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June 30, 2010

American Apparel @ Hautelook

I think I have a weakness for American Apparel Sales on Hautelook. Every time I get that email informing me of their limited time American Apparel sale I automatically get out my debit card. I love their clothes and their fabrics are always high quality...they're just overpriced! So whenever I get a chance to snatch up some basics for $20 or less I take it. Here are some of the pieces I'm coveting this time:

Dynamic Duo: Part IV

Here I am, glued to my laptop, presenting to you all, my dear readers...Dynamic Duo: Part 4.  I got a package from Jasmine a few weeks ago with this gorgeous Forever 21 dress. It's so perfectly floral and lightweight so definitely perfect for the hot, summer weather. We decided to pick a location for our photo shoots this time and since we both represent different coasts we picked the beach! Jasmine had the idea to copy the idea in Wongfu Production's "Together at Last" and take pictures to make it look like we were at the beach together! :)

I definitely got a slight tan that day on the beach...without any burns! My friend who went along with me wasn't so lucky though. We took a bunch of pictures and I'll post them in the next post! :)

I decided to wear this dress with my ancient peasant skirt underneath it (circa 2004). Since it was way longer than the dress I had to hold it up high, hence the suspenders. Yes, I'm wearing suspenders. They were a lot more visible than I wanted them to be but what the hey.

on me: (dress forever 21, belt delia's, skirt forever 21, suspenders borrowed from brother)
on jasmine: (dress forever 21, belt vintage purse strap, clock locket american eagle, bow h&m)

So I was thinking about this summer and I realized I set one too many goals for myself. I guess it keeps me busy though so I can't complain. I still make time to hang out with friends and earn a little side money, so I'm all set. Speaking of keeping busy, I'm gonna go get back to my work :)

June 28, 2010

Take Me Out to the Batting Cages

So a few weeks ago, Sybil from Animated Confessions decided to start up a clothing/accessories swap for any one that was interested! One of the items that she offered up was this fantastic red, vintage scarf and I called dibs on it as fast as I could. I had fun styling it but then soon I discovered that the heat was ridiculous and scarves were meant for colder weather. Same goes for my trench coat. Is it horrible to say that I miss layers and coats? I'll regret saying that once it's 20 degrees out and the heat stops working.

(trench coat DKNY, top, skirt [remixed] urban outfitters, belt h&m, wedges seychelles, scarf vintage - swapped with sybil)

This is how Sybil wore her scarf in an old Chictopia post! I love her use of red, I can never seem to get myself to wear red so the scarf will have to do. In fact, I don't think I wear that many bold or bright colors, especially on my blog. I used to back in the day but I guess I've drifted towards more muted colors. I should challenge myself to have a week full of bright colored outfits. :)

On the topic of my blog, someone suggested on my formspring that I should have a blogger feature, and I think it's a great idea! I'll probably get around to it in the next week or so. Is there anything else you guys would like to see? Life has been so hectic recently, but not in a bad way. I'm keeping busy, getting work done, earning some money, and catching up with friends. Oh, and most importantly, getting tons of sleep, of course.

I can't believe July is only a few days away. June seemed to fly by ridiculously fast and I can just imagine the rest of the summer passing in the blink of an eye as well. Before I know it I'll be sitting in class again. Oh, the joy of learning! :P Oh! And in the picture above, you can slightly see the faded scar on the back of my right leg. I woke up one morning and discovered it staring at me. I have no idea how I got it but it proves I'm a horribly violent sleeper.

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June 26, 2010

Sponsor Jennifhsieh: July!

Email me at if you're interested and/or for more information! :) 
Yay for shameless self-promotion! Look out for an outfit post later today. Don't forget to enter the Sway giveaway!

June 24, 2010


This is one of my favorite outfits that I've worn recently. It's super comfortable and involves chambray and polka-dots, can it get any better than that? Plus, I scored these wedges from H&M for only $20. I'll be stomping around town in them all summer long. Now if only it was safe to drive with wedges.

(chambray shirt dress [remixed], polka-dot dress, wedges h&m, belt delia's)

This time my outfit is almost completely from H&M. How did this happen? I promise I didn't plan it and it just came together like this. I also apologize for my mess of a hair do. I was running out of the house with my trusty tripod and just quickly clipped up my hair without thinking. It's the summer anyway, so all that matters recently is that I'm cool and that I can feel the occasional breeze hit the back of my neck. :)

I decided to trespass the grounds of a random company warehouse in my town. I remember passing by it as I was taking the train home from NYC the other day and I made a mental note to take some outfit shots here. I thought it would be deserted since it was close to the end of the average work day. Unfortunately, there were still some stragglers (aka over achievers who work over time) and I had an awkward encounter with a man who was taking the garbage out to the dumpsters.

Well I've got a lot of work to get done tonight so I better hop to it. Sorry for the picture-heavy post. Sometimes my indecision gets the better of me and instead of having to pick it's easier posting them all.  :)

My ancient, white, mini-van (yes, i drive a mini-van and it's sexy as hell) looks right at home with all the trucks and construction equipment, don't you think?

Giveaway: Sway Bowler Hat

June 23, 2010

Giveaway: Sway Bowler Hat

Although I've never been a hat person I just about died when I saw these bowler hats from Sway. How perfect are they for the summer weather? I want one of my own but I guess I'll have to wait until they go on sale when Sway has its grand opening. Lucky for you guys, one of you will get a chance to win one!

