I never meant to make you cry, but tonight i'm cleanin' out my closet.

I used to have this obsession with Eminem. I thought he was one of the sexiest men alive (I honestly think it was because I came across a picture of him in glasses - strange). Anyway, I doubt this post will make anyone cry. I've decided to do some spring cleaning! Being home this winter break I've been looking at all the clothes I left home and I realized...I haven't worn so many of these! There are so many clothes hiding in random, hidden places in my house. Also, I've been spending way too much money on new clothes. Therefore, I'm going to be selling the clothes and accessories I haven't worn that deserve a better, more loving, home. :)

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I have a link up top called "shop" and that's where I'll be selling my newly discovered clothes! I'm not one to part with clothes because I keep telling myself that I'll find a way to remix them. But now that I think about it...it's probably better to part with them. Sure, I'd probably remix it once or twice, but I'm sure there's someone out there who would wear it way more often. Be sure to check it out! :)

Here's two pieces I'm selling (I don't want to part with the green top, especially. It brings back good memories.):
1) Delia's Green Buffalo Print Top

2) Green Polka-dotted Scarf: Here's one of the scarves I'm selling. I never wore this baby for some reason :(

So go check out my shop by clicking on the above link! I'm trying to save up my money this time to make up for all the money I spent on new clothes. This new year is going to be all about remixing. I will stop online shopping. I will stop window shopping (because we all know what that leads to). Hoping I actually keep to my shopping ban! :)

Oh! and in regards to shipping, I'm only shipping to U.S. Residents because I can't seem to figure out how to have multiple shipping rates on PayPal (if anyone knows, let me know!) It says only U.S. Shipping but I'll make an exception for Canadian Residents! You guys get $3 Shipping too! :)
But on another note, I went ice skating today! I haven't been in a year or two and it was so much fun (i only clung to the wall for the first 5 minutes!). I went with a bunch of guys so that was quite entertaining. I think my mom secretly wishes I hung out with more girls ;)

Tomorrow is the dreaded Wisdom Teeth Surgery! Wish me Luck!


  1. yayyy u increased the width :D i loved this version better . bigger pictures totally rock !

    love the polka dot scarf.
    what camera do u use hun ?

    thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog .
    keep posting more inspirations !

    much love from .
    glisters and blisters .RS

  2. good luck with the wisdom teeth surgery!! I hope everything goes well.

  3. i'm such a packrat when it comes to clothes as well but i make it a semi-annual thing to clear out some ancient items! all the best with your surgery sweetie :)

  4. Ewww wisdom teeth! I had all mine out and it wasn't too bad, lots of icecream and looking dorky though! Love the skirt and I swear I have that exact scarf. Nice blog!

  5. we moved around a lot..maybe every four years..and in the past we just give away the clothes..but last year, had a garage sale...hehe.

    and hey, i like to hang and joke around with guys too..they're just not as complicated. i love fashion but i'd like to say i think more like a guy than girl..:D


  6. Hi! this is so creepy, but right as I'm looking at your blog I get an email that says you just posted a comment to mine! freaky! :) haha

    anyway, I was looking through your shop, such a cute idea!

  7. eek ice skating! i have done that in ages. you should totally keep the delia's top by the way. you look smokin'!

    thanks for the (:


  8. Ah, I love the mix of the plaid and the polka dots!

  9. Good luck for your teeth! I'm sure it will be fine.
    I'm on a shopping ban too. Sigh, so hard with some many sales on!

  10. I wish you luck on your teeth... I'm going ice skating tomorrow. I hope I won't be hurting my butt too much. =)


  11. Good luck with the teeth :) Both my sisters went through the same thing... you'll survive <3 <3 I love love love the mixing of patterns, and the scoop in the back. Super chic! I LOVE SKATING. Don't worry, my mother wishes the same. ;) xo

  12. Good luck with your wisdom teeth! I had mine done, too, a while ago, and I was soooo scared! But everything turned out all right in the end. Make sure people pamper you and bring you all sorts of good things to drink (but not out of a straw at first, obviously).

