It's nice to e-meet you. I go by Jen and I'm a 26-year-old girl, currently living in New York City, who dabbles in one too many things at a time. This blog that you've wandered onto from the vast universe that is the internet contains the (often times painful) evolution of my personal style, the recipes I whip together when I'm feeling fancy, and the adventures I take when my antsy feet can't stay in one place anymore.

When I'm not writing and photographing for this space, I'm working for Etsy (all created content does not represent Etsy, Inc. or my work at Etsy, Inc.), moonlighting as a freelance photographer, and designing amateur pieces of art.

And when I'm not doing any of those things, I'm usually cuddling the shit out of my cat's butt, double-fisting beers at a local bar, or watching videos of bulldogs on Instagram.

My Camera: Canon EOS Mark II, Sony Alpha a7 II
My Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8
How do you pronounce "JennifHsieh"?
My blog is pronounced jen-iff-sheh. It's my full name (Jennifer Hsieh) without the "-er". 

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