If you guys don't know, Sway is an online community where we girls get to have first pick on fabulous dresses and accessories! Every day one of the looks inspired by and voted on by Sway girls will be meticulously crafted and made available to community members at 50% off! After this 24-hour flash sale, limited quantities of this piece will be sold at full retail price to the rest of the world in the Sway boutique. I adore Sway because they're really blurring the lines between designer, buyer, and fashionista. :)

Oh, and did I forget to mention that if you sign up now you get $10 off your first purchase? Plus, if anyone who signs up through you buys a dress you get one for free as well! It doesn't get any better than that.

How to Enter: 
2. Invite 20+ of your facebook friends to sign up as well!
3. Comment to let me know you did so!  Please try to keep comments to strictly entries. :)

(only the first 50 entries will be get a move on it! Open to US residents only - i'll get you international readers next time ;) )

June 21, 2010

Over the Brooklyn Bridge

So I'm pretty much cured from my sickness. It's nice waking up without a sore throat and a clear nose in which I can breathe out of. It's never fun being sick when it's beautiful outside and too hot in your room.

(top, belt, jeans, bag forever 21, flats urban outfitters)

So I definitely didn't realize until just now that my whole entire outfit (excluding the flats) is from Forever 21. I tried keeping the outfit pretty simple. My best guy friend dropped me off in the city since he was heading over for an interview and I got a chance to have lunch with my friend Monisha. She snapped a few shots of my outfit (my mom told me not to wear any dresses or skirts since I would be wandering around the city alone after grabbing lunch - after the cat calls and number offerings after my last trip, i obliged). I snapped a shot of her business outfit as well. :)

I love that you can see the Brooklyn Bridge behind us. Her internship office has a park area right near it with the perfect view. It's also full of pigeons that attack you in the hopes of obtaining food. 


June 20, 2010

Sponsor Feature: Aimi Boutique

I'd like to introduce you guys to one of my sponsors, Aimi Boutique! Aimi is one of the sweetest girls and her store is full of cheap, unique, and adorable products! There's various accessories, clothes, and shoes that I just want to get my hands on. When I first discovered Aimi Boutique through Jasmine (the Robot Pocket Watch necklace was featured on one of our dynamic duo posts), I automatically fell in love with everything else. I was looking for a cute alternative to a watch at the time since I was sick of relying on my cell that little necklace came along just in time!

How gorgeous is this Calico Dress? I'm in love with deep v-necks recently and that calico pattern is adorable. Every time I think of the word calico I always think of the Little House on the Prairie series...strange, I know. I used to adore those books with all my heart.

I've actually been eying the Boat Collar Striped Top in the picture above. I adore the soft colors against the darker gray and it looks like the perfect top to wear for a comfortable day inside with a cup of hot tea with spoonfuls of honey. :) I've been debating for the past week whether or not to break my shopping ban to get it.

Definitely stop by Aimi Boutique for some eye candy. I know I've spent one too many hours drooling over pretty much everything. Well I think it's time for a nap. I feel like all I do these days is sleep! I guess that's what summer is for though, yeah?

PSST! Don't forget to use the 10% off code on your purchase: mrz2010

June 18, 2010


So for a couple days I had a sore throat and a horrible cough. Silly little me thought that it'd eventually go away by itself because my body is awesome and is a natural germ killer. I finally came out of denial yesterday and accepted the fact that I was sick and popped some tylenol. I had to work 2-10 while at my worst and I greeted customers with my sexy, sick voice. :P

I'm slowly feeling better though so I'll be back to normal by tomorrow (thank god - I have a meeting to go to from 10-4!) . I'll also get back to all your lovely comments tonight and catch up with you bloggers.

(romper forever 21, skirt random boutique, necklace forever 21, flats urban outfitters)

I know you guys love how my camera bag is in my pictures. Great accessory, no? I had one of my friends take my picture this time as well. We went hiking through a nearby reservoir and we expected to see this huge, gorgeous lake. Unfortunately, it wasn't as huge as we thought, but it was still a nice hike (in my fabulous hiking shoes).

I better go take a nap so I'll heal faster. Gonna go pop those pills! :)

p.s. one of my favorite bloggers, Taylor, is having a giveaway so go check it out! 


June 16, 2010

Traveling in Flocks

Here's a peak into my backyard. It connects to a million other backyards of my other neighbors so there isn't that much privacy. I'm pretty sure there was at least one other person watching me take my self-portraits. It was nice when I was younger though and still went outside to play. We would have a giant baseball game in my backyard (I couldn't pitch but I definitely could swing!) and some of the other kids in the neighbor would see and run across all the backyards to join. I miss playing outside like that and just being reckless. These days my summers are a lot more busy.

(tank forever 21, belt forever 21, jeans forever 21, wedges seychelles)

Is it just me or is that tree a little bit of a phallic symbol?  Inappropriate? Yes.

I'm heading into the city tomorrow and I'm hitching a ride with my friend. I'm meeting one of my best friends for lunch who has an internship near wall street. Afterwards I'll probably wander around the city looking for great vintage and/or thrift stores and picking up a scarf for my friend from a street vendor. Any suggestions on great places to get cheap vintage in the city? I never know where to go and google isn't much of a help. It's always great to get advice straight from actual residents. :)

This shirt was supposed to be a dynamic duo piece but it sold out online before Jasmine could get her hands on it! It's not even available in stores either. I love it so much, especially since it's miu miu inspired. Don't worry though, we have a few Dynamic Duos in store for you guys this summer and I'm so excited! I just have to get myself to a beach first. I only live an hour away from the shore but schedules have been conflicting and the weather has been a mess. And who wants to go to the shore alone? Maybe if I lived right next to it. Otherwise the one hour drive down and back up gets to be a bore and quite tiresome.

Well I better get some sleep since I have to wake up in a few hours to head to the city. If only my throat wasn't so sore. It makes falling asleep and waking up a pain in the butt.
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