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A Fairytale Adventure

This is not how I originally wanted my outfit to turn out, but alas, here it is. I wanted to wear this dress without a cardigan and I wanted to wear my Seychelle wedges as well. Unfortulately, it's too cold to skip on a cardigan and just imagine if I wore my wedges to go climbing up and down hills in knee deep snow. I had to resort to wearing my trusty "adventure" boots this time, even if they don't exactly work wonders with this outfit (neither does the snow completely covering them).

Speaking of adventures, Kirsten and I decided to take one last adventure before we went back to our separate colleges for the spring semester. We decided to explore the Fairytale Forest in northern New Jersey. It used to be a family attraction with a little fairytale village until it shut down a little less than a decade ago. Now it's turned into a restaurant and the rest of the grounds was taken over by a storage business. We drove around back towards the residential area and took the sketchy route in order to trespass and grab some pictures.

(Coat American Rag, Cardigan H&M, Dress Zara, Belt Topshop, Tights HUE, Boots Vintage Crown via DSW)

I didn't end up taking any outfit pictures near the little fairytale houses (although the little abandoned church had gorgeous lighting inside thanks to the pseudo stained glass windows). The whole place had a beautifully eerie vibe. Many of the houses were boarded up where they used to show animated shows and most of the glass windows were broken.

I ended up snapping some shots next to a nearby stream. You could see the water running where the ice had already broken and it was just a really peaceful place to sit and relax. If only there was somewhere to sit that wouldn't have frozen our asses. On our way to the stream, everything was completely covered in snow - including the rocks that I didn't know were rocks. I kept on claiming they were dead bodies buried underneath. You can't blame me for my paranoia though since I had just watched a movie involving Nazi Zombies popping out of the snow.


  1. you've chosen such a beautiful colour palate! that cardigan looks almost grey+blue+lilac, amazing!

  2. The snow looks so pretty! It totally reminds me of Narnia here :) Don't worry, when it gets warmer you can totally remix your outfit with your Seychelle wedges (though this outfit is lovely too!). Haha Nazi zombies, that totally reminds me of Call of Duty.

  3. I'm still in disbelief that it's snowing here while today it's in the 80s and I went bare-legged for part of the day. Wear this with wedges and without the cardigan in spring because the print on that dress is so lovely :) I always love your ear muffs hehe!

  4. Very pretty! I have a similar colored pair of tights -- I need to find something that looks this cute with them! haha They're currently sitting in my drawer untouched.

  5. winter is the best! happy new year

  6. Narnia! haha, you look so cute in these (as always).

  7. effortless & gorgeous, like usual!

    and is it weird that i'm jealous of the fact that you have earmuff weather? i've always wanted a reason to wear some! ;)


  8. nazis are scary...zombies are scarier..what more nazi zombies??? LOL. oh my...

    i really love how you did your belt. i guess my waist is not small enough for my belt to loop like that..haha!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. Brrr... I got frost bites just looking at these photos! But I do love fresh fluffy snow :)

    Love the dress with the twisted belt. ALSO THE GIANT EARMUFFS :D

  10. that dress is so cute, I cant wait for the spring when you can wear it on its own with the wedges -- it will be wonderful.

    Chic on the Cheap


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