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February 28, 2010

Dynamic Duo

So a few weeks ago I won Jasmine from Transient Withdrawal's bow giveaway and she thought it'd be fun if we used the idea from the Delightful Dozen and do a "Dynamic Duo"! :) We both styled the same bow with our own interpretations. How adorable is Jasmine??? Like she said on her blog, we really are like sisters separated at birth. She is one of the sweetest girls I ever met and I'm angry I didn't get to meet up with her when she was in NYC for the Chictopia10 Conference! One day we'll meet, I promise! I'll set aside a whole WEEK so we can talk and talk and talk until we can't no more. :)

on jasmine: (bow forever 21, hairband gift from reader, jacket urban outfitters, top urban outfitters, shorts old navy, tights walmart, saddle shoes urban outfitters)

on me: (bow forever 21 (from jasmine), vest urban renewal, white top forever 21, blue tank urban outfitters, jeans forever 21, shoes jessica simpson)

I love how Jasmine decided to turn her bow pin in to a headband! It's genius. :) And if you guys followed my blog all the way back when I first started (I think my second post) you'll recognize this blue vest from Urban Renewal with the crazy ass horses on the back. My friends still think it's ridiculous but at least my hair is growing long enough to cover them up partially. I secretly love those horses, shhh.

So last night was absolutely amazing. I got to hang out with three of my best friends from high school (two of them go to different colleges) and we had such a great night out. Granted there were some really sketchy people (aka sloppy kissers) we still had fun. ;)

And finally, thank you to all of you guys and your amazing comments regarding my stress. My workload is slowing down (for now) and I'm managing my time better. I actually got a whole 8 hours of sleep the other night, how crazy is that? 

February 25, 2010

Hello Again.

Sorry for the week long hiatus. I've just been stressing over my massive to-do list and I've been getting an average of 4 hours of sleep a night. When I went to get my hair trimmed this past Saturday my hair dresser asked me if I was getting enough sleep since my hair was falling out easily. Also, I've been breaking out on my forehead. Luckily, I got most of my midterms over with during the past few days and I won't have any more exams until the beginning of March (which is approaching soon!). Don't even get me started on everything non-school related. Oh, stress, how you plague me. :(

Anyway, these pictures are from a few weeks ago (before all those snowstorms) and it's one of my favorite photoshoots to date. My photographer and I decided to venture near the school's enormous heating system and, lo and behold, it makes for awesome photographs! The warm water falling down the metal panels let off some hot air so it wasn't too bad standing outside without my jacket on. As for the outfit, I decided to turn my dress into a skirt since I wasn't in a dress mood that day. I think it turned out quite nice :)

(white l/s zara, vest forever 21, belt italy [remixed], anchor patterened dress target [remixed], tights forever 21, ruffle flats payless)

Oh! And did I mention it's snowing outside again??? There's supposed to be another giant snowstorm coming tonight which is kind of crazy because I'm pretty sure I started getting ready for spring a few days ago. Maybe I'll get a few shots in the snow tomorrow. Time to catch up on all of your lovely blogs!

And before I forget, I want to thank Lorena from In Vogue 1 Day for the Happy 101 Award! Definitely check out her site because she has the most gorgeous and creative illustrations. My favorites are her astrology-inspired illustrations. :)
Also, a HUGE thank you to Sharon from EliSharon for the Happy 101 Award, the Over the Top Award, and  the Sunshine Award. You are seriously one of the sweetest bloggers I've met so far. You never fail to put a smile on my face. :)

February 23, 2010

Sorry x Infinity. 
Midterms, Clubs, and People are stressing me out recently and leaving me with lack of sleep. I promise I'll be back with a new post ASAP. :)

With lots of love,

February 19, 2010

Stormtroopers and Seagulls

Does anyone else have an insane love for all-black outfits? There's just something about them but I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I'm just a little bit tipsy right now. Either way, I love them. :)

