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March 26, 2015

Disappearing to Palm Trees + Beaches

Forever 21 Denim JacketH&M Striped T-shirt (similar), H&M Orange High-waisted Slacks (similar), Colorblock Tote Bag c/o Chicnova (similar), Black Suede Flats c/o LuLu*s 

I'm currently in the beautifully humid city of Miami and typing this out on my phone, pretty much half asleep and a little out of sorts. But also full of 1 AM pizza so no complaints here. I'm down south for a work trip for the weekend and I couldn't be happier that this time it's a warmer destination (not that Utah wasn't breathtaking). Get ready for some obnoxious Instagram snaps of palm trees  and sunshine. 

But on an unrelated note, but still related to this post, these pants? Killer and on fleek. New favorite pants. It's like wearing pajama pants to work but still looking like you put in some effort. Doesn't even matter how silly they look flapping in the wind with ever step I take. I LOVE THEM ALWAYS. 


March 24, 2015

Breakfast Recipe | Open-Faced Croissant Sandwich

What did I tell you about my love for croissants? I wasn't lying about my obsession; it's an obsession that I'm 100% okay with and one that I never want to leave my side. This time, instead of pleasing my sweet tooth, I decided to go for a more savory dish and indulging Jeremy and I with some mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches.

Open-faced Breakfast Croissant Sandwich
Servings: 2

2 Small Croissants
2 Large (Brown) Eggs
Cream Cheese
Fresh Cilantro
1 Ripe Tomato
Salt + Pepper


Super easy.

Preheat the oven to 350°F. While the oven is doing its business, melt a small dab of butter on your small sized skillet over low heat. Once the butter is fully melted, crack an egg and fry it to your liking. Jeremy always prefers it on the runny side but I'm a fan of my eggs over hard.

While your egg is slowly cooking and becoming a glob of deliciousness, pop your croissants (cut in half) into the oven face down. They'll crisp up fast, so don't leave them in longer than 2-3 minutes. Once ready, take them out and spread a thin layer of cream cheese on one side. Sprinkle some fresh cilantro on the cream cheese, add another layer of tomato slices, and then gently slide your fried egg onto your sandwich from the skillet. If you're adventurous, drizzle some of the leftover butter in the skillet onto your sandwich for the perfect finishing touch!

Happy Nomming!

March 23, 2015

I'm Borderline Good, I'm Borderline Bad

Green Knit Cardigan c/o SheInside (similar), H&M Sporty Gray Crop Top (similar), Black Tanya Jeans c/o Level 99 Denim, House of Harlow 1960 Arabella Ankle Boots c/o LuLu*s, Two-Toned Tote Bag c/o Chicnova (similar)

The never-ending cold weather is starting to really get me down in the slumps; especially now that the "first day of spring" has already come and gone. I've never really been hit hard by the winter blues but I'm pretty sure they're going to come hitting full swing if the weather doesn't warm up soon. It's little things like darker mornings, the increased difficulty of leaving your sheets, the bitter winds blowing a single strand of hair into your face, and drowning in the desire to hibernate. What I would give for anywhere warmer right about now. Just to feel the sun bathe my skin in warmth and light; the only sound being the pulsating waves hitting the sand.

Spring, you've been teasing us for way too long.


March 20, 2015

Recipe | Blueberry Croissant Puff

I love croissants. If I'm ordering a breakfast sandwich it has to be on a croissant. If you asked me who would win in a pastry boxing match, croissants would beat the shit out of muffins every single time. Don't even get me started on those heavenly almond croissants. Like, let's take the most perfect pastry and add more deliciousness to it. Swap the almond out with some chocolate? Kill me softly and slowly.

So when I came across this recipe from Christy, who blogs over at The Girl Who Ate Everything, I knew I had to indulge myself. Jeremy wasn't too mad about waking up to eat this bad boy either. Click the link down below for the whole recipe!

Blueberry Croissant Puff
6 servings - full recipe here

1 Cup Fresh/Frozen Blueberries
5 Small Croissants (3 Large Croissants)
2/3 Cup Sugar
1 8 oz. Package of Cream Cheese
1 Cup Milk
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
2 Eggs
Optional: Powdered Sugar

Happy Nomming! 


March 16, 2015

Mind Stuck in Spring

Forever 21 Denim Jacket (similar)Express Floral Crop Top (similar), Suspender Shorts c/o LuLu*s (similar)H&M Ankle Strap Wedges (similar)

The weather definitely isn't "spring-like" enough to be going bare legged just quite yet and I learned that with this particular outfit. Once I got a taste of beautiful weather in the 60's last week, I just couldn't go backwards and coats weren't a necessity anymore. In my mind, I'd be packing away my winter coats for the next six months, and my mind is refusing to unpack them. My body eventually won over my mind though, and I wore a coat and real pants the rest of the weekend.

I spent a good amount of time in Jersey City this past weekend since Jeremy has family visiting the area all the way from England. I had some of the greatest sushi I've had in a long time and I spent time with a baby who had the most enormously cutest cheeks I've ever seen. Not to mention those New York City views. [insert heart eye emoji]


March 11, 2015

G'bye Beloved Boots

Forever 21 Denim Jacket (similar), Sheer Black Blouse (similar), Camel Double-breasted Coat (similar), ASOS Thigh High Socks, Black Combat Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar), Two-Toned Tote Bag c/o Chicnova, White Plaid Pleated Skirt c/o LuLu*s (similar)

It's been too long of a winter and these boots have got to go. I have a tendency to fall in love with items in my closet and wear them until they're just barely falling off my body. I can't let go no matter how worn things get and it takes me years to finally admit defeat. These beloved boots have gotten me through this rough winter but the heel of the left boot is almost completely detached and suddenly they're not keeping out the rain and snow quite as well as they used to. But they're so badass please don't make me throw them away how will I go on and live with myself my feet will be so lonely. 

