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June 27, 2013

Dance Around the Totem Pole

Forever 21 Cardigan (similar), Feather Ring
Totem Print Maxi c/o Ever Miss Fashion
Urban Outfitters Necklace (similar)

I wish I thought to show you guys the back of this beautiful maxi dress (which is pretty much just perfect for summer) since it has an awesome braid, but there's always next time, right? I never thought I'd see the day when I would pair baby blue with bright red. In fact, I don't usually think about color pairings in my spare time. Ever. But here I am, rocking this strangely okay color combination. Would you guys ever try it out?

Now I'm heading out to a birthday dinner for one of my co-workers and I can't wait to take a step back from my laptop and enjoy my work-free evening. Today has been absolutely insane and my head hasn't stopped spinning from the moment I walked into my office. Whew!


June 25, 2013

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

I'm pretty convinced that the entirety of New York City has turned into an easy bake oven and everyone walking down the streets is starting to get a little overcooked. Woof. Looks like those beautiful yet painful New York City summers have officially kicked in full force. I couldn't even bring myself to wear my denim jacket for a single outfit shot. My arms can't take that kind of unbearable heat.

Forever 21 Denim Jacket
H&M Polka Dot Tank (similar)
Carlie Skirt c/o Darling
Smoking Slippers c/o Lulu*s
Black Shoulder Bag c/o OASAP

On another note, this outfit right here is one of my favorites as of recently. It's super low maintenance, took barely any effort to throw together, and there's birds all over this beautiful skirt. You can never go wrong with animal prints, am I right? Well, I guess that depends entirely on the animal. I'm not sure how much I would love cockroaches printed on a dress.

Also, can we talk about the little, old man peeking out from behind the door in the second photograph above? He kept poking his head out for a good five minutes and he made plenty of appearances in the numerous photos that didn't make this post. I wonder what he must have been thinking about?


June 23, 2013

What I'm Craving This Summer

1. Madewell Transport Tote 2. Covela Sandal  3. (T-B) Persol Sunglasses, Miu Miu Sunglasses, Georgio Armani Sunglasses 4. Madewell Chambray Eyelet Dress

Now that summer has officially begun, I'm starting to crave a bunch of really light pieces for the warmer weather. Most of my friends associate the summertime with neons and bright colors while I tend to tone everything down (since the weather is bright enough for me anyway). What are you guys craving this summer?

She Wears a White Dress

Being obsessed with this hat is an understatement. All my friends say it turns me into a hipster but I'm kind of okay with that. It also sort of turns me into a cat but I'm kind of okay with that too (as long as I'm not allergic to myself). Oh, and let me just tell you about this dress. I'm pretty sure it's the perfect white summer maxi. I'm not calling myself an expert on white maxi dresses, but to me, this is perfection. I wore this outfit to work earlier in the week and I have never received as many compliments from co-workers as I did with this baby on. Now I know what to slip on in the mornings when I'm anticipating a rough day. Do you guys have any foolproof items in your closet?

Dakota Maxi Dress c/o Darling 
Urban Outfitters Cat Ear Hat (similar)
Forever 21 Feather Necklace (similar), Bird Ring
ShoeMint Lynne Sandals (similar)

This weekend has been incredibly relaxing so far which means I get to catch up on all the sleep I missed out on during Bonnaroo. I spent the afternoon napping on my balcony yesterday and it was the most glorious thing, let me tell you. The soft summer breeze, my neighbor's wind chimes, the dull roar of traffic from down below, and the sun gently burning my skin. Heaven.


June 22, 2013

Five Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress

Here at Studio 1220, we are in LOVE with maxi dresses. They are the most versatile summer piece you can buy. We have put together five completely different looks to fit your every occasion!

Lunch Date
Pair a maxi dress with a denim jacket for an easy yet put together day time look. If your maxi dress is basic, jazz it up with a cool detailed denim jacket. If your going with a printed maxi, throw on your solid denim jacket or chambray. You will be the envy of all the ladies lunching.  

Beachin' It
Add a bohemian twist to your maxi dress by pairing it with a crocheted tank.  The see through natural of these tops will still show off  your maxi dress, but give you a little more coverage and also add a free spirit flare.

Work it Out
Wanna wear your favorite piece to the office? Its surprisingly easy! Simply combine your go-to maxi dress with your favorite work-time blazer.  Throw on some jewels to funk it up and your on your way to looking chic but feeling exceptionally comfortable.  Don't forget your latte or you may find yourself falling asleep on the job.

Maxin' and Relaxin'
Make your maxi dress work as a skirt. Top it off with your favorite tank or tee for some serious kicking' around. Nobody will even know that your fresh skirt is the dress you wore yesterday!

Layer it Lightly
Too hot for a jacket? Don't sweat it! You can still add a layer in the form of a vest. We love denim vests for their versatility, but any vest can work here. Throw on a fedora and your ready to take on the heat.