I'm definitely glad it's finally the weekend. I haven't been getting enough sleep recently and I keep dozing off at random times of the day. I took an afternoon nap today and woke up when my class had already started! It seems like all I do during the majority of my classes is sleep, sleep, and then get more sleep. And by the time I get out of class there's no point in taking a nap since I already slept during class! Oh, I can't wait until the summertime where all I'll be doing is sleeping. Actually, that's not true, since I'm currently on the hunt for an internship! I've found a few that I'm interested in but I'm having trouble looking. Do you guys know of any great internships in the NJ/NYC area? I should be working on my Resume and Cover Letters right now. Actually...I should really be sleeping right now. AHHHHH!

(coat american rag, dress forever 21 [remixed], ruffle cropped top urban outfitters, belt urban outfitters, tights HUE, shoes ann marino)

I was being a little bit silly in the above photograph but I really liked the lighting so I posted it anyway. 

On another topic, I picked the winners of my Chinese New Year Giveaway (ooh look at me, I'm so cultural! haha) using Congratulations to Kirsten and Taylor! I'll find time this weekend in between studying for my Statistics and Accounting midterms to mail your packages! :)

February 17, 2010

NYFW: Sheila Frank F/W 2010

In Bryan Park - as if you couldn't tell. Aren't Kelly's boots gorgeous? [taken by Diane]

So I've finally found some time to update my blog (hello 4:04AM!) and post some pictures from my trip into NYC on Friday. As I said in my Video in the previous blog, thanks to Diane from Snapshot Fashion, I was able to take a train up to see Sheila Franks' F/W 2010 Collection! (Click on the link to see a ton of pictures of her collection). I especially loved the shoes and the dresses (and the photography by Meg Urbani was just stunning). Overall it was a GREAT experience and I'm so thankful I was able to attend. I'm still upset I didn't have my camera but luckily both Kelly and Diane had their cameras so I stole a few shots. Kelly (the other blogger who got to go) and Diane were some of the sweetest girls I've ever met and I'm glad I got to know them a lot better. :)

being silly about posing and having way too much fun [taken by Diane]
designs [taken by Diane]
Diane, Kelly, Me [taken from Diane]
I got to meet the beautiful Keiko! [taken by Diane]
[taken by Kelly]
(coat american rag, lace top tj maxx, belt unknown, white tank delia's, skirt delia's, tights HUE, shoes finale)

Finally I would love to make a HUGE shout out to Janel. She was the first person (and only - so far) to purchase something from my Shop! I never expected to receive a Thank You package from Janel which included the sweetest card I've ever received and a gorgeous pair of tights (I can't wait to figure out a way to style them). And best of all, it came perfectly on Valentine's Day! Definitely check out this girl's Flickr photos, she's quite the photographer. Thanks again, Janel! :)

p.s. Don't forget to enter my Chinese New Year Banner Giveaway in the post down below by 11:59PM EST! :)
A Bunch of Everything

February 14, 2010

A Bunch of Everything

(Video Recap: Happy Valentine's Day, CSN Stores Giveaway Winner, NYFW: Sheila Frank's Show, Happy Chinese New Year Giveaway)

Congratulations to Sonya for winning the CSN Stores Giveaway! :)

Chinese New Year Giveaway
How to Enter:
1) Name & Email
2) Be a Google Follower
3) How did you spend your February 14th?
*This Giveaway is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. :) 


February 12, 2010

Is It Strange That You Perpetuate Yourself?

This is an outfit from before the massive Blizzard. I'm too busy running around in the snow to get dressed up these days (but don't worry, I'm not running around in sweats). Anyway, this is one of my favorite outfits as of recently. It's simple and comfortable, my favorite types of outfits. :) 

(blazer macy's, v-neck delia's, jeans delia's, black ruffle flats payless, necklace forever 21)

The chains were supposed to hang normally but I decided to leave them tangled (I never hang up my necklaces properly) for a more dimensional look. I love the mix of gold and silver :)

In a few minutes I'll be on a train and off to NYFW! Thanks to the lovely Diane from Snapshot Fashion, I'll be attending Sheila Frank's F/W 2010 Show! I'm so ridiculously excited and this is such an amazing opportunity! I'll be sure to post pictures later this weekend!  I'm going to go get ready now while listening to my new favorite song (The Perpetual Self by Sufjan Stevens). Hope you guys all have a lovely weekend! :)

Blizzard, the Sequel.