If you guys see me wearing these in another post, call me out. Keep me honest, yo. They've got to go.


March 9, 2015

Sunday Mornings (ft. Jasmine + Brandon)

8:00 AM Sundays are for waking up early but staying under the covers. Always. 

 10:00 AM There's nothing more enjoyable than having the time to cook breakfast. And Instagram it, obviously.

 12:00 PM In anticipation of a snowy afternoon, Jeremy and I hid out in a nearby cafe for some carrot ginger soup and lattes.

2:00 PM And we're still at the cafe. Much work was done and even more noms were had.

Wondering whose photos are on the right side? Jasmine and her partner in crime, Brandon, captured their exact same morning all the way out on the west coast. If you've been following for a while, you'll remember her from our early Dynamic Duo collaborations (some being very embarrassing) when she blogged over at Transient Withdrawal. Now she's documenting her west coast adventures with Brandon over at Be The Plebeian - head on over to see her morning details.


March 6, 2015

Snow-filled Marches + Trips to Philly

Forever 21 Brown Wrap Coat (similar), Jeremy's Vintage Sweater (similar), White Pleated Skirt c/o LuLu*s (similar), H&M Gray Beanie (similar), ASOS Thigh High Socks, Black Flats c/o LuLu*s, Two-Toned Bag c/o Chicnova (similar)

Another week has come and gone and, yet again, it was full of snow. Magical yet miserable snow. I can never decide how I feel about it and I'm a little tired of my rollercoaster of feelings. Here's to hoping that it warms up this weekend and the temperatures only continue to rise until I'm suddenly in shorts and sipping an ice, cold beer at an outdoor bar, just doing my thing.

I'm heading down to Philly this weekend to have another reunion with my high school friends and I'm pretty pumped, even for the long bus ride down to the city. Philly isn't my favorite city in the world (I'm Team NYC) but the people in it bump it up pretty high on my list. I'm ready for some weekend shenanigans and plenty of brunch Instagrams.

What are you guys up to this weekend?


March 4, 2015

Recipe | Tomato, Egg, + Scallion Breakfast Sandwich

I can't say that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (there are too many to choose between, it's just not fair), but I can safely say that breakfast is my favorite meal to photograph. I'm always in a productive and generally refreshed mood when I first wake up; also, the natural light that streams in through my living room windows is enough to inspire me by itself. Plus, the recipes almost always involve eggs and, you guys, my love for eggs is too much to handle. So enjoy yet another breakfast recipe. #SorryNotSorry

Tomato, Egg + Scallion Breakfast Sandwich (1 serving)

1 Vine Tomato
1 Scallion
1 Large Brown Egg
2 Slices of Pumpernickel Bread
Salt + Pepper

First, slice up both your tomatoes and your scallions into thin slices and set them aside. This is when Jeremy usually peers over my shoulder (if he's even awake) and tries to steal some veggies before I've even started cooking them.

Next, melt a thin slice of butter over low heat and place a slice of bread on top as it sizzles. As the bread is warming up, start layering all of your ingredients while cracking open an egg in between them on top of the bread slice. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.

If you prefer your eggs on the runny side, go ahead and serve it up after about five (4) minutes. Otherwise, give it the full ten (10) minutes until the yolk hardens a bit.

Now, take your second slice of bread and spread a thin layer of butter on one side. Place the slice on your "sandwich-in-progress" with the butter side facing up. Take your flipping skills and your spatula nd flip the sandwich over so the second slice of bread has a chance to get incredibly delicious as well.

Once ready, cut in half and serve warm.

Happy nomming! 

March 2, 2015

And Never Look Back

Collared Navy Coat c/o StyleMoi (similar), Orange Plaid Scarf c/o PersunMall (similar), Forever 21 Navy Sweater (similar), Zara Rust Scallop Pocket Skirt (similar), Tan Lace-Up Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar), Forever 21 Yellow Mittens (similar), Two-Toned Bag c/o Chicnova, Levi's Fleece-lined Leggings (similar)

Ever since I graduated and moved out of my parent's house three years ago, my biggest struggle has been getting around to finding doctors and dentists in New York City. Is it just me, or does this suddenly become the lowest priority? It's not like I didn't sign up for insurance, I most definitely have it as my bi-monthly paycheck deductions remind me. I'm just...lazy...and, unless I have an emergency, I never feel the need to consult anyone for medical advice beyond the infamous webMD.

But now I think it's time to actually get a check-up because that insurance needs to be put to use if I'm going to pay so much for it. Also, who knows what's really going on with my body that I'm just ignoring. Then again...maybe the search can wait another week.

If you guys are in the New York City area, shout with any suggestions for doctors or dentists!


March 1, 2015

Stay With Me a Minute

Olive Toggle Coat c/o Tulle (similar), H&M Men's Cardigan (similar), Urban Outfitters Black Tee (similar), American Apparel Black Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt, Patterned Tights c/o Leg Luxury (similar), ASOS Thigh High Socks (similar), Black Combat Boots c/o LuLu*s, Forever 21 Earmuffs (similar)

It's snowing mounds outside (yet again), and not the tasty kind of Mounds made out of chocolate and other delicious goodies. I could've sworn March was supposed to be a spring month but you know, shit happens, or in this case snow happens. With the way the weather has been these past few years anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if it was 70 degrees in January and snowing heavily in August. I'll just take it as it comes with a little bit of complaining here and there. With the amount it's snowing, it makes it extremely hard to want to leave this little cafe I'm working in and head back home, even though it's only six blocks away.

Then again...home is where the newest season of House of Cards is. Sooooo....a little bit of snow and wind chill never hurt anyone, right?

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