Dynamic Duo

So a few weeks ago I won Jasmine from Transient Withdrawal's bow giveaway and she thought it'd be fun if we used the idea from the Delightful Dozen and do a "Dynamic Duo"! :) We both styled the same bow with our own interpretations. How adorable is Jasmine??? Like she said on her blog, we really are like sisters separated at birth. She is one of the sweetest girls I ever met and I'm angry I didn't get to meet up with her when she was in NYC for the Chictopia10 Conference! One day we'll meet, I promise! I'll set aside a whole WEEK so we can talk and talk and talk until we can't no more. :)

on jasmine: (bow forever 21, hairband gift from reader, jacket urban outfitters, top urban outfitters, shorts old navy, tights walmart, saddle shoes urban outfitters)

on me: (bow forever 21 (from jasmine), vest urban renewal, white top forever 21, blue tank urban outfitters, jeans forever 21, shoes jessica simpson)

I love how Jasmine decided to turn her bow pin in to a headband! It's genius. :) And if you guys followed my blog all the way back when I first started (I think my second post) you'll recognize this blue vest from Urban Renewal with the crazy ass horses on the back. My friends still think it's ridiculous but at least my hair is growing long enough to cover them up partially. I secretly love those horses, shhh.

So last night was absolutely amazing. I got to hang out with three of my best friends from high school (two of them go to different colleges) and we had such a great night out. Granted there were some really sketchy people (aka sloppy kissers) we still had fun. ;)

And finally, thank you to all of you guys and your amazing comments regarding my stress. My workload is slowing down (for now) and I'm managing my time better. I actually got a whole 8 hours of sleep the other night, how crazy is that? 


  1. Four words : I Love this post
    Gorgeous.... (:
    Oh, and thanks so much for your sweet sweet comment!
    Panda xx

  2. You both are so cute... love your bows. Your vest is fabulous... love the horse details at the back. xoxo

  3. Aw, you ladies are too cute! I like how both of you went with the same color outfits too. Was that planned? hehe. Hmm, come to think of it, why didn't you come out to the chictopia10? I would've loved to meet you! Next time we do a meet up i'll definitely keep you in the loop, k?

  4. YES YES YES A WHOLE WEEEEEK<3 i think we should do this dynamic-duo-thing again hehe! i'll browse through forever 21's accessory place and find another thing that comes in pairs! :) and i love that the vest has horses in the back! i love you jen!!

  5. that bow looks so cute on you! :D

  6. you both look so adorable! i like the bow and the vest - so unique!

  7. I love the Dynamic Duo concept, it's a great idea as well. Same goes with the Delightful Dozen.
    & yeah there are so many sketch balls in Gainesville but I still love it here :)
    p.s. I loveeeee your vest!


  8. OMG Both of your styles<3
    I Lalalalove it <3

  9. Awww you both look so adorable! Love that bow, and love your outfits :)

    Such a great idea for a post and congrats on winning her contest!



  10. aw awesome idea! i adore how you both have different styles but have found similarities between the two. love the styling of the bow and truly love reading both of your blogs :)


  11. Aw, you and Jasmine are the cutest. Best of luck with everything you have going on and don't forget to throw your loyal readers a bone (aka outfit photos of your supercute sass self.)

    xoxo Jenny

  12. I would love feedback from you about my outfits. I love that vest, so indie schweet.

  13. you guys are so cute!!! :D
    oh and i love those horses too!! :D teehee! :D

  14. i saw this on jasmines blog, so cute, i love that bow

  15. Very, very, very cuuuuuute!

    And awesome idea of a blog post :D!

  16. Awww this is sucha cute photo shoot. You girls look amazing!

  17. ur outfits are color-coordinated! :)

  18. You both look so gorgeous! I love how you can rock a bow, I simply cannot :( The horses on the back of your vest are so adorable!

  19. You both look so cute! I love both of your takes with the bow. I'm starting to think I need to get some bows for myself now! :)


  20. Yay you and Jasmine are so adorable! I love how you styled the white bow differently! Oh what a cool vest, I'd show off the horses as much as possible if I were you! Glad your workload is slowing down, right when mine is starting up :(

  21. you looks cute as always and i love that vest!


  22. You two are so adorable! I love the back of your vest...what a great detail.

  23. those bows are seriously cute! :D
    and the horses on the back are cool..don't mind your classmates..hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  24. LOVEEEEE your blog!! <3

    Kiss* from POrtugal

  25. Hi Jen! I secretly have a passion for your Jessica Simpson's shoes and blue vest and I also think the horses are great! You two look gorgeous! And how cute is that bow! I love the way you two managed to wear it. Nice that you are back to life, ha ha, I mean, sometimes we can't just find time to hang out because of work or studies. So when we finally find it, it is important to enjoy it. So now I wish you a great week! Have a nice March, and I say:


    Keep on, God loves you sooo much. Don't ever forget it!
    Bkisses, (call me "Lyssa", it's easier)

  26. am i seeing the next olsen twins here ?
    you two seriously make a DYNAMIC DUO !
    is jasmine the one from the Chictopia10 winner?

    the riboon is sooo pretty !
    thanks for the comments !
    visit - follow - comment me

  27. Aw, you both work the bow so well!

    && yes, I'd totally do that! When I get time I will definately make you one. :cute: Any specific color you want it to be?

