Rolling Around on Pier 2

Madewell Anthem Crop Cami, Urban Outfitters Destroyed Cut-off Shorts (similar, similar), Urban Outfitters Plaid Shirt (similar, similar)

I don't think I ever really truly appreciated Beyonce's roller skating skills in her music video for Blow, because damn, that shit is hard. It's hard just to stand upright, let alone sing, look fucking amazing, and follow along to some dope choreography. That would take be many, many years to get right. But for a bunch of amateurs we managed to at least get around the rink a couple of times without having to cling on to the side railing and that, my friends, is pretty damn awesome.

If you're ever looking to struggle in roller skates with a beautiful Manhattan skyline behind you, I would highly recommend the roller rink on Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. You're right by Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo as well (which is home to a Shake Shack, incredible pizza, and the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory. All of which we opted out of after skating for almost two hours, because we were ready to face plant into bed and sleep until the AM.

You Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder

Gray Dress c/o PopBasic (similar, similar), Madewell The Perfect Chambray Shirt (similar), Zara Tan Suede Sandals (similar, similar)

I will never have enough patience to grow my hair long enough to have some truly magnificent Princess Leia buns, so these will have to do for the time being. Princess Leia definitely knew what was up with those practical, yet badass, double buns. Wearing my hair around town like this over the weekend made me feel in control of my life for some unknown reason. Maybe it's because my hair was just so pinned into place that it felt like nothing could go awry. Or maybe it's because they're just so damn adorable. Or maybe it's because they make for such good butt jokes when you start referencing them as double buns.

On the topic of butts, I've most recently started on a butt-related venture. I've officially opened up my first amateur Etsy shop which is made up of butt-related, fart-related, and poop-related decor. It's appropriately named Adorable Crap and I couldn't be more proud to declare my love for all these three things. Wish me luck as I attempt to make homemade products that don't look too terribly homemade or crappy (pun intended).

Do any of you have Etsy shops? Any tips for this first timer?

Not Quite Ready for Long Sleeves

Gypsy Warrior Crush Crop Top (similar, similar)Madewell Paperbag Chambray Skirt (similar), H&M Suede Sandals (similar), Urban Outfitters Black Mini-Backpack (similar)

Currently laughing at myself for not blogging for a month but, at the same time, this is the first time I'm not feeling guilty or weird about it. Which is amazing, and so damn freeing. When I first started blogging almost 7 years ago, I used to apologize for not blogging for 3-4 days. But who was I apologizing to? Who out there was sitting there waiting for a new blog post and getting angry that there wasn't any new content? No one. My mind was (and is) a silly place, let me tell you.

I've been super slammed at work on the weekdays and always on the move on the weekends to try to escape the heat bubble that is New York City in the summer (all shenanigans found on the Instagram). So when September finally came around a few days ago, I rejoiced at the appearance of fall weather and whipped out my new long sleeve top, pictured here. What a armpits were sad pools of sweat by the end of the day. Screw you, humidity. GTFO and give me some temps in the 60's, plz.

Trapped in August's Mouth

Blushing From My Shoulders to My Knees

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