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A Parliament of Owls

I came back from my Governor's Training last weekend to find that my roommate, Monisha, had gotten me two surprises from Urban Outfitters, one being this owl-printed top. I can't wait until winter rolls around again (did I just say that?) so I can pair it up with my owl hat. Too much owl? NEVER. Well, maybe a little.

As you can tell the weather's getting a lot nicer, or at least it was a lot nicer when I wore this outfit. The weather keeps on teasing us with random, gorgeous days and then sends over thunder storms and rain clouds again right after. I never know what to wear out of the apartment anymore but then I guess that's what layers are for.

Urban Outfitters Tank Top
Forever 21 Shorts
Urban Outfitters Sandals

I'll be gone this weekend again since I'll be training my board. I have one guest post ready for you guys though (she's adorable) and a few other goodies to watch out for including my VLOG (finally)!

And I just want to apologize if I'm a little absent on this blog for a few days (or if I've been absent for the past week as well). There's a lot of crazy things going on in my life right now and it's hard to stay motivated to dress nicely or find the time to take a few pictures. I promise I'll be back to normal soon. :)


  1. LOVE those shorts! Very cute outfit. :)

  2. What a sweet surprise! That owl tank is beyond adorable. Love the shorts too!

    Mint & Mellow

  3. AW! So adorable :) What a sweet roommate, I'm a little jealous. I'm also more jealous that you're in shorts and gladiators while I'm in a massive wool sweater and 2 pairs of leggings and jeans overtop of that. Perhaps we could do a little switcheroo? ;)

  4. you're the cutest. love the owls & the sandals.

  5. You look very pretty and I love those snadals! They're beatiful but not too much!

    xx Marije

  6. Looove the outfit! Especially that top -- my sister LOVES owls, so I'm sending her this blog so she can see how awesome your top is. :)

    - Caroline (

  7. Such a cute casual outfit! And I am in love with your bag! Too perfect.

  8. You look soooo hoot

  9. i literally gasped when i saw the up close shot of the owls on your top! it is just L.O.V.E. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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