Earmuffs (Again)

So it's currently snowing pretty heavily outside and classes haven't been canceled. Personally, I don't have class for a few hours still so I'm warm and snug inside. My friends who are currently out in the cold (or in classes) have said the buses are running slow so I should probably leave for class especially early. Ugh, cancel classes already! It's only the second week of classes and I'm sick of them already. Well, I'm mainly sick of the commuting. There definitely have more snow storms than usual this winter - it's supposed to snow until the weekend. I wouldn't mind the snow if it actually canceled classes so I could enjoy it.

(American Rag Coat, Gap Scarf, H&M Shirt Dress, Urban Outfitters Skirt (from Jasmine), Topshop Belt, Seychelles Wedges, HUE Tights, Forever 21 Earmuffs)

I hope you guys aren't sick of my earmuffs yet. Lately it's been so cold outside to the point where I refuse to take off my earmuffs for my outfit pictures. Maybe I should just change my blog title to "JennifHsieh's Earmuffs" and be done with it. And completely random...but how adorable is the word "Earmuffs"? If I use the word earmuffs in one more sentence...

Don't forget to check out/follow my Tumblr (Jennif365)! It's one of my new year's resolutions to take a picture everyday during 2011 and my tumblr tracks my progress. The goal of my resolution is to encourage myself to become more creative with my photography.  I spent last year in front of the camera more than I did behind the camera and personally, I prefer being behind the camera. Plus, you guys get a little peak into my life outside of my blog through my tumblr!


  1. I love the scallopped waist and hemline of your Urban Outfitters skirt. It looks beautiful with the rest of the outfit - the white HUE tights, Gap Scarf, and H&M Shirt Dress. Too bad it's so cold and you will want to have the nice American Rag coat buttoned up and covering some of it.

    It's snowing her too, ALOT! I think it's our fifth snowstorm this year. I'll have to go out and start the shoveling soon (ache, groan). Enjoy your winter and try to stay warm!

  2. P.S: I think your earmuffs are cute!

  3. i wear my earmuffs all the time too, it's just too cold :( haha. but i really love your scalloped skirt! i think i tell you that everytime you post it ... LOL!


  4. That scalloped skirt is B-E-A-utiful. I really, really one one. And I've been wearing my earmuffs non-stop, too. They are insanely warm and comfy!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  5. I love the scalloped edges on the skirt! So cute! Who cares if you wear your earmuffs all the time, its cold out! Love this outfit! :)

  6. Aw, your scalloped skirt reminds me of New York. I know that the East Coast has been getting crazy snow lately, but wearing earmuffs all the time seem like a great strategy for staying warm!

    Fingers crossed that your classes will be canceled so you can have some fun time!

    xx Jenny

  7. Hi, I have dedicated a post to your site in my vintage collection:
    Hope you like.

    I absolutely love your earmuffs!

  9. the skirt is adorable, love it!

  10. I love how your shirt pairs with the skirt<3 Im so sad that my earmuffs broke, i guess thats what i get for buying a cheap pair and carelessly tossing it in my bag all the time.
    And the idea of taking a picture a day is great. i should really get into the habit of taking pictures more regularly also. All of your shots are beautiful :]

  11. Those shorts are gorgeous and they look so great on you!

  12. SO cute, Jen! I love how preppy it looks but with feminine details like the pretty scalloped edges and fluffy earmuffs. Also, the shoes are perfect for the outfit! Very well done :D


  13. Adorable petal skirt!


  14. Want your skirt!!!!!!!!!!
    So beautiful!

  15. Loving the tumbler!

    Golly, every time you wear that skirt it makes me irrationally happy. Loving all the blue, and the white tights! Super cute.

    My sister was just complaining to me about all the snow in New Jersey at the moment; happily, I'm in (barely) warmer Georgia. Stay warm, and keep rocking those earmuffs!

  16. earmuffs earmuffs earmuffs earmuffs earmuffs!lol i'm laughing so hard right now!!!:D

  17. I seriously love how you put your outfits together! Those earmuffs are so adorable, and I am loving the scalloped skirt with the belt. As for changing your blog tittle ha, ha too funny! I live in Vancouver "it rains" a lot ...I have considered changing my tittle to Girl and Gumboots. xx veronika

  18. How cute, earmuffs! And I love your scalloped skirt as well, it's adorable! Aww, hope the weather gets better up there!

  19. How do you manage to look consistently cute?! Those earmuffs are adorable and the scallop skirt...love.

  20. i absolutely adore the skirt - it's lovely!


  21. I love the edge of the skirt!!!
    Soo adorable with those white tights!!


  22. Okay that's it I don't care if I live in freaking Southern California and it's like 80-degrees now--I NEED A PAIR OF EARMUFFS!!!!!!!! I love your blue on blue outfit Jen! It's the skirt I got you and our topshop belt hehe :) I love this outfit Jen! One of my favorite winter ones from you yet! Who says you're in a blog recession? :P LOOOVE YOU.

    PS. My UO haul is supposed to come in tomorrow yay!

  23. i can imagine how cold is there. in indonesis now is in rainy season. and we always feel cold, so it will be colder for winter..
    as always.. you look absolutely stunning jen.. it's so simple, but you mix them well.. i always adore the bloe and brown colour mix.


  24. Thanks for commenting.

  25. cute outfit, I love the earmuffs, so cute, yet practical haha :) x

  26. I kinda, sorta wish it got cold enough here to wear earmuffs, but not really!
    I love those shorts! I'm wearing nothing but jeans, sadly...tights just aren't warm enough for our 50 degree weather. hehe

  27. Did I say shorts? I meant skirt...because you know, I didn't read a damn thing!

  28. Love this outfit! Your skirt is so pretty with the scalloped hemline!

  29. Gah, this outfit is adorable! I love the scalloped hem on the skirt so much, and I love the blue & white color palette! Pretty, pretty! And I hear you, every time it snows I wish so much for a snow day, but that happens almost never with my job. Sigh!

  30. http://clearlyclassic.blogspot.com/2011/01/first-time-for-everything.html
    you are really awesome, I read your blog everyday. You deserve this!
    I really like your earmuffs and skirt in this picture!

  31. Love the skirt, especially how it's scalloped at the top and bottom. It looks so sophisticated with the chambray top. Two thumbs up!


  32. eep i love this scalloped skirt! you look amazing :)


  33. This is my favorite skirt you own! I remember when you wore it earlier in the summer/fall. This outfit is seriously so cute. One of my favorites of the past few months for sure! :)

  34. Gorgeous skirt!

    warmest regards-

  35. Such a cute outfit! :)



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