  28. wow, both of your outfits are stunning! that vest is amazing :D
    ps. lets follow each other? :)

  29. You both look adorable!!! Love your vest =)


  30. the bow looks great on both of you! i love that you girls both went with the same color palette. intentional? btw, i love the horses too! it's so unique, and it's a guarantee you'll never find anyone else that has the same one!

  31. How cute and fun! I love how your colors both coordinate!


  32. Lovely idea...dis is how interactive bloggin shld be :o]

  33. aw, aren't you guys adorable. I love seeing bloggers find thier blogger soul mate. I remember the horse vest! I think it's kinda awesome! Obviously your friends don't know how to show the right amount of appreciation for it.

  34. Y'all are both so cute & both great bloggers! The bow is precious. And I love your killer horse vest! Really weird and fun piece... those are always the best!

  35. love the bows. you two are just adorable!

  36. such a great idea, i love the bows and your vest is amazing! xoxo

  37. Hi Jen!

    You look so pretty!!!


    Congratulations! You won freebie of the day! Please send me your e-mail address.

    Charlene :)

  38. wow! i love this post! and the bow!i think it's just 2 sweet it looks lovely on you! amazing outfit that i dont need to say over and over and over again i know but i just have 2! i really enjoyed reading this post hope you had a brilliant weekend! love Dye♥

  39. you both look so so stunning!

    I really do love both the bows you're wearing and now I'm jealous I don't have one. heeee

    You both wore something white too,awesome. And its always so nice to know new friends through blogging.

    All the best with your studies girl. Rooting for you all the way~

  40. what a cute vest, so chic! love the print at the back!!!!!!!

  41. like always I love ur blog post!! nice concept :)!!

    all the best for you girl :)

    visit my blog key?

  42. oh im loving this post! you both are such a dynamic duo
    love your outfit too!


  43. by the way i have just followed your twitter :)
    mind to follow mine back? @vheney
    thanks! :D

  44. thank you for the tips, jeen :)
    by the waay,
    cute bow! :))

    i heart that so much :)

  45. Aww this is so sweet! Love how you've both styled the bow.

    And those horses!! Haha those are fantastic!

    (And I can't believe I only just found out you have twitter, I'm off to go follow you now...)

  46. both of you look gorgeous!
    pretty bow <3
    and thanks so much for your helpful comment on my dry shampoo post ^^


  47. What a great idea for a post - you both look fabulous. And I have to say, I LOVE the vest with the horses!!!

    Glad to hear you're treating yourself to some sleep!


  48. aww haha great idea and you girls are adorable! love your vest, especially the insane print in the back

  49. You two TOTALLY look like sisters separated at birth! OMG, this is such a cute idea and I love how you both styled the bow so differently; yet used the same color palettes in your outfits. You both look amazing!!



  50. You two really look like sisters! You're both very cute :)
    & I hope you're less stressed now that you've slept 8 hours :)

  51. CUTE DOUBLE POST! =) haha


  52. Ah, what a clever idea for a post, Jen! I absolutely love seeing the differences in styling between you and Jasmine - so fun! The both of you are so adorable. And yay for 8 hours of sleep - that's something you definitely deserved!! :)

  53. Really fun post, darling!
    Love the hair bows!


  54. The bow is so cute! Love your shoes, too!

  55. Your bow is awesome! Love your skirt, too!

  56. wild horse vest. need it. <3


  57. love it!
    what a great idea!
    as always, thanks for sharing
    and thank you so so much for the lovely comments


  58. you two look adorable!
    ahh i'm so inspired to hurry and make as many bows as possible! :) haha hopefully we can do a dynamic duo together one day toooo ;)

    horrrray for more sleep. you need it! spring break coming soon riggght?

    <3 <3

    Christine @ Tie Me a Bow

  59. The dynamic duo, INDEED! That bow headband is super sweet!

  60. Ohh, how cute!! Love this idea - you both look so cute!!

  61. That's so adorable - I love how you both did your own thing with it!

  62. aw.. u look sooo cute with that vest!
    cute vest ! :)

  63. You both look adorable!
    The idea to pass along accessories is so fun and can certianly showcase everyones creative styles.

  64. Really cute... what a great idea! You both look adorable!

  65. you both look lovely! i love the headbands <33

  66. You guys are too cute. I saw the delightful dozen and thought they came up with something clever. Reminds me of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, lol. I love what you and Jasmine have done. Is this a one time event?

    I love your vest! =)

  67. this is one of the cutest things i have ever seen!

  68. Waa am so late for this post ):
    I love your bow pin and sure for your "horse" vest, haha! :p
    its cute actually (:

    woo jasmine turn her bow pin into a headband? so good!

    nice post, jen!
    see you around :D



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