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April 30, 2011

April Showers bring May Sponsors

I'm now looking for sponsors for May and summer months in general. Check out my sponsorship page for more information and feel free to email me for my rates! My packages are affordable and adjustable. :)
JennifHsieh on Avewood

April 29, 2011

JennifHsieh on Avewood

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April 28, 2011

Bambi and Allergies

The other day my boyfriend and I both ended up skipping class and ventured off campus. He needed to stop by the FedEx store and we also decided to stop by a random field to take outfit pictures. It's actually not as wild as it seems since it's located right next to a Roman Catholic center but let's just pretend it's in the middle of nowhere. 

One thing I love most about the warmer seasons is the abundance of green. It's everywhere. One thing I hate most about the warmer seasons are my eye allergies. I can drown my eyes in Visine and it won't help a bit. I swear, between my red, irritated eyes and sweating due to crowded college buses, I'm the most attractive person in the world.

Heritage 1981 Dress
Madewell Sandals similar

While we were adventuring into the "wilderness" I caught sight of a deer in the horizon and I didn't even wait a second to snap a quick picture before it ran away. I secretly wanted a baby deer ever since I saw the pictures of Audrey Hepburn with Ip. Dreams can come true, right?


April 26, 2011

Blast From the Past

I went home this past weekend for a change of environment. Sometimes, being in college for too long drives me crazy and it's nice getting to hang out with my mom for a bit. Every time I go home I always forget to pack a change of clothes and resort to using the clothes I keep at home that don't get much wear. I decided to rifle through my closet and took out these corduroy flares that I wore in this post. It's nice letting my forgotten clothes breathe for a change.

Urban Outfitters Scarf
Forever 21 T-Shirt
Abercrombie & Fitch Corduroy Flares similar
Platform Sandals from 7th grade

My mom is adorable when it comes to taking my outfit pictures. I had to teach her how to hold my camera and where the button was to take the picture. She just kept on clicking away and would randomly shout out instructions like to jump or to switch the position of my hands. I took a quick picture of her as well when I was testing out the lighting but I'm not allowed to post it. She wasn't camera-ready. :P

Oh, and I also didn't bring extra shoes home (all I had were my black boots) so I scrambled far into the depths of my closet to pull out these chunky platforms from when I was in 7th grade. I'm surprised I still fit into them! They're kind of awkward looking but it was fun clomping around - I think I'm going to put them back into hiding now.

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April 21, 2011

We Don't Need Our Heads

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately - life has been crazy hectic (what else is new) and I don't seem to have time for anything anymore. It always gets like this when the school year comes to an end. In two weeks I have 6 papers, 2 large assignments, tons of Circle K work and meetings, and my job. I'm also trying to maintain my sanity, my social life, and this blog. Oh, and sleep, of course. I always forget about that one. At least the weather is getting nicer out and I'm already putting my tights away and making room for bare legs!

Gap Jacket
Urban Outfitters Top
Delia's Jeans similar
Aldo Shoes similar and Backpack similar
Forever 21 Ring

This is my first free weekend (not including homework) in a while and it's times like this where I wish I lived close enough to the beach to just walk over and sit on the boardwalk. I think in the future I would like to live by the beach, even if only for a year or two, just to get to experience it during all four seasons. Once all these finals are over the first thing I'm doing is driving down to the shore. Summer, come sooner!

I love this outfit simply for the fact that it's low maintenance. Some outfits cause you to spend all day tucking your shirt back in, holding your skirt down, adjusting your belt, or moving around your layers. This was just the perfect, carefree outfit and it was thrown together so effortlessly that I had extra time to sit down and relax before running off to class for once.


April 18, 2011


I know, I know - my Q&A Vlog is over a month late. Better late than never though...right? Here's a quick thank you to all my readers who sent in these questions. I had a lovely time answering them all and I even had too much fun answering some of them (which led to many scenes being edited out). Also, a HUGE thank you to Kirsten for filming and editing my Vlog - you made me seem slightly less weird than I actually am.

Oh, and if you guys are wondering, it was raining while were were filming (hence the downpour in the background) and we were right next to the train station (hence the train noises). Enjoy! :)

April 15, 2011

JennifHsieh on Kenzie Faith

Check out my guest post over at Kenzie's blog! :)

April 14, 2011

A Parliament of Owls

I came back from my Governor's Training last weekend to find that my roommate, Monisha, had gotten me two surprises from Urban Outfitters, one being this owl-printed top. I can't wait until winter rolls around again (did I just say that?) so I can pair it up with my owl hat. Too much owl? NEVER. Well, maybe a little.

