vintage DSW via DSW, American Rag Coat)

Jasmine (Urban Outfitters Shirt)

Well I'm keeping this short since I'm off to go see...the midnight premiere...of Gnomeo and Juliet. I think I'm pretty awesome, but I'm probably the only one. 

P.S. Happy 6 months, Jeremy. :)
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