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February 28, 2012

Falling Away With You

I'm so used to wearing a hair tie around my wrist that, once again, I have forgotten to take it off during outfit pictures. For some reason, ever since I cut my hair I've started to prefer my hair up in a ponytail. Maybe it's because once my hair is up it doesn't seem like I have short hair anymore. Although I do like my short hair, I'm beginning to miss the length - there's just so much more you can do with longer hair. Is there any way to make it grow any faster? My impatience is kicking in. Next thing you know I'm gonna be wearing extensions.

American Rag Coat
Target Cardigan
Old Navy Top
Urban Outfitters Skirt
ASOS Tights
c/o Wayfair Wedges

I strategically picked the pictures where I successfully hid the giant tear on the inner thigh of my tights. I adore sheer tights with all my heart but they can never seem to last for more than a few wears which is heartbreaking. I remember one of my readers telling me to freeze my tights before wearing them way back in the day so maybe I'll give that a try once again. If only tights were cheaper so I could stock up on a hundred pairs in case they ripped. The pair I'm wearing now is my current favorite and my stubbornness refuses to throw them out. Guess you guys will be seeing these tights with more and more rips in them over the next few weeks until they are officially unwearable. :P


February 26, 2012

Beauty in the Breakdown

The weather is so back-and-forth right now and I can't figure out if spring is here or if winter wants to stick around for a few more weeks. Luckily the weather felt like spring the other day so my friend and I went out for coffee and I rocked my bare legs. Compared to past winters, this winter I definitely decided to choose to wear jeans instead of tights more often. My tights were a bit neglected but I was just too busy to be bothered with skirts and dresses - especially during those windy days. This year has definitely been more about low-maintenance outfits.

Forever 21 Romper
Urban Outfitters Skirt, Belt
Target Cardigan
c/o Blowfish Shoes Tush Wedges

This past weekend has been crazy and I've been loving every single minute of it (but then again, which weekends lately haven't been crazy). Friday night was one of my club's biggest events of the year, Dance to Eliminate, where a bunch of dance groups volunteered to perform together. We managed to raise over $1,500 for The Eliminate Project and I couldn't be more proud of the people who were a part of all the planning it took. Then afterwards a bunch of us partied the night away in celebration. Nothing better then letting loose with some of your favorite people in the world. But due to how busy my life is right now my blogging has started to slack, if you guys have noticed. I'll do a better job of keeping up! :)


February 22, 2012

Like Shooting Stars

American Apparel Sweater, Pants, Henley Top, Belt
New York & Company Scarf
Florsheim Boots

Here are the shots that I took of Donnesh during our last minute trip to the beach. He's crazy photogenic and also crazy adorable. If only I could pose half as good as he does - I wouldn't have to take so many pictures for my blog! I usually take around 40-50 photos for each outfit photo shoot since I'm always jumping around or making silly faces. For every nice picture I post on my blog, there are five more where I look a little bit stupid. I can't take myself seriously without cracking myself up.

I'm missing Donnesh already and I'm counting down until the next time I see him! He left me his Forever Lazy (you can embarrassingly see me wearing it here) to make sure I'd see him again and return it. Gotta make sure I do! :)


February 20, 2012

Starships Were Meant to Fly

After this insanely busy weekend, Donnesh and I decided to take a last minute and relaxing trip to the beach before I had to drop him off at the airport. It was freezing and both of us stubbornly left our coats in my car. After wandering the Boardwalk arcades and bitterly muttering about how expensive beach food is, Donnesh and I just decided to walk on the chilly sand and take some pictures. Thank god for my giant cardigan which kept me warm in every way possible. I just had to watch out since when I wrapped the cardigan around me it looked like I wasn't wearing pants.

Urban Outfitters Cardigan, Skirt
Forever 21 T-Shirt, Ring
HUE Tights
Zara Purse
Blowfish Shoes Flats

I'll post the pictures I took of Donnesh in the next post because I don't want to overload this post with images. Donnesh is insanely photogenic so I couldn't narrow it down to just 2-3 photographs. I wish he lived thousands of miles closer to me but at least I've gotten used to the distance. Maybe next time I'll fly down to Texas and pay him a visit. :)


February 17, 2012

Don't Wake Me Up

This weekend is going to be crazy busy and I can feel the stress piling on already. There's just so much to get done but I have almost no time to do it all! I have three different meetings and/or events for Circle K and I keep forgetting that I have work to do for my classes. It's so hard to put my academics as my top priority sometimes but I'm trying to remind myself from time to time that I'm still a student. 

