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Yellow Sunset

First of all, can we just talk about how awkward my feet look in the first photo? Half my photos always end up with my feet in awkward positions.

Second of all, I just re-watched Mulan for only the 100th time. HOW GOOD IS THAT MOVIE? I'm thoroughly convinced that I'm actually Mulan...obviously. I often dress up as a male soldier and defeat Huns in China. NBD.

(Forever 21 Cardigan, H&M Coat and Blouse, Forever 21 Jeans, White Mountain Boots via DSW, Urban Outfitters Bag)

While I was taking these photos the sun was setting and it was the most gorgeous yellow (as you can see in the pictures). Usually the sun set is a nice purple or blue so the yellow was refreshing. Makes me crave the summer so much more. At least I'm officially done with all my midterms and I only have to get through tomorrow before I set off on my road trip! Friday - come sooner!


  1. The tones in your top totally make me think of a yellow sunset too. <3


    Thought I ought to get that out of the way before anything else. Anyway! Right before (or during) sunset really is the best time to take photos.. there's always amazing light and you usually end up with pictures that need little or no editing! <3

    I love the bow on your top btw. (:

  3. you watched the disney version or the real one? I haven't watched the real one yet, but they say is a great movie :D

    wowww yellow of the sunset is really beautiful <3 and i love your outfit color tone <3

    have a great day!


  4. JEN YOU LOOK STUNNING. I lovelovelove the flowy-ness (is that even a word?) of the blouse :) Can I also say I adore your hair? It's so perfect.

    P.S.- I like to think that Cri-kee is my secret sidekick. It's a one-sided thing though.


    Yeah, I looooooooove anything Disney-related, including Mulan. However, when my youngest sister was around 2-3 years old, she wanted to watch it a million times a day. It got to the point where I memorized the music score. :P But now that it's been almost a decade since then, I can enjoy the movie without having to say every line. xD

    ANYWAY! Sorry about that random novel. Your top is so cute. I love the bow and I love how it goes so well with the knit cardigan! I've been waiting to find a knit cardigan for my own wardrobe - it looks like such a useful item. :)

    Anyway, good luck on your midterms!

    - Caroline (

  6. Your blouse is lovely!
    Mulan = <3 too

    Rosie x

  7. This is such a chic look, the colour palette is perfection! I do those weird feet too, must be the curse of the blogger haha. i love Mulan, I definitely need to crack out some old disney classics sometime soon, Hercules too! x

  8. Mulan is also one of my favourite disney movies ;)

  9. That is a great bag and top! And yes, Mulan IS the best movie : )

  10. I love the pink top! the ribbon is so cute :)

  11. Love this outfit, especially cardigan!! *w*

  12. Oh goodness, I love the pale pink color of your top, and that tan cardigan is so cute!
    And I so badly want to watch Mulan right now! All of the songs are so catchy!

  13. Idk, personally I'm more of a Hercules kinda girl :) you look really cute in all of these, especially the awkward feet one!

  14. love the color palette of this outfit!

  15. Love the colours in this outfit! You look really comfortable!
    I LOVE MULAN! :))

  16. MULAN.
    I'm so watching that tonight hehe :) Love the neutrals in this outfit Jen! You look so happy! Have fun on your trip! I miss you already<3

  17. It's super funny that we both watched Mulan again recently! Only now I could appreciate all the shirtlessness. Loving the adorable cardigan and the top. You look perfect for spring!


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