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August 19, 2018

The Summer of Aperol Spritz

The past few weeks of summer have been unbearably hot and humid and I don't think I've seen so much sweat in years - most of it sneakily hiding behind my bangs. I've had bangs for the past ten years but boy is this heat making me rethink them for the first time in a while.

Aside from my accumulating sweat, the heat has also made it hard to want to spend much time outdoors or leave any sort of air conditioning to see my friends. But let me tell you, really good food and good drink can drag me out for an evening and put up with the weather. A few friends and I ended up spending the evening at Gilligan's with a couple Aperol Spritz pitchers, good conversation, and menus to fan ourselves with. I've only just discovered this bright orange drink this summer and I've been obsessed with it ever since (and now all my friends have jumped on the bandwagon). Screw the heavy beers and the fifty-ingredient cocktails - I didn't know there could be a more perfect summer drink until now, and I mean that with all my being. Learn more about them here and find out what makes an Aperol Spritz and Aperol Spritz.

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April 13, 2018

That Girl is a Mustang

It’s finally Friday and it’s finally going to hit the 70’s this weekend (the temperature, not the decade - although I am channeling those vibes with this lewk). I AM SO EXCITED. So excited in fact that I didn’t have time to shave my legs but who gives a fuck, I’m gonna wear them bare anyway. It’s too beautiful out to care about any of this grooming shit. Amirite, fellow hairy leggers?

I’m going to be ringing in the weekend tonight by getting a lamb platter from my local halal cart (the best one in the whole damn city - I swear) and catching up on This Is Us and crying on the couch. But then tomorrow I’ll be heading down to South Jersey to visit a friend’s new house and experience even WARMER weather. Hallelujah, Mother Nature has come THROUGH for us east coasters. My mom shorts are coming out of hibernation and I am here for it.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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April 10, 2018

Swing High, Swing Low

I've been living in our current apartment with Jeremy and the kitties for almost three years now and we've really grown to fall in love with our little five block radius. If you walk a block or two up north, you hit the subway station, our local pharmacy, the best halal food in the city, our kick-boxing studio, and our gym. If you walk a few blocks south, you hit an enormous grocery store where we do all of our Sunday meal prep. Then if you walk a block or two east, you hit a little mini-suburb (which is nice when I'm tired of the city), complete with an Applebee's, a Panera, a P.C. Richard & Son, this playground, and ~*~ a movie theater ~*~...that accepts Moviepass. 

So naturally,  Jeremy and I have been seeing movies right and left recently, which works out nicely with all the killer movies that have been coming out. Earlier this week, I sucked up my fear of horror movies and went to go see A Quiet Place. If you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT.  Some how, John Krasinski has convinced me that I might just like horror movies, which is baffling considering the emotional and stressful rollercoaster ride he took me on with that storytelling. Anyone else see A Quiet Place yet? 

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April 8, 2018

Bare Thighs and I'm Feelin' Alright (AKA Freezing)

Don't let my bare thighs fool you; it's still freezing over here in New York City and mid-April is getting closer day-by-day. It's hard to believe the first day of summer is just a little over two months away and spring has yet to make it's oh-so-anticipated appearance. Meanwhile, everyone I know in the Southwest is in the middle of almost three-digit temperatures, which is actually baffling to me. Is there no middle ground anymore?!

On a non-weather-related note, Jeremy and I have gotten into the habit of going to open houses lately, even though we're not seriously looking to buy anytime soon (mainly since demand is so high when it comes to buying in New York City....just as high as the asking prices). Looking at listing after listing, I wondered to myself, will it ever be possible to buy in the city without being filthy stinkin' rich? (Read this in the voice of Carrie Bradshaw.)

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April 5, 2018

That's a Load of Bull Shirt

I’m loving the return of the graphic tee these days. I remember back when I used to work at my local dELiA*s (shout out to the alternating caps); they used to have a full on graphic tee wall (where I learned to perfect the skill of folding a t-shirt) and they were all the rage. I would spend my salary buying shirts that had the weirdest things on them: food pyramids, Dr. Suess drawings, and vintage brands. Then came a lull period in the early 2010’s. Well, bless the last two years for ramping them back up again, this time focusing on typography and badass sayings. I’ll take ‘em. I'll take 'em all!

Also, can we talk about that fact that when these photos were taken this morning, it was 32°F, which is unusually low for an April 5th? Don't let my short sleeves fool you - I'm freezing. Mother Nature needs to get her act together because by April 25th, thanks to Miss Congeniality, I expect the weather to be "not too hot, [and] not too cold, [where] all you need is a light jacket."


March 25, 2018

Finding Greener Pastures with Allbirds

The new Allbirds tree runners arrived on my doorstep earlier this week and the sun shined down from the skies above onto my poor, tired, worn out feet.

Allbirds is known for creating shoes that are extremely comfortable while maintaining high standards of sustainability. When it came to sustainability, it was pretty easy for me to see.

Their latest collection is made from ethically sourced FSC-certified Eucalyptus fibers via a 3D-knitting process (here's where your mind is blown). Eucalyptus tree fibers use only 5% of the water and 3x less land, and have an overall environmental impact that is 17x smaller than conventional materials (here's where your mind is blown again).

But how about comfort? That I would have to put to the test myself. So, Jeremy and I decided to spend our Sunday journeying from Long Island City, to Greenpoint, to Williamsburg, and back...all by foot and ferry. Let me tell you, Allbirds doesn't kid around with comfort; from their wool soles to their lightweight materials, my feet babies were walking in Cloud 9. Screw it, Cloud 10.  I could have walked twenty more miles in these two tree runners and still not be sore.

We spent our entire ferry ride from Long Island City to Greenpoint fighting the strong East River winds (most of the photos were outtakes with my hair straight up in the air). Then once we stepped off the ferry into the graffiti-covered streets of Greenpoint, we found ourselves fighting the wind tunnels that formed down the larger avenues. Finally, we found cover at Baoburg and stuffed ourselves with the most delicious shrimp dumplings, roti with curry, and pork belly bao buns that left us with a spicy kick to the stomach.

With full stomachs, Jeremy and I proceeded to stop by Fox & Fawn Vintage for some afternoon browsing before walking through McCarren Park towards North Williamsburg. Williamsburg always tugs at my heartstrings because the amount of dogs populating the streets is through the roof; enough so that I can ignore the hipsters lining the streets and learn to love the neighborhood. We sped walked through women in ironic camouflage jackets and men with silver hair and blue tips, making our way back to the waterfront to catch a final ferry ride back to Long Island City.

And all this time, my feet were majoring kicking the butts of those Brooklyn streets. Now how will I ever go back to wearing heels? Allbirds, you are here to stay, my friend. 

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