February 10, 2010

Blizzard, the Sequel.

Two Words: Snow Day.

So it's snowing outside and it's been snowing for over 24 hours. It's crazy...I haven't seen so much snow falling at once in so long. Apparently it's the worst blizzard EVER in New Jersey. Isn't that awesome? It's cold, wet, and magical...all at the same time. :) All classes today have been cancelled and so far the first two class periods for tomorrow have been cancelled (which is perfect because I have classes in both those time periods!). Hopefully by the end of tonight they'll have decided to cancel all classes tomorrow. I highly doubt it. Crossing my fingers anyway! :)

(toggle coat delia's, sweatshirt forever 21, belt unknown, jeans delia's [remixed], moccasins minnetonka)

I was originally going to dress up and take pretty pictures in the snow, but then I decided I wanted to run around and throw snow balls so I opted for the casual, comfortable look. Moccasins weren't the smartest idea in over a foot of snow (but they were fuzzy and warm...until the snow got inside of them).

Did it snow tons where you guys are?

p.s. here's a shout out to Annie from Time Enough for Drums! Thanks so much for the Creative Blogger Award, you're way too sweet. You guys should definitely check her out (did I mention she's one of the Chictopia10 Contest Winners!?)

You'll be horribly missed but never forgotten. 

February 7, 2010


As the weatherman predicted, there was a crazy blizzard here in Central Jersey starting from Friday night to Saturday (yesterday) afternoon. I took the opportunity to snap a few shots with the snow covered shrubbery outside my dining hall. It stopped snowing by that point but the wind blew the snow in front of me while these pictures were being taken if you can tell. The weather was decent enough where I could take off my jacket for these pictures, but no where near warm enough for me to remove my ear muffs. 

I bought this glasses necklace over winter break and I fell in love with them. Sometimes I balance them on the bridge of my nose because, even though they don't have any lenses, they help me read better. Magical. Next on my list? A mustache necklace.

The only other time I wore this gorgeous, little dress from urban outfitters, I wore it alone with black tights. Obviously that's not an option in the winter time so I remixed it up and turned it into a skirt by layering. I think I'm getting better at this whole remixing thing. I'm also using it as an excuse not to do my laundry. If all the clothes I wear the most often are too dirty to wear...I guess I'll just have to wear all the clothes I don't normally wear. Yeah? :P

(dress urban outfitters (remixed), vest urban outfitters (remixed), l/s zara, tights HUE, necklace forever 21, ruffle flats payless)

Well it's back to studying Statistics! I feel like that's all I ever do. Save me!

p.s. Attention all U.S. and Canadian Readers! Don't forget to enter my Giveaway down below! :)
200 Follower Giveaway

February 6, 2010

200 Follower Giveaway

I've officially reached 200 Followers! I never thought I would have made it to so many in a short two months but you guys have just been so amazing and so supportive. And I don't know about you guys, but there's nothing I love more then finding a package in my a giant Thank You to all of my readers and followers, I'm collaborating with the wonderful CSN Stores to bring all of you a fantastic giveaway! I was checking them out a few days ago and I was honestly astounded by how many different stores they have (over 200!) that sell almost everything...from furniture to dog beds! It's pretty crazy, I'm not gonna lie. 

The Prizes:
Ever since I finally got my first pair of boots two months ago I've been obsessed! It's true, once you start you just can't stop. Therefore, Item #1 is the Adi Design Women's Slouchy Boot in Chestnut. And you guys all know, you can never have too many bags, so...Item #2 is the Thomas Paul Tree Tote in Black. I'm so excited about this. :) *If you're a Canadian Resident, will not ship to Canada so you can only enter to win the Tree Tote. Thank you to Taylor  for the heads up! 

