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Introducing...House of Plum Red

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to my newest sponsor, House of PlumRed! They were founded in November 2009 by Michaella Pahl and created due to her passion of the arts and fashion! Their goal is to "dress the PlumRed lipstick-wearing woman from day to night with hand picked designs from all over the world". I was able to ask Michaella exactly what inspired her to create House of PlumRed:

"Like every fashion loving girl out there, I had an obsession with style and bargain shopping. I always expressed myself in the clothing I wear...but always thought that my expressions of confidence shouldn't drain my wallet. After I graduated from CUBS, I dabbled in a few operations positions and found myself intrigued in a small business. Honestly, one day, my intrigue and passions just meshed together to create House of PlumRed! Now we aim to dress "the PlumRed lipstick wearing" fashionista, where she can shop, save, and express herself...all for UNDER $50! We offer low quantities of each style to ensure different styles all the time as well as a style that exudes confidence and boldness. We like to have very feminine pieces that really celebrate women, while also adding a touch of edge for boldness."

Be sure to check them out! :)

P.S. If you become their Facebook Fan and leave them a comment saying "Jennif Fan!" with your email address they'll send you a code to get 15% off any purchase! :)
Just for being my readers you guys also automatically get a 10% off discount code (see sidebar - coming soon). Happy Shopping!
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