As you can tell the weather's getting a lot nicer, or at least it was a lot nicer when I wore this outfit. The weather keeps on teasing us with random, gorgeous days and then sends over thunder storms and rain clouds again right after. I never know what to wear out of the apartment anymore but then I guess that's what layers are for.

Urban Outfitters Tank Top
Forever 21 Shorts
Urban Outfitters Sandals

I'll be gone this weekend again since I'll be training my board. I have one guest post ready for you guys though (she's adorable) and a few other goodies to watch out for including my VLOG (finally)!

And I just want to apologize if I'm a little absent on this blog for a few days (or if I've been absent for the past week as well). There's a lot of crazy things going on in my life right now and it's hard to stay motivated to dress nicely or find the time to take a few pictures. I promise I'll be back to normal soon. :)


April 12, 2011

To Great Lengths

Taking these pictures was quite a difficult feat - my heels kept getting stuck in the slits in the stair and I had to watch my step and pose at the same time. What a crazy life I lead - am I right? But anyway, I decided to try out a skirt with a longer length. I was always scared of wearing them since I thought, being short, I would not be able to pull off a skirt past my knees without looking like a midget. However, I bought this skirt from Starr a few months ago, and decided to give it a try instead of hemming it straight away. It's actually a complete maxi skirt that goes to my toes, but I'm not THAT daring so I just wore it as a dress to shorten the length.

Zara Sweater
H&M Belt
Vintage Skirt via Starr
Jessica Simpson Heels

It's currently raining like crazy and I can hear the downpour coming down on the roof of the office. I wish I was at home buried in my blankets - but then again I don't have time these days to relax much.  It's been a stressful and ridiculously busy two weeks and it's not going to slow down for quite some time. I'm going to press the pause button on a few things though and take a breather at home tonight. Nothing heals faster than some home cooking and your mother's reassurance.

April 8, 2011

Wild Horses

I should be sleeping. I actually have to wake up in approximately two and a half hours to catch the train to the airport and I'm still sitting here typing up this post. Talk about dedication to this blog, haha. I just couldn't leave you guys without a post before I leave for the weekend. Hopefully I'll have a chance to update the blog while I'm at my Governor's Training Conference but we'll see what happens.

It's been a tiresome first two weeks as Governor of my Circle K District. 50 more weeks to go! The job stressed me out a lot because of all the work I have to do but I don't mind it so much because I love it and I'm passionate about what I do. If only I felt the same way about my school work. :P

Forever 21 T-shirt
Urban Renewal Horse Vest
Zara Skirt
HUE Navy Tights
Urban Outfitters Flats

I'm actually a huge fan of this outfit that I put together last minute as I ran out the door on my way to class. It's all about the little details...from the scalloped pockets on the skirt to the crazy horse pattern on the back of my vest. I didn't get a really good picture of the horses but you can see a better view of them in this post. :)

And if you're wondering about all the cherry blossom trees in my most recent posts...there aren't actually cherry blossoms everywhere on my campus. There are only a few trees in random places but my two main photographers (Monisha and Jeremy) and currently engaged in a photo battle where they're competing to see who can take the best pictures on my blog. They've been pretty intent on finding cherry blossoms for the backdrop of my photos and who am I to say no?


April 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I finally got around to changing up my layout. I was getting a little frustrated by how cluttered my blog seemed so I decided to switch it back to my original two-column layout. Hopefully it'll be a little easier on the eyes and easier to navigate with all the top links. Let me know if you guys have any extra comments and/or suggestions. Feedback is much appreciated. :)

Urban Outfitters Cardigan
Zara Button-Down Shirt
Forever 21 Jeans
H&M Wedges
Forever 21 Ring

It's finally starting to feel like spring outside! I love that the weather, for the most part, is coat-less weather and the occasional rain is bearable - as long as it's not snow! There's flowers blossoming everywhere and the leaves are slowly reappearing on the tree branches. Hopefully my eye allergies will hold off for a bit (or altogether).

I just finished registering for my fall semester classes and I'm pretty happy with my finalized schedule. I don't have classes on Thursday or Friday and none of my classes on Monday-Wednesday are before 3PM. Unfortunately, three of my classes are 3-hour classes in the evening so that's going to be a little bit of a pain. It'll be worth it though when I have so much time free! Soon it'll be filled up with work hours though so I'll wait until those get finalized to celebrate. :)

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