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August 31, 2010

Not Ready

Tomorrow is the first day of classes and I'm definitely not ready. I need to switch my mind over to school mode instead of summer mode. I haven't bought any of my books yet but I'll get to that eventually once I get a taste of each of my classes. Today was actually my first day legit working at the Marketing & Media office for my internship. I love it. It's so similar to what I want to be doing with my life and I can't wait to see what I get out of it. :)

(top forever 21, skirt forever 21, belt forever 21, shoes seychelles, rings forever 21)

My roommate took these pictures for me outside of our apartment (the building at the right of the pictures). We got quite a few honks so we didn't stay out there for too long. I'm going to go get some work done now (the workload is still constantly growing) and then head out to watch Piranhas 3D! Surprisingly it's been getting pretty decent reviews. WHOOO PIRANHAAAAS! :)

Sponsor Feature: Murano Glass

August 30, 2010

Sponsor Feature: Murano Glass

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to my newest sponsor, Murano Glass Gifts! Checking out their site, I was really impressed with their selection of styles. Back when I visited Italy last summer, I actually got to see glass being hand blown so ever since then I've had a fondness for Glass art. Murano offers 100% Genuine Murano Glass that was hand blown in Venice, Italy (so maybe by the guy I watched - who knows). Each piece also comes with a certificate of authenticity!

I posted a few of my favorite pieces. I'm especially a fan of the earrings since I tend to drift towards small and simple designs. Definitely check them out. A necklace, a pair of earrings, or even a set of both make great gifts (to a friend or yourself)! They also offer other products besides jewelry, such as glasses, bowls, and centerpieces. Check it out!

Sponsor Jennifhsieh: September!

August 28, 2010

Sponsor Jennifhsieh: September!

I'm now accepting sponsors for the month of September!
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Somebody Call 911

August 27, 2010

Somebody Call 911

So first of all, i just want to apologize for not having updated my blog all week long. It's been crazy busy for me these last few days and it looks like it's going to be crazy busy the next few days as well. I've been doing a lot of training sessions for my photography internship with Student Life, putting together forms and flyers as favors to a bunch of friends, trying to scramble together my next newsletter for Circle K, unpacking/getting settled into my on-campus apartment, and finally catching up with college friends.

It's been hard finding time to just sit down and blog. Plus, the area I live in is infested with people and the parts that aren't infested with people are sketchy and not very safe to be taking self-portraits in. I actually took these pictures in the parking garage connected to my apartment complex. The fire alarm actually went off while I was taking the pictures and I thought it was just a drill so I kept on taking pictures. But then I saw firetrucks pulling up and started to realize I should probably get the hell out of there. Later I found out my neighbors set off the fire alarm since they were trying to microwave some biscuits. Idiots, haha.

(shirt zara, skirt forever 21, wedges h&m)

I miss being able to sit down and catch up with all of you guys but I promise I will soon! I need a break! I promise I'll find more time to blog these days. I'm barely getting enough sleep. Hopefully things might get a little easier when my friend who usually helps me take pictures moves into his dorm. Maybe I'll do an outfit post sometime on what I wear when I'm bumming around my apartment - yay for gym shorts! I'll also give you guys a tour of my room. :)

Bright City Lights

August 23, 2010

Bright City Lights

I took these photos about 2-3 weeks ago when I went into the city to have dinner with one of my closest friends (NYC Restaurant week FTW!). He really liked the circular pattern on one of the buildings behind me (you can barely see it in some of the pictures) so we chose this spot. It took a while since we had to wait for moments where there weren't any people walking on the sidewalk. I bet we looked like those Asian tourists hitting up the big city (which will be me, Jasmine, and Jenny in a couple of weeks)!

(dress modcloth, heels jessica simpson, dove necklace vatican museum gift shop)

This dress is one of my absolute favorites (maybe since it kind of fulfills the void in my heart from never finding a dark green prom dress back in the day). It's the only thing I've ever ordered from Modcloth and I have to say I'm in love with it! Now I might do some more shopping there - if only it was more within my budget. I gotta save up my money for that camera I want!