At least this weekend will be a ton of work mixed in with some of my best friends in the world. My friend Donnesh (you met him here) is visiting for the weekend from Texas and I'm dragging him around Jersey. He's ridiculously fashionable so I can't wait to post some of the outfits he's going to be wearing this weekend as well. :)

American Rag Coat
Gap Cardigan, Striped Top
American Apparel Skirt
Urban Outfitters Belt
HUE Dark Blue Tights
Blowfish Shoes Flats


February 16, 2012

Fashion Bloggers at Rutgers

So a few months ago I had the chance to interview two fellow fashion bloggers who also attend Rutgers, Arabelle and Melanie, for the online magazine that I'm a part of, I Am Rutgers (I wrote about it before here). It was awesome getting to meet people on campus who also blog in their spare time. The fact that Arabelle and Melanie were so different made the editing process way more interesting and I was able to play their differences off one another. Definitely check it out. :)

February 13, 2012

On New Foundation

My roommate and I decided to take an impromptu trip into the city on Saturday despite the forecast of a rainy and snowy mix. We prepared ourselves with umbrellas and layers of clothing (well, maybe not on my end), but luckily the worst weather situation we faced was getting trapped in chilly wind tunnels. We hit up some delicious and cheap restaurants for lunch and dinner and met up with my friend Rob in between for a quick movie. I love getting to catch up with him and I'm glad that I haven't lost touch with him despite him having graduated a year before me.

We walked through Chinatown for a while at some point which is where we decided to pause for these pictures. It was so hard waiting for the sidewalk to clear out - wave after wave of hipsters would keep walking past us but it serves us right for being in an urban college area.

American Rag Coat
Forever 21 Sweater
Urban Outfitters Belt
Zara Skirt, Purse
HUE Tights
Aldo Wedges

Before we had to catch our train home, my roommate and I had a few extra minutes to kill so we stopped by the H&M by Penn Station. Instead of browsing through the racks I spent most of the time typing away on my phone. While I was typing mid-sentence, a random guy comes up to me and my first instinct is that he thinks I'm an employee. He introduces himself and he tells me he just saw me from afar and wanted to know what I was like. I'm pretty sure this kind of stuff only happens in movies. My gut instinct was to run away as fast as I could but since I can never say no I indulged him in some awkward, small talk about absolutely nothing before slowly making my way to the door. Oh, New York City. You're so full of characters.

Oh, and the picture above pretty much sums up who I am.


February 10, 2012

Free Falling

To be honest I don't really feel like myself in this outfit but I like it nonetheless. I don't really wear blazers that often because it feels so formal and a bit "adult". Not saying that I'm not an adult but I always feel like an incredible kid at heart. You have the majority of your life to be an adult - why grow up so fast? Sometimes when I act like a kid, others treat me like a kid. I guess in my ideal world people would treat me like an adult regardless. Can't have the best of both worlds all the time though, yeah?

Forever 21 Blazer, Jeans
Target Top
Blowfish Shoes Flats

Speaking of growing up, one of my best friends, Jess, is turning twenty-two in two days and we're all going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I've known her since I was nine and I honestly don't know anyone else that knows me better. She's one of those friends that would drop everything they were doing to be there for me and I know how rare that can be. Definitely a keeper. Jess, you're stuck with me because I'm not letting you go. :P 

February 7, 2012

Right This Second

Tuesdays have started turning into love/hate kind of days this semester. I love starting off my mornings at work and it always puts me into a good mood. Then in the afternoon I have to head toward my classes - I have two classes in a row with the same professor and in the same room. It drives me crazy not having a change of scenery and I always struggle to stay awake and pay attention for the three hours. I just wish I had a greater interest in the subject topic. But then I get to end my Tuesdays going to my Circle K meetings and raging at the bars so at least I end on a good note. Guess it's just a bipolar day. I can't wait for this week to pass by quickly though since I have some epic weekend plans.

J. Crew Sweater
Forever 21 Striped Dress
ASOS Back-seam Tights
American Rag Coat via Macy's
Aldo Wedges

Last Saturday I met up with Kirsten, one my friends from home, to go on a photo adventure in an abandoned farm nearby (which is where these photos were taken). She had a photo assignment to complete for one of her classes and I just wanted to spend some time with my camera. All I ever seem to use my camera for these days is for work assignments and my blog. It's nice to just take pictures for no reason at all with no set direction.

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