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March 31, 2011

I Love Colors

So the other day the weather was a little bit less cold than usual so I willingly abandoned my coat for some spring-like photos. It may look like spring with the blossoms behind me but it's far from it. Apparently it's supposed to snow a bit this weekend but so far it's only raining. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather stays warm enough to prevent the snow from falling.

So, Snooki from the Jersey Shore is coming to speak at my university tonight. I had the option of going to shoot the event buuuut I think I'm going to opt out and do something more productive with my life. It's going to be a busy weekend so I better get moving! :)

(H&M Coat, Target Cardigan, H&M Tank Top, Forever 21 Skirt, We Love Colors Tights, Urban Outfitters Flats)

So as you guys know, despite the frigid cold weather this past winter I still dragged my skirts out of my closet and sucked it up with a pair of tights. However, sometimes wearing tights still isn't enough for the cold. Fortunately for me, I've got a new secret weapon when it comes to Jen vs. Winter: We Love Colors tights. They sent me two pairs to try out and I've fallen in love with how warm and durable they are compared to my other pairs of tights. And being a clumsy and reckless person, I'm surprised they don't have a run in them yet.

I chose this Mocha colored pair since it's missing in my current collection of tights. I'm loving how muted the shade is and it's a nice alternative to the usual pair of black tights. The other pair of tights I have yet to style up is the Splash Metallic Tights  - any suggestions? I was thinking of saving them for a more formal occasion (aka not class). It was definitely hard picking from their selection of 50+ shades but I'm pretty happy with my picks!

Definitely go check them out on Twitter and Facebook! Also, if you're interested, each month they have a Curvy Girl Contest where you can win free tights! Click here for more information about that.
Definitely check back for when I style up my other pair in the near future (as well as a video)! :)


March 29, 2011

'Ello Gov'na!

So I'm finally back from the most sleep-deprived, exhausting, and amazing weekend. Thank you guys for being patient with me and my busy life and thank you to my wonderful readers for being guest bloggers! So to explain my blog post title, I was elected as District Governor for the NJ District of Circle K International (the service organization I'm part of) this past weekend at our annual convention. I'll be in charge of representing the NJ District at International events as well as overseeing all of the clubs in the state. I couldn't be more excited (or more nervous) for the next year but I know I have an amazing Board of Officers who have got my back. Now all my friends won't start calling me "Gov'na" everywhere I go though. :P

(Gap Sweater, H&M Blouse, Forever 21 Jeans, White Mountain Boots via DSW, Aldo Backpack)

I really need to get some more sleep these days. I'm working non-stop and it's hard to just take a second to breathe. I'm juggling my school work, my Circle K work, my job, and this blog. On top of that I'm on the hunt for a summer internship. I'm also not willing to give up my social life so at this point it's my health that I'm giving up...which is extremely stupid. I'm going to work on procrastinating less and managing my time better.


March 27, 2011

Guest Post: Erica

Photos by Kelsi Smith for the Two Point Oh LA Spring 2011 Lookbook
Hey everyone! It's Erica from Sweets and Hearts. When Jen said she was looking for guest posters, I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be fun to put together a little style guide to inspire and get you ready for this season with one of my absolute favorite trends: the ballet-inspired look. With the release of Black Swan and all those girlie dresses in muted colors hitting the runways (and stores!), you might just have the urge to channel your inner ballerina and do a pirouette (or two).
Sequin Headband - Forever 21 ($5.80)
The hair: To keep yourself from looking too put-together, gather your hair on top of your head and wrap it in a messy bun. Or, use a 1 inch barrel curling iron to form small ringlets all over your head, and comb your fingers through it a few times to make it a little disheveled. Do a side part and gather it into a low ponytail. Complete the look with a jeweled headband.

The makeup: Soft and natural. Sweep a sheer shimmer eyeshadow in champagne over your lids and up to your brow bone, and blend a matte taupe brown shadow from your lid to the crease. Use a brown pencil eyeliner to line your eyes and some black mascara, and finish with a sheer pink stain on your cheeks and lips.


Lip & Cheek Stain in Yumberry - Stila ($24) | Curling Mascara in Black - Urban Decay ($20) | Natural Eye Shadow Collection - Too Faced ($35) | Kajal Eye Liner in Tiger's Eye - Stila ($18)
The clothes: Think very feminine and classic. Look for soft, drapey knits and sheer fabrics in nude pinks and taupe, and layer them with long cardigans and light-colored tights. Don't forget the ballet flats and pearls!
Dress - Delia's ($49.50) | Cardigan - Tulle ($53) | Necklace - Forever 21 ($6.80) | Flats - Forever 21 ($16.80)

Is this a trend you'll be rocking for spring?


March 26, 2011

Guest Post: Liza

Hey, I'm L from the silly things, filling in for Jen while she is away. I come to you from my window seat, the usual setting of my photos. There's something so refreshing about this window, something that I can't find anywhere else. The way the light and shades reflect across the glass is beautiful. Today my outfit represents everything I love about spring; whimsical florals and soft details. I honestly can not get enough of spring, it's my current obsession.


March 25, 2011

Guest Post: Abbey

Hello Jen's readers! This is my first time guest blogging for anyone, and I'm so grateful that it will be on one of my favorite blogs! :)

I jumped at the chance to do a guest post on this blog, so that I could give another go at outfit posting. On my blog I've been posting snapshots of my everyday life. I hope to be getting back into outfits because all the blogs I follow (and love) are fashion blogs, and I always come up with outfits I want to style and post! So hopefully this will be my motivation to continue.  

My boyfriend took my pictures today for the first time in a while. I've forgotten how to be in front of a camera! Cue the awkward poses, swinging hands, fidgety shoes... that's me. And since the boyfriend is not a huge fan of manual focus... a lot of the pictures ended up blurry, or I'm making an awful face (typical). So I was left with limited photos. Snap.

I'm going to warn you now, after you've viewed these photos. I. Love. Photoshop. I will play with pictures until the cows come home.

And since I'm still going to continue with photos from my everyday life...
This is the boyfriend at his favorite chinese restaurant.
I enjoy fortune cookies probably more than any other person. I have a collection of fortunes in my purse that's getting a bit ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, that's what my boyfriend thinks I am.
I brought him a special fortune cookie and begged him to open it when he said he didn't want a fortune (killjoy- just look at that frown!). Then he opened it, smiled, and laughed.
'The one you love is closer than you think'. Bam. Fortune told.

This is the end of my fleeting outfit post. But maybe it's a new beginning for my closet. 


March 24, 2011

Guest Post: Amanda

(Costa Blanca cardigan, Dynamite dress, Joe Fresh dress underneath (last seen here), Bamboo flats, A.Co Designs necklace, Suzy ring & Gucci sunglasses)

Well hello there my friends... er, Jen's friends. I'm Amanda from A.Co est. 1984 and pretty pumped to be filling in for Jen while she's off frolicking in conference land (well, probably not frolicking, more like sitting, listening, tweeting... Hey! No tweeting during the conference, pay attention now...). Regardless, Jen, thanks for having me, and to all her fabulous readers: hello.

So can we just talk about how posh I feel saying I'm wearing Gucci sunglasses in my outfit rundown.  Gucci sunglasses.  Look who's ballin' now.  Look Ma, Gucci!  (Okay, that's irrelevant; my mother has no idea what Gucci is... she certainly had no idea who Louis Vuitton was when I brought home a knock-off ...).  No but really, I'm not one who owns many designer items (one pair of Louboutins, a gifted Coach wallet, and a few others), so it's pretty exciting.  These were a gift from hubs for Christmas, so don't go around thinking I purchase these expensive things for myself, thankyouverymuch.  Just kidding, I would if I could, but I try to stretch my money as far as it can go so every once in a while I have to give away five bags of clothes (just kidding again, I consigned two of those bags).


And before I got undressed to snap the outfit, here's the look (it is March after all... and still cold).


March 22, 2011


The weather this week has been getting lousy again - it even snowed in North Jersey! From the looks of it the next two days are full of rain and snow. What happened to the beginning of spring? I even got my free Rita's Italian Ice, which means it MUST be spring. At least the weekend will be sunny despite the temperature being in the low 40's. And that's it for your JennifHsieh weather update.

(American Rag Coat, Old Navy Cardigan, Forever 21 Blouse, Forever 21 Belt, Forever 21 Jeans, Aldo Shoes, Aldo Backpack)

It's taken me forever to finally style up this shirt. It always hung in my closet being a loner because I couldn't figure out how to wear it. It's slightly sheer, has a huge neckline, and has bat wing sleeves like no other. I finally decided to belt it and wear it under a cardigan which worked perfectly. Maybe next time I wear it I won't hide it under layers of clothing...but that has yet to be determined.

And say hello to my new shoes and my new backpack (how material do I sound?). I got to bond with my mom over spring break with some outlet shopping and I came across both these pieces. The shoes were on sale (and the sales lady wouldn't stop telling me how cute they were just so I could buy them) and the backpack I had instantly fallen in love with. Thanks mom for indulging me a little. I love that when I shop with her now she'll point out how cute something will look on my blog.

Oh, and I've decided that these shoes are officially my sexy pilgrim shoes (see the last picture for up-close shots). I feel a little silly when I'm clomping around in them from class to class and they make my feet look abnormally tiny. I wore them yesterday when I had classes from 10:20am until 9:30pm. Stupid Jen.

You won't be seeing any outfit posts for the rest of this week since I'm drowning in stuff I have to do for NJ Circle K's District Convention this weekend. It's when all the Circle K members from all the NJ colleges/universities get together in order to elect the new District Board and celebrate the past service year. I'm actually running for District Governor, which means I would be in charge of managing all the Circle K activities state-wide so wish me luck! I'll be sure to post pictures when I return. I'll be having some guest posts over the next few days thanks to my favorite people in the blogging world - my readers! :)


March 20, 2011

Day 4: Richmond, VA

We spent our fourth day of the trip in Richmond, VA! Our first stop was the Virginia Museum of Fine Art since we heard there was an amazing Picasso exhibit (thanks for the tip, Liza) and it was definitely worth the hefty ticket price. Picasso is one of my favorite artists and I just love the childishness of some of his pieces.

We also got to go thrifting in the downtown area. Jeremy walked away with a pretty sick sweater, a pair of trousers, and a purple button down. I ended up getting a little black dress for business occasions, a vintage Polaroid Sun 600 camera, and a mug that says "Big Hug Mug". Future favorite cup? I THINK SO.

(H&M Coat, Gap Chambray Shirt, Urban Outfitters Dress, HUE Tights, Urban Outfitters Flats)

These pictures were actually taken on Monument Road which is, like the name suggests, home to numerous monuments, including monuments dedicated to Thomas Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. The weather was perfect for taking a mile long stroll all the way down and back to where we parked the car. And even though we missed the cherry blossoms in D.C., we spotted a bunch of blossoms in Richmond. :)

This is also one of my favorite outfits that I put together last minute. I didn't pack wisely when I was throwing clothes into my little suitcase but I decided to tie up this chambray shirt over this white dress and I fell in love with it automatically.

Oh, and in regards to the picture above, it was Pi Day so Jeremy celebrated with a pizza pie. :) 
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