June 21, 2013

The Bonnaroo Diaries: Day 2

The second day of Bonnaroo was simply intense. It was definitely my favorite day out of all of them and I wish I could relive it all over again. I had a pretty late start to the day since there wasn't much I wanted to see until later in the afternoon. Once the sun was at it's peak, I headed over to see Of Monsters and Men, made my way to the front of the crowd for Grizzly Bear, and then relaxed in the back of the crowd for WU-TANG CLAN (where I let out my inner thug, who ain't nothin' to f--- with).

And then, you guys. It was time for Paul McCartney, and let me just say, IT WAS AMAZING. Wait, amazing isn't even enough to sum up how epic it was. Besides the fact that you're watching Paul McCartney, the most energetic 71-year-old I know, who was part of The Beatles (which is amazing enough on its own), there were also fireworks. Tons of fireworks. And singing Hey Jude with over 80,000 people? No words can't convey how incredible of an experience that was. Best concert I've been to, hands down. No competition.

Urban Outfitters Plaid Shirt, Hat (similar)
Express Destroyed Shorts
Urban Outfitters Lace Bralette (similar, similar)
Studded Boots c/o YesWalker (similar)

And after Paul McCartney? That's where the night actually began. Everyone in my group got separated (because that's what happens in a crowd of 80,000 people) so my friend and I wandered over to see the second half of The XX. My only regret was not being able to see the first half, since Paul went over 30 minutes, but they were absolutely magical. Then the night ended with an insane rager at Animal Collective, which eventually blended into the sunrise. Let's just say I only got an hour of sleep before starting off Day 3. What up, Bonnaroo.


June 19, 2013

The Bonnaroo Diaries: Day 1

I've finally regenerated enough physical and mental energy to put together my first Bonnaroo post. You guys, it was one crazy, exhausting, whirlwind of a weekend. I'm still trying to make up for those sleepless nights, burning hot mornings, and music-filled afternoons.

Eight other friends and I made the 15 hour trek down to Manchester, Tennessee last Wednesday, arriving at the campgrounds (with minimal difficulties) on Thursday afternoon. Three of my friends accidentally filled their car with diesel, causing them to fall behind schedule, but after a friendly, neighborhood mechanic worked after hours, they managed to get on their way. Disaster averted.

V-Neck Tank c/o Junk Food Clothing (similar)
H&M Burgundy Shorts
Gap Chambray Shirt
Studded Boots c/o YesWalker (similar)
Urban Outfitters Hat (similar)

Side note: Check out my bitch face in the photo above. 

Overall, the first night was pretty chill since people were still settling into the camp grounds and getting to know the surroundings. I checked off Purity Ring (shown down below) as well as Maps and Atlases (who were incredible). We managed to squeeze our way pretty close to the stage for Purity Ring (SO GOOD) and I learned that bringing a hat to a concert is a pretty dumb idea unless you're ready for it to crowd-surf its own way up to the stage. It's a sad life being short at a concert. You guys feel me?

Guest Post: Maggie of Lifesize Paperdoll

June 18, 2013

Guest Post: Maggie of Lifesize Paperdoll

Hello, Jen's readers! I've been a guest poster in the past and it's always a pleasure to come back!

I just got a dream internship in Seattle so for the first time in my life, I'm living in a real city with real sky-scrapers and a real commute. I moved here from Montana for 4 months and along with the adjustments I had to make learning public transportation and navigating a big city, I had to revamp my wardrobe. However, I'm just an intern, so I had to do this on a major budget. Cities are expensive! So, prior to arriving, I made a list of necessary "city day" items I would need for Seattle and they've all proved to be absolutely pivotal in my city wardrobe. Here are my top three clothing necessities for the summer in Seattle!

one fabulous and perfectly fitting trench coat
My trench coat, hands down, is the best purchase I made prior to moving to Seattle and absolutely my favorite. Walking around, it's sort of my "statement" piece of my outfit while being the perfect neutral to wear with everything in my closet and also office appropriate for when I'm running errands and representing my company. Also, it's just dang cute. I think going into a store and trying one on for the best fit is beyond important because it's hard to find one that achieves the perfect cinched waist without being too poofy and not too long, either.

photo (35)

a pair of floral pants that match everything
So, already, a trend is happening that is: buying things that are versatile  It's true though, that maximizing a clothing item's use is so handy! I've learned to invest in basics that can be thrown into multiple outfits with these key items I'm wearing constantly. My second favorite "summer" city item are my dream floral pants. I've been on the hunt for floral pants for a couple years now that weren't too loud but also could be dressed up or down with basic shirts and button downs. Finally, I found them! My dream floral pants! I barely have to wear any jewelry or accessories with them because they speak for themselves and just do all of the work. I'm obsessed. I've worn them with wedges and a plain colored blazer for work, a basic tshirt for the week, and a dressy tank top and heels on the weekend.

photo (33)
exact // similar  

a pair of Saltwater sandals
I used to think Saltwaters were just a thing for Mommy bloggers. Wrong. So wrong. Saltwaters are the best sandals in all the world. I have walked ten miles through the city in them and my feet feel fine. Never once have I gotten a blister nor have I ever felt them rub anywhere on my feet. No other sandal, even my Tevas at home, compare. They are simply the winners.

photo (36)
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