But anyway, I finally moved in my on campus apartment yesterday and finished unpacking for the most part. I just have to go home and pick up a few things I forgot - especially my extra clothing rack since I still have a bulging suitcase full of clothes (and more at home). Oh jeez. And I still have a problem figuring out what to wear today. I'll be sure to take pictures of my room once my roommate gets her shit together (love you, Monisha). Oh, and I'll be sure to take pictures of my new hair cut as well. :)

I better find a way to get breakfast since my kitchen is barren and I have to leave for my internship training in a bit. Can you say Dunkin' Donuts around the corner? Om nom nom doughnuts.

15 for 15: Looks 11-15

August 21, 2010

15 for 15: Looks 11-15

Now that the 15 for 15 Challenge has come to an end, it's the last time to vote for your favorite out of the last five looks! I honestly don't know which one is my favorite this time around so I can't wait to see what you guys end up picking! I leave for my last day or work tonight and then I have to pack like crazy to move into my on-campus apartment tomorrow morning. Oh, and I'm running on 1 hour of sleep. I had an amazing night last night so it was worth it, but I'm definitely going to need that huge can of Red Bull I've been saving in the fridge.

Favorite Look (11-15)?
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15/15 | The Final Countdown

August 20, 2010

15/15 | The Final Countdown

This was definitely one of my favorite outfits throughout the whole 15 for 15 Challenge...which is officially over! I know it took me ridiculously long to get through it, especially since I left you all for a week, but I've finally reached the end and I never felt better. Although sometimes I was frustrated and left stumped at what to wear, I definitely took a lot out of this challenge and it was a great experience. I've started to realize the value of my clothes and the benefits of remixing.

I was sorting through my clothes today as I was packing for college and I realized I have a ridiculous amount of clothing. Half of my clothes I don't even wear anymore (mainly because I refuse to part with them). I always tell myself that I'll wear it in the future and everything just piles up. I've already bought another clothing rack and invaded my mom's work room. Did I need all those graphic t-shirts with silly slogans and did I really need to make sure my closet included every color in the rainbow? No and no. Now I'm understanding the importance of quality over quantity. It's important to buy pieces that I can wear a million different ways, that fits into my current wardrobe, and that I can see myself in 2-3 years from now.

I'm still working on controlling my shopping temptations but hopefully when I do shop I'll be a little smarter about it. :)

(shirt dress h&m [remixed], skirt random nyc boutique [remixed], scarf as belt some store in london, olive green heels urban outfitters

So in other news, I got a hair cut! I'll debut it on my blog sometime (my hair in these pictures is still pre-cut as I took these pictures before my hair cut). I got about 5-6 inches chopped off and my brother says he doesn't see a difference. Boys. It's nice though, since it's a little bit cooler when I step out into the heat and my head is also a little bit lighter. Plus, I have to use less shampoo, which is always a plus! :P It's not much different besides that.

Today is my second to last day of work and Saturday is my last day of work. I can't wait to just move in already and get settled. The process of packing and unpacking is just a hassle. If only things could magically transfer themselves over and automatically organize themselves. While we're still working on that kind of technology, I better go pack some more.


August 19, 2010

14/15 | Back-to-School

I snuck into one of the classrooms of my old high school to take these shots. The lighting was pretty bad so the pictures didn't come out like I hoped they would. They'll have to suffice for now though. I felt like an intruder and I even took off my shoes so my wedges wouldn't make any noise as I walked. I must have looked absolutely ridiculous holding my shoes and my tripod.

(cardigan h&m [remixed], ruffled top love culture [remixed], jeans forever 21 [remixed], wedges seychelles, belt forever 21, necklace from jasmine)

A couple of weeks ago I sent Jasmine one of my two bow rings and in return she sent me a bow necklace! I love it and it's definitely a change from my normal necklaces in my collection. It adds a romantic touch to any outfit.

I have two more days of work before I move into my on-campus apartment! It's crazy that after a summer of working at Love Culture, the only thing I bought was this top! When I worked at dELiA*s I spent a ton of my paycheck at the store so it was like working for clothes! This time I saved up all my paychecks (and instead spent it on other things - especially gas money and food). At least I resisted the temptation! This top will be my only reminder of the store. I haven't stepped foot in dELiA*s since I left my job and I don't know if I'll be stepping into Love Culture after I leave either. I have this phobia of going back and having to say awkward hellos to the managers/employees that I worked with. :P


