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Dynamic Duo: Ask Us Anything!

I've been in and out of NYC for the past two days with Jasmine and it's been crazy amounts of fun! I can't wait to upload pictures from our adventures but I'm going to have to wