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Your Voice is Fading Out and In

I'm so glad it's the weekend. I have to wake up at 6AM every morning now in order to commute to my internship in the city. If I were ever to have a full time job in the city I'm pretty sure I would just suck it up and rent an apartment with some friends or something. It's definitely worth the convenience. I'm definitely planning on spending at least a few years living in NYC during my life time. It's nice having food literally everywhere and at all hours of the day. Yum.

Forever 21 Blazer, Jeans
Urban Outfitters Top
Aldo Wedges

I always love adding a casual blazer to any look - it makes me feel sophisticated without being overly dressed up. My mom's always telling me it's about time my wardrobe grew up anyway.

Anyway, I better get packing! I have to be ready to leave in 12 hours to go on my trip to Virginia Beach. I'll be gone for a week for a Circle K Convention/Large-Scale Service Projects. I can't wait to be reunited with some of my best friends in the world (I sound like a cheese ball). Actually, to be honest, I'll probably start packing right before I leave. Who am I kidding?


  1. Jen, you do look sophisticated! I loved your outfit. Have a great time in Virginia Beach. We want to see pictures, k? ;-)


  2. Hey! That's where I live!! Well, Norfolk, but I was just a couple of blocks from the convention center today adopting my new pup. I hope you enjoy the humidity;)

  3. hey, Jen! you look so nice with the blazer, well my mom said so to me about the 'wardrobe-grew-up', khkh
    anyway wish you have a good time with your best friends at Virginia Beach! don't forget to post up some pics and post to us :D

    Have a good day!

  4. Jen, I love this look on you. Chicness at it's finest! :) Definitely a polished look. I love the booties as well. I really like shoes from Aldo, and although we have an Aldo store in Hawaii (on Oahu), it's weird that I can order online, because they won't ship to Hawaii. Lame.

    Anyhoo, good luck with packing. Packing is the worse, but unpacking is dreadful as well. I hope you have lots of fun reuniting with your buds!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. Loving that blazer on you, Jen! I've been looking for one that fits for ages now, with no luck. You look perfectly, simply, adorable. Have an amazing time in Virginia Beach! Drive safe!

  6. Hello Pretty Lady ;) Love the blazer on you Jen! You look super sophisticated and I love that it's white and not the usual black or navy one :) You'll have to tell me about your trip and your new internship when you get back! Miss you already! <3

  7. That is the absolute perfect blazer. Looks great on you!

  8. great outfit! simple, yet chic. and the white is very fresh.

    :) christen @


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