How to Enter:
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* Blog about this entry on your Blog and send me the link in another comment for an extra entry. 
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Giveaway Ends Friday, February 12, 2010 11:59pm EST. 
*Only Open to U.S. and Canadian Residents (My next giveaway will be open to International Readers too, I promise!)
Good Luck! 

p.s. Speaking of Giveaways, Anna (one of the three winners of my last giveaway) just received her package from me in the mail and posted about it . Go check out her blog! She's the sweetest thing. 

February 5, 2010

I'm Going Back to Basics

I loved wearing this outfit; there's nothing like putting together a bunch of basic pieces and being comfortable all day in sneakers. The weather just happened to be lovely as well so I didn't need a jacket. Unfortunately the pleasant weather isn't here to stay and the freezing wind will be back in no time. It's actually supposed to snow tonight and all day Saturday! And due to that snow.....the winter formal I was supposed to drive down south for is postponed. I had my outfit ready and everything :( Those southern new jerseyans can't handle the snow...grrr).

I just wanted to say a quick shout-out to the adorable and beautiful Jasmine for being the First Place Winner of the Chictopia10 Conference! She's one of my all time favorite bloggers and I think you all need to check her out. I can't think of anyone more deserving and she's one of the sweetest people I know. Congratulations, Jasmine! (We're stealing you over to the east coast temporarily!) I'm so envious! I could actually hop on a train for an hour and attend but I'm trying to save up my money. Maybe I can sneak in without a ticket :P 

(cardigan h&m [remixed], striped tee forever 21, bodycon skirt forever 21, gray tights HUE [remixed], sneakers converse)

p.s. i only need 2 more followers and then i get to debut my giveaway! (it's only for us and canadian residents this time. i'm so sorry to my international readers but i promise with all my heart, next time you guys will be included like last time) :)

p.p.s. Ahhh Check it out you guys! I submitted a picture I took to Kodak and it's officially the Kodak Moment of the Month for February! I'm way too excited! 

February 2, 2010

Plum Feathers

I adore these tights to death and I'm obsessed with the purple. I kept on staring at them all day during my classes. I still can't believe I never thought to wear them with this skirt; I guess I just never put two and two together. I love when that happens though and just by putting together unexpected pairs you get an amazing, new (remixed) outfit! I'm definitely starting to love purple more and more each day. :)

I made my final trip to the Oral Surgeon this morning and I got the extra stitch they put in earlier removed. I finally have complete access to all the glorious foods in the universe! Excited? YES.

I have a Winter Social coming up this Saturday for an organization I'm in and I'm super excited to wear this lovely, little BCBG Max Azria dress my best friend, Phebe, sent me for my birthday/christmas present. Unfortunately I told her my wrong dress size (who knew I went up a size in college - stupid dining hall food and my lack of self-control) so I'll have to squeeze into this dress and just hope it zippers up. Strangely enough, the waist fits perfectly fine but I guess my ribcage/chest area is too wide? It's weird since I've never had that problem before but maybe this dress was just made for a complete stick. I might wait on this dress and go with a casual floral dress I wore a year ago for another event. That might be a little bit easier to get into and dance in. 

(cardigan old navy, tank urban outfitters [remixed], skirt urban outfitters [remixed], tights HUE, ruffle flats payless [remixed], belt craft store ribbon)

p.s. Check out my interview at Fashionable Academics! They have such an amazing and unique site with posts from an academic point of view! :)
p.p.s. I'll be hosting a giveaway once I reach 200 followers! Trust me, this is going to be a REALLY good one. ;)
p.p.p.s. (am i allowed to have so many "p"s?) Here's a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Amy from The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire for the Beautiful Blogger award. Check her out, she's one of my favorites! :)
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