Bumming Around

I've been so busy this whole entire weekend that I haven't had time to update this blog and I'm feeling pretty lousy about it. This weekend was a roller coaster but overall I'd give it a thumbs up. Despite the fact that I have two exams and a huge project all due either Tuesday or Wednesday, I still decided to just relax and do whatever the hell I wanted to do. I'll probably regret it when I'm pulling two consecutive all-nighters but as of right now I'm pretty content with life. I was actually supposed to study all day today but instead I just passed out from exhaustion and ate lots of food. What else is new.

(shirt dress h&m, belt topshop, cardigan ?, necklace forever 21, wedges seychelles)

This was a rushed outfit since I didn't have much time to get dressed that day. I just threw on some reliable basics and I ended up loving the look. I love outfits like this since they aren't high maintenance (i.e. pulling down your skirt, pulling up your tights, adjusting shirt length, etc.)

Well, I'm going to stop being such a bum and do some homework. Hopefully I don't lose my sanity in the process and gain 20 pounds.


  1. Love the last close up shot! All the colours and textures look great. I wish it was still warm enough to go without thights around my university campus

  2. I love this look :) Too adorable! Did you get a hair cut? Or maybe my eyes deceive me, but either way, your hair looks amazing :) I love fool proof outfits where like you said, no adjustments necessary, you just know it's going to look good without trying! You got that down pat with this look <3

  3. love the combination! you always look effortlessly chic <3

    The Spoof.

  4. Despite your busy, busy week, you still look amazing. Love your simply yet chic outfit. I love how you tied your belt.

    - JoAnn

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  6. Congratulations on winning my blog giveaway! That should brighten up your busy, stressful days! Hopefully. I love this outfit and appreciate that you could whip it up in no time. The details are cute and make your outfit perfect. I know how you feel--midterms, papers (all of which should be worked on right now! :D). Have a good one and thanks for squeezing in a post!

  7. cute wee fish!!

    if this is how you look/dress under so much stress, so little time....i need to be taking some notes. perfect reliables.

  8. Easy, comfortable looks are the way to go!

  9. All shots are so lovely! I totally admire your shirt dress, and that fish necklace is super cute! I got excited myself looking at your pictures and recognizing some of the places LOL so silly. Good luck with school! Trust me, I know those days!

    Have a marvelous one (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  10. this outfit is effortlessly chic
    im loving the shirtdress
    goodluck with school projects, jen!

  11. I love the wedges and the necklace with this! Good luck studying for you exams and getting your project done!

  12. These shots are very pretty. I love how simple it is.

  13. Nice outfit, sometimes the basic items can really work. Love the necklace :)

    l x
    Half Dressed

  14. Love the outfit! and don't worry about not studying, you still have time ;)

  15. Cute outfit! I love the necklace.. Hope you're doing well with all those activities :)

    The November Girl

  16. I really like this look! Especially the necklace!

  17. You look amazing! That necklace is too awesome!

  18. I think i've just found a new favourite blog. Your outfits are wonderful! x

  19. Yay I love that fish necklace!!! Gorgeous photos Jen, as usual! ;)


  20. How do you find the time to look this good amidst all these craziness?!

    Love it!


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  21. Isn't great to have your trusty basics? :) I'm sure I've said this before about that dress.. but I love it!! I think every girls needs a simple shirt dress, don't you? I also like the belt. It has a great rich color.

    Good luck with your studies Jen. And it's always good to give yourself a little break... you don't want to over stimulate your brian all the time!! hee hee.

    xx Love & Aloha

  22. I love your outfit! Especially those shoes. ♥ They're so cute. And basics are always the best comfy choices.

  23. Shirt dresses are such a great staple to have. I love the way you paired it with the wedges.

  24. hey good luck for everything..
    i just thought that those wedges is so comfy...

    love it.

  25. I wish I could look this good when I just throw stuff on;) Best of luck with everything this week, Jen!


  26. love the shirtdress
    simple outfit but very adorable :)

  27. looking good!!! i love your belt and necklace!!! :D

    Animated Confessions


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