    If you don't mind me asking, how do you get that bar at the top with all the links? I'd like to do that for my blog sometime.

  13. I really need to clean out my closet too. Like you I'm constantly buying new things and I feel like I rarely wear the things hanging up in there ;)
    Good luck with your wisdom teeth surgery tomorrow!

  14. i totally need to sell some clothes too!!! i mean, lots actually... hahaha!! i have done too much shopping this past year that.. omg, i don't even want to continue the sentence! hahaha!!! online shopping is the worst!!! (for some reason, i feel less guilty doing it online).

  15. I loved that outfit very cute and stylish!

    Good luck for the surgery!

  16. I love that top. Unfortunately, I'm not a US resident.. :P

    Good luck on the surgery, btw..


  17. Good luck!!!!!

    Love the scarf - hope you recover soon!!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments dearest - sorry for such a late reply!

    Stay safe and chic darling
    English Rose x

  18. cute outfits..
    I like the plaid top :D and ur scarf is cute too :D

  19. very cute stuff. i have to start selling some things too that i've never worn haha

  20. I fully support selling clothes and cleaning out closets, but that shirt is SO adorable on you (and that outfit is way cute). Just saying :)

    Good luck tomorrow with your wisdom teeth. I've had it done before and it's not that bad. How many of them are getting pulled?

  21. That green top is lovely are you sure about getting rid of it?? hahah!!
    Sorry for the delay on commenting back but, I was not only phisically blocked by the snow but also technologically, Spain in so not ready for heavy snowfalls! I've lacked of phone or wlan more than 24h!!
    Kiss from Spain!

  22. Love this outfit you look so cute, the skirt is perfect and I love this plaid top!!


  23. that green top is SO CUTE! love the little keyhole in the back.
    nothing wrong with hanging out with a bunch of boys :P in college about 80% of my friends were guys...and i wouldn't have it any other way.
    good luck with your surgery hun! never had my wisdom teeth out but last year i had an awful procedure on my teeth done...so i feel for ya!

  24. Good luck! Love the green top x

  25. Congrats with your store and the bigger photos too! I really can see details so much clearer now:)

    And ice skating is always so much fun.

  26. like you, i constantly buy new clothes too without realizing there are so many of them i seldom wear. just my opinion, u should keep the green delia top. it's lovely! thanks a lot for your sweet comments and well wishes !

  27. good luck! you'll be fine!! those clothes are darling...maybe you should hang on to that top :) it looks great on you!

  28. Luv ur plaid and polka dots!Good Luck with everything! xx

  29. Congrats on the new shopt-- I love polka dots. So cute!

    BTW, good luck with the wisdom teeth extractions... I had mine taken out last year and it was really icks!!

  30. Hope the surgery goes well, darling!


  31. That green top is fab and the green scarf as well. Are you sure you want to sell them? They are both gorgeous on you.

    Hope everything goes well with the wisdom tooth thingy. Eat ice cream after the surgery. :-)

  32. Ah you lucky did get to go ice skating, i didn't go yet!
    Ps. Wisdom teeth isn't so bad-actually you hardly remember anything haha!

  33. I complete understand the sexy glasses. While I was never infatuated with Marshall Mathers, I had crush after crush on men wearing glasses, particularly the more square framed black rimmed kind... can't explain that reasoning...

    Good luck!

  34. Can't wait to check out the shop! Good luck on your surgery tomorrow! I have to get mine out too but I'm kind of...procrastinating on that.

  35. good luck on wisdom teeth...lots of ice cream and jello
    itll be over before you know it
    love the simple look, great additions of polka dots
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the lovely comments, i really appreciate it


  36. ice skating is so much fun! i hate the cold, but i love ice skating and skiing, which helps make the cold bearable. the outfit is cute! i love the back of the green top and i'll be sure to check out your shop. great blog!!!