August 17, 2010

13/15 | Wearing My Memories

I'm slowly getting better after popping tons of tylenol and mucinex. Now I just have to get rid of this sore throat and cough. I'm not one for being sick and I usually don't let it ruin my plans (which is why it takes me forever to get better). I worked 4 days in a row, went out a few times, and now I'm heading into the city tomorrow. My dad keeps telling me to just stay home one day and sleep it off. I'll be back to my normal self in no time and I'll be sure to catch up with all of you. I feel horrible that I haven't been responding to comments. I'm still catching up with your blogs though, so don't worry! It's going to be a hectic week since I have a lot of errands to run (I'm moving into my on-campus apartment on Sunday)! Hopefully once I'm settled in I can take some time and RELAX. :)

(shirt dress h&m [remixed], purse & shoes urban outfitters, ring forever 21, bow prom dress fabric [remixed])

So in regards to my post title, the fabric I used to tie the bow around my neck is from my prom dress back from my senior year of high school (I went with my best guy friend). Since I'm pretty short I had to get the dress hemmed. The tailor who cut a couple of inches off gave me the remaining mesh fabric so I kept it around. It comes in handy every now and then and I love the color. It's actually my favorite color to wear.

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Giveaway: $25 to All That Lace

August 15, 2010

Giveaway: $25 to All That Lace

So I definitely haven't done a giveaway in way too long so I'm excited to present you guys with a giveaway hosted by my newest sponsor, All That Lace! Debbie, the girl behind the etsy, is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and her etsy is full of amazing vintage finds. She just updated her shop recently so there's tons to browse through! Personally, I have my eye on that yellow shirt dress. Hem it a few inches and it's perfect for the summer weather! :)

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Now I'm off to pop some tylenol, down a glass of water (aka dr. pepper) and pass out. <3

Oh! And this giveaway is open until Friday! 
12/15 | Double Denim

August 14, 2010

12/15 | Double Denim

So I never thought I'd try the whole 'denim-on-denim' look but here I am...wearing denim with denim. I have to admit, I kind of like it. I'm loving this whole 15-for-15 challenge more and more as the days go by. I'm starting to put clothes that I normally would keep far apart from each other together. Oh, and excuse my hair because I do realize it's looking all kinds of crazy.

I really like how these self-portraits turned out. I found a deserted picnic area behind the nearby VoTech school completely covered in shade to prevent sweating. Outfit shots are a lot more enjoyable when you're not roasting under the scorching sun. :)

(chambray shirt gap [remixed], t-shirt forever 21 [remixed], jeans forever 21 [remixed], wedges kenneth cole reaction, necklace urban outfitters)

I've definitely been moving in slow-motion these past few days so forgive me if I don't get back to comments or emails in a timely manner. At first I thought I was just exhausted from my trip to St. Louis (I averaged about 3-4 hours of sleep each night) but now I'm realizing it's also the fact that I'm getting sick. I just popped some Mucinex so hopefully I'll wake up feeling a little better. If only I didn't have to work so much this weekend.


August 11, 2010

11/15 | Guess Who's Back?

So I'm finally back from my trip to St. Louis, Missouri! I had an amazing time and I got to reunite with the loves of my life that I met from Leadership Academy. If you guys don't remember, I went to the Circle K International Convention (Circle K is a collegiate service organization). There was a lot of drama, especially when it came to the political aspects, but all the drama only made it all the more interesting. The first half of the week I spent doing service all over the city. We got to work in community gardens, hospitals, and boys and girls clubs. I got all kinds of tan working in those gardens. The weather was over 100°F and I've never sweated so much in my life or taken so many showers in a week. :P

Now I'm just suffering from separation anxiety. I hate having such amazing friendships with people all over the country. It's heartbreaking. I'll be sure to post some pictures sometime later this week.

(shirt gap [remixed], skirt random nyc boutique [remixed], belt zara, flats urban outfitters)

I have some exciting news to share with you guys! Jasmine (from Transient Withdrawal and our Dynamic Duos) is coming to the East Coast! She'll be staying with me the weekend of September 10th in my on campus apartment! She won a trip to NYC through Chictopia (how lucky is she?) so she can attend a bunch of shows/events as well as the Chictopia 10 Conference which I'll be attending as well! Are any of you guys going to the Conference too?? I can't wait until Dynamic Duo hits up NYC! This time we won't need photoshop to put our photos together. :)

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