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July 31, 2012

Always Pushing Up the Hill

Urban Outfitters Colorblock Top (similar)
Forever 21 Shorts (similar)
H&M Wedges (similar)
Kenneth Cole Watch (similar)

So lately the New York City apartment hunt has been a horrifying experience. The brokers we are working with have too many clients that they provide poor service for everyone that they work for. There are also too many brokers within the company that everyone's showing everyone the same places (hence, more competition). It's been a rough month but my roommate and I area really hoping this last one works out. We were hoping to have a August 1st move-in (tomorrow) but that's looking to be very unlikely. When's it time to go back to college?

And congratulations to Phoebe from The English Breakfast for winning the Princess Vera Wang Purse giveaway! Email me with your shipping information at your earliest convenience. :)


July 29, 2012

Keeping the Rays at Bay

Stylemint T-Shirt
Forever 21 Jeans
c/o Blowfish Shoes Norma Flats
c/o Smart Buy Glasses Ray Ban sunglasses

I've always had a thing for Ray Bans but I could never get my hands on any. Actually, it was more so the idea that I don't take very good care of my possessions so I didn't want to invest in designer sunglasses. But hey, you only live here I am with some Ray Bans courtesy of Smart Buy Glasses. I was in between the Ray Bans or some sick Lacoste sunglasses, but the Ray Bans won out in the end. These were actually "Asian Fit" sunglasses so I thought it would be hilarious to get them and see how they turn out. Turns out, I should have gotten the regular fit since these fit my face in a funny way. Otherwise, I'm loving how these look. I kind of feel like a bad ass, but then again I'm always a bad ass. Ha. But seriously, the shipping was quick, the customer service was great, and there were a few extra goodies that came with the glasses to help care for them.

Now I'm just sitting in my room and dreading the fact that the weekend is coming to an end. Sundays are always a bit of a downer since I know that it's back to my early bedtime and waking up before the sun rises. At least I had a crazy weekend to make up for my crazy work week. Gotta balance it out. ;)


July 28, 2012

2012 Beach Trends: Create Your Signature Style

Now that summer is here, it’s time to hit the beach and flaunt your style. From the latest swimsuit trends to the most stylish women’s sunglasses, there are plenty of ways to pull a signature look together. Which one is right for you? Check out our breakdown of this season’s hottest looks and make one your own.

Fun and Playful
Characterized by bright colors and anything-but-serious accessories, this look epitomizes laid-back summer days.  

  • Swimsuit: Capture the fun, playful look with a two-piece swimsuit in a bold floral print. Choose one with accents like ruffles or bows to add a sweet, feminine touch. Or, go with a one-shoulder style to get on board with fashion's asymmetrical trend.
  • Sunglasses: Match the laid-back look of your swimsuit with some equally fun shades. One of the biggest trends in women’s sunglasses this year are frames in bright hues like fuchsia or lime green. Choose regular or prescription sunglasses with neutral frames and colored lenses to still get that pop of color. 
  • Accessories: Top this look off with a fun screen-printed canvas tote for all your beach essentials and some flip flops that will you keep you comfortable all day long.
Old is new again with chic, retro-inspired bikinis, women’s sunglasses and more. Adopting popular styles from the 1950s, the vintage look is unique and flattering to just about every body type. 

  • Swimsuit: The best way to capture the vintage look is with a high-waist two piece swimsuit. Since it’s such a big trend this season, you’ll have no problem choosing one that best matches your personal style. 
  • Sunglasses: The hallmark of any vintage-inspired women’s sunglasses are cat-eye shaped eyeglass frames. If that’s a little too extreme for you, go for large round frames in plain black or tortoise print to capture a retro vibe.  
  • Accessories: Play up your vintage look with a big, floppy straw hat and wedge sandals that tie at the ankle. Add some bright red nail polish and your bombshell vibe is complete.

If you’re the type who likes to stand out at the beach, there are plenty of bold options for you to choose from this summer. From statement-making bikinis to sexy accessories, this season’s trends offer plenty of ways for you to flaunt your wild side.