  37. Jen, Good Luck on the wisdom teeth!! I got mine pulled a several years back.... it was easy breezy.. :O) I did lose a ton of weight (about 20lbs), only because I was too chicken to eat anything "solid" for a very long time! ah!! :)

    Hope you're having a lovely day.

    Love & Aloha, S

  38. Cleaning out the closet is just such a good way creating space for new things- just keep that in mind :)
    And good luck for your surgery

  39. First of all congrats with your store! Second thanks so much for your sweet comment back on my blog! I must clean out my closet as well, i have so many things i could sell..;)


  40. First, loving this look; and the fact that you admitted to being crazy over Eminem. I had a small obsession with him in middle school as well - luckily I grew out of it!!

    Good luck with your surgery my love!! :)

  41. Yay a store!! Am so glad I will drop by and see what I like! Am loving that outfit it’s amazing am in love I think! I love your blog it’s a must see everyday! Thanks for visiting my blog and yes I want a Burberry coat but to expensive for me right know!! But I will have one no matter what hahahaha!!

  42. Good luck with the shop thing, and good luck with the wisdom teeth too! You'll be fine...


  43. Ouch, good luck with the surgery.

  44. LOVE the green top...sadly i am poor after christmas otherwise i would snap it up right away!



  45. Yay for wisdom teeth! Your mouth will feel so much better in like 2 weeks. Keep ice packs on your cheeks to help the swelling go down and laugh a lot, it helps.

  46. I just did that the other day! Many things just didn't fit, they were from like the 6th grade, but it didn't matter much to me because I wasn't so stylish then, haha.

    Good luck with the teeth & shop!

  47. Hi Jen. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all the many comments you left on my blog over the holiday break. I notice you've been following my blog for quite some time, and you always leave the sweetest comments. I really appreciate it, and your comments mean a lot to me. I've been so busy for the past month that I haven't had a chance to stop by to visit your blog or to say thank you. Now that I'm back in school, I'll be sure to drop by more often :)

    Ohh, I really like the green polka-dotted scarf. I would definitely buy it if I have money right now but I don't :(

    And I hope your surgery goes well. I remember when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. It was painful and I felt miserable for days. Hope you heal fast, sweetie.

    And all the best to you in the new year and new semester.


  48. loove the outfit!! good luck with your surgery. you'll be totally fine! i had my bottom two removed when i was in eighth grade (WTF DOCTOR, I WAS LIKE A BABY... arghh) and it really wasn't terrible. you get to eat a lot of ice cream, which is great!! hahaha


  49. great idea on re-selling ur clothes!

    i have so much clothes that i nvr wear or worn twice before they get shipped to the salvation army :(


  50. love ur polka dot scarf beb :)
    it so nice :)
    nice idea to resell ur clothes and I hope u recover fast :)

  51. I hope your wisdom teeth surgery went well! The little polka dot scarf is darling!

  52. No luck req for your extractions tomorrow - it'll be a breeze :)

    Love your idea for selling all that closet excess. My closet is swollen beyond belief!


  53. I wish I had enough stuff so I could get rid of some of it!
    I love that skirt you're wearing.

  54. Great idea!! Those are so cute though :)

    Ice skating is so fun but so cold!!! And pshhh...guys are more entertaining than girls for sure!! ;)

    Good luck tomorrow! Rest well! I swelled up like a chipmunk.. It wasn't fun :(


  55. Ohhh no hun, good luck! Just remember to take your pain meds consistently! They will not work if you don't. Also, don't ask for codeine instead of vicodin because the vicodin "isn't working." Sometimes the pain is just that bad, but it will get better <3

  56. this is so sweet. i love the fact that you are brave with colors.

  57. that green top is adorable! and you where it so well, i usually don't shop at Delia's but now i think i will :)

  58. that green top is adorable! and you where it so well, i usually don't shop at Delia's but now i think i will :)

  59. haha, I lol-ed at the Eminem title.... because I may or may not have some of his songs on my Running playlist... maybe. haha :]

  60. I just love your skirt and your belt !!

  61. u look shexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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