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Until the Morning Sun You're Mine

I apologize for not updating the entire weekend - I've been busy with work, plans, and studying. I need to start managing my time better. I have an exam tonight that I only started studying for around midnight last night. I passed out while studying and woke up in the morning with ink all over my arms and stomach. Never fall asleep with an uncapped pen. Never.

(American Rag Coat, Forever 21 Blouse, Urban Outfitters Skirt, H&M Belt, Ann Klein Socks, White Mountain Boots via DSW)

Next week is Spring Break and I'm beyond excited! My boyfriend and I are driving down south to visit D.C. and Richmond. I'm going to try to have some posts scheduled beforehand so I won't leave you guys with nothing to read (like this past weekend) if I can't find time to post. Do you guys have any suggestions for places we have to stop by? I haven't been to D.C. since I was really young, so I don't remember much of it,  and I've never been to Richmond.

And I filmed my Q&A VLOG yesterday with the help of my friend Kirsten. She's going to edit it since she's on her spring break now and I can't wait to show it to you guys. But because she's editing it means I have no control over what she chooses to edit out...and there's a lot I want edited out. :P


  1. have I ever told you how much I love your hair? Well, I do. A lot, in fact. If I had to cut my hair any which way, it would be like yours!

    I'm so jealous of the no tights weather! You lucky duck! Enjoy it for me:)

  2. I love this outfit! I especially love the coat you added at the end -- it's like a cherry on top! :D Very, very cute.

    - Caroline (

  3. This outfit is lovely! The yellow skirt and the boots are my favorites in this outfit. =)


  4. Jen, do you know how adorable you are!?! :) I Love that yellow skirt.. and I see that you're not wearing tights, does that mean the weather is warming up for you? I hope so.

    I can't wait for spring break either. I NEED some time to breathe. I wish I were going off island, but I guess a staycation is better than nothing.

    Hope all is well my dear!

    xx Love & Aloha
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  5. I looove that jacket and your socks! :) Have fun on Spring Break- I can't wait either! I went to D.C. a couple years ago, but with school so we just went to museums and the memorials (which I really enjoyed).

  6. I love this outfit! The yellow is so pretty.

    Enjoy your time off and take lots of photos!

  7. I love both Richmond and DC! You all are going to have the best time. I don't know if it will still be going on, but there was an amazing Picasso exhibit in Richmond, so if it's still open I would definitely check that out. As for DC I would recommend checking out the awesome museums and getting a little shopping done. I personally like the Holocaust museum. Hope this helps!

    I love your outfit today; simple, yet really beautiful. Good luck with your exams!


  8. the lime-colored skirt looks so refreshing :) i love the soft color palette in this look. and woohooo, spring break is near! i hope you'll have tons of fun road tripping with the boyfriend :)

  9. I love that skirt! :) I was in DC for a whole semester and you should definitely check out Georgetown since it has the college/chic feel and Dupont Circle because that's where some of the best restaurants are. If you can, definitely head to Old Town Alexandria which is metro stops away on the yellow line in VA. It's only like 20 mins outside of DC. The charm of that town is just too cute to pass up, trust me. :)

  10. Love your cute white top, and I'm so jealous of your spring break!

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. I particularly can't WAIT for spring break so I can catch up on all my procrastinated school work...

    This outfit is so cute. But are you not cold one bit? Here in NYC, I'm still cursing the bitter winds!

  12. love your shoes amd your skirt :)


  13. Love the skirt and coat :) Great outfit!


  14. ooo DC sounds like fun! my husband and i are planning on heading down there this spring sometime. i was never there before (besides the zoo when i was young). i'm excited to hear where you go while there.

  15. I just found you via what a nerd would wear adn I love your look. I'd so wear everything I've seen so far. thanks for blogging.

  16. WAAAAHH I miss you so much. :( I adore your grey jacket against that yellow skirt. Such a nice combo. And your boots? Awesomeness to the tenth degreeeeee. :D

    Yayayay! It is almost spring break for the both of us! Hopefully it shall hurry up sooooon.


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