  • Swimsuit: There is no shortage of unique swimsuit options for a girl who likes something different. Get the glam look with an animal print bikini, one-piece swimsuit with cut-out details, or monokini with metal accents. Each of these options will have you turning heads beach-side.  
  • Sunglasses: The perfect complement to a stand-out swimsuit is a pair of contemporary women’s sunglasses. Whether you choose non-prescription or prescription sunglasses, an oversized frame  offers the ultimate look-at-me glam look.  
  • Accessories: Accent this sexy beach look with a sheer cover up. Long or short, this barely-there accessory is the perfect way to finish off your glam ensemble.
    With so many different trends to choose from, there’s no excuse not to sport your style on the beach this year. Pair a few of your favorite summer pieces together to create your go-to look and get ready for a stylish summer.
This post is sponsored by LensCrafters.
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Inspired by Myself

July 26, 2012

Inspired by Myself

Once a week I'll be posting a few looks that I put together on Fashionspace that are inspired by some of my actual outfits! I thought it would be a great way to see alternate ways to style up the same look with the same effect (and also helps me think of new ways to create outfits). I've been in plenty of outfit ruts recently and I really need some additional inspiration. The following look is inspired by this outfit.

And the following look is inspired by this outfit:

July 25, 2012

I Wanna Be Forever Young

I spent this past weekend down by the shore to celebrate two of my friends' birthdays. On Friday night, Jeremy, my friend Maria, and I rented out an adorable, little condo that was two blocks away from the beach. We started off our night at Hook's which was a casual bar complete with pool tables, live music, and a pirate ship bar. It can't get better than that. Then we finally made our way down to Bamboo to celebrate my friend Danielle's 21st. The entire night was a bit of a blur and by the time we woke up the next morning I was ready to stay in bed for the entire day (which means it was one heck of a good time).

H&M Crop Top
American Apparel Shorts
c/o Blowfish Shoes Gypsy Sandals

By the time we were ready to function again, we decided to walk up and down the boardwalk to get some fresh air. I always love exploring the area underneath the boardwalk since there's plenty of shade and I love the look of wood that's endured all types of waves. By the time the sun set, we began to head over to my friend Tina's 22nd birthday celebration where we spent the whole night laughing into the wee hours of the night.

This is actually one of my favorite outfits of all time, mainly because it perfectly captures the essence of my personal style. I'm usually not a fan of pink but these shorts were en exception. I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight once I saw them (and once I saw the sale sticker).<3


July 23, 2012

Even the Sun Sets in Paradise

Forever 21 T-Shirt
c/o Tees by Tina Pencil Skirt
Bakers Shoes Heels
Urban Outfitters Ring

It's a start of a brand new week and boy, am I exhausted. I haven't been this miserable getting out of bed since the first week I started my job. This might be due to my weekend full of insanity but I'll post about that more tomorrow. Jeremy took these pictures of me right before we went to Le Colonial, a French Vietnamese restaurant in NYC. They had a special deal since they were a part of NYC Restaurant week and we decided to be fancy for a night. The food was delicious but I'm pretty sure we'll always be cheap eaters at heart. We were like two kids playing dress up.

I actually got this skirt from Tees by Tina, a company that specializes on versatile and comfortable pieces. I'm participating in their Blogger Project where 30 different bloggers will style up this skirt (in a variety of colors) and whoever gets the most votes wins a gift certificate to their store. I'll let you guys know when the contest starts and I would love your support. I decided to get the skirt in Tangerine to change up my closet's color palette. I ended up feeling uncomfortably bright all day until I started getting compliments on the skirt. Orange, I think we might end up being friends.


July 19, 2012

Won't Let You Fade into Darkness

StyleMint Cropped Sweatshirt
BCBG Max Azria Skirt
Forever 21 Necklace
Modcloth Shoes

It's almost the weekend! I love when Thursdays come to an end. Even though Friday is still a work day, everyone's in a brighter mood and there's non-stop laughter and excitement floating around the office. Tonight I'm taking advantage of NYC Restaurant Week with Jeremy and we're having a fancy night on the town (or as fancy as we're willing to get). We made reservations for this Vietnamese place that I'm super excited to try out. 

The rest of this weekend is also going to be pretty wild. Two of my friends have birthdays and I'm spending both of them celebrating either in or near Seaside Heights. One of them is turning 21 and you guys know what that means. I haven't been making as many beach trips as I would like this summer (working woman problems), so I'm super pumped to be spending the entire weekend by the shore.


July 18, 2012

Princess Vera Wang Purse Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Princess Vera Wang, the new Junior's collection for Kohl's, sent me a few preview pieces to test out. One of them included this adorable pink bag that's perfect for nights out and first dates. I'm giving it away to one lucky reader (only because a bag can't be shared) so leave a comment to enter the giveaway (following the rules below).

If you're interested in the rest of the collection, it's now available in-stores and online. You can use the code BLOGIT10 through 8/23 (along with one other department specific code) at!

Mandatory Entry:
Be a Google Connect follower of my blog and leave me a comment telling me what you wish your name was (and what it actually is).
Extra Entries:
(each entry needs to be a separate comment)
Follow me on Twitter
Like my Facebook Page
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Giveaway Ends July 25th
Only for US readers
(because shipping is expensive)

Also, congratulations to Ella for winning the Footzy Roll flats Giveaway! Email me ASAP to claim your prize so we can exchange information. :)

July 17, 2012

Tell Me Which Way is Up

Urban Outfitters Cardigan
Forever 21 T-Shirt, Jeans
H&M Heels
Topshop Belt

If you haven't noticed already, I've been pretty MIA in the blogging scene and my posting schedule is a little whack. (I also think I'm cool enough to use the word "whack"). I remember the days when I used to post every other day. If only I could keep it up now. My life as a New York City commuter is exhausting and I barely have time to breathe, let alone sleep. I wake up by 5:30 AM and by the time I'm ready to take outfit pictures, I have to rush to catch the train instead. I still manage to snap pictures of my outfits on my Instagram (@jennifhsieh) and Twitter if you guys want to follow me there (until I start posting regularly again).

Just earlier today I put a down payment on my future apartment that I'll be sharing with a roommate. It's super tiny (and by tiny...I mean tiny) but I know I can charm it up with decorations and a little paint if we're allowed. I'll be living in the city and the neighborhood is perfect! Crossing my fingers everything works out with this place. :)

The Target I'm Aiming At

July 13, 2012

The Target I'm Aiming At

Urban Outfitters Blazer
c/o Ali & Kris Top
BCBG Max Azria Skirt
Bakers Shoes Heels

And the brightly colored patterns continue! The day is moving so slowly for some reason. It might be because I'm anticipating the weekend so much that it just seems like it's never going to arrive. It's been a long week but an enjoyable one at that. I feel like I'm falling more into place at my office and I'm meeting so many more people. There's a Happy Hour after work tonight and I'm super excited - one of my co-workers won us an open bar for an hour so we'll be taking full advantage of that! Afterwards, Jeremy and I are hitting up a cabaret show and then meeting up with some friends to rage at a gay bar. Life is good and I can't wait for the weekend to begin. Less than four hours!

What are you guys doing this weekend?


July 10, 2012

Review: Anastasia Lash Genius

When it comes to make-up, I keep to a very simply routine of concealer, eye liner, and a smokey eye shadow. I'm too lazy to get creative with my make-up and I also tend to prefer a more natural look. Plus, if you guys have noticed, it's hard to tell I'm wearing any in my posts anyway!

When the awesome people from Anastasia Beverly Hills came around and asked if I would want to sample their new Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat, I decided to give it a try. To be honest, I make a mess whenever I try to wear mascara. I end up with mascara all over my eye lid, under my eyes...pretty much everywhere. This is extremely unfortunate since I have short eyelashes. (Woe is me).

When I got the Lash Genius in the mail, I decided to try it on it's own. Instead of being a topcoat, it would serve as my mascara. Turns out? I loved it. Because it's clear, I avoid the mess of having black streaks covering my eyes. Also, Lash Genius still gives me a little added length to my lashes and separates them - giving me a more natural look. Please excuse my awkward up-close shots.

If you're looking for a clear mascara or a topcoat, I strongly recommend Anastasia Lash Genius. It's available at Sephora, ULTA, and other stores in your area. :)

July 8, 2012

You'll Find Us Chasing the Sun

Whenever I drive home from Jeremy's house on Interstate 78, I always pass a sign for a scenic overlook which I view as a reminder to slow down and appreciate what's around us. I've never had the chance to pull over since I didn't want to go alone. This time, I had Jeremy with me, so despite our tight schedule we took some time to snap some shots at the overlook. The view is absolutely beautiful and you can see trees for miles. Luckily for us, the sun was just setting and gave the scenery such a lovely hue.

c/o Ali & Kris Romper
I don't remember where I got this Belt
c/o Blowfish Shoes Landeria Sandals

And so continues my habit of wearing more colors and prints. Jasmine and I keep saying that we've switched places in terms of our typical styles lately. I'm usually the one that sticks to neutrals but recently she's been finding herself resorting to neutrals as well (and I love it, obviously). We also keep meaning to do another Dynamic Duo post but we've become such busy bees lately, that it doesn't seem likely. Everyone was right; life outside of college is definitely a lot busier. I've learned to really appreciate my weekends and the beauty of sleeping in. I want to smack my college self for complaining about waking up at 8 am and taking a 10 minute bus ride to work. Now I'm waking up at 5:30 am and suffering a 2 hour commute to work. College has spoiled me.

On that note, it's way past my working woman bedtime. Time for some bonding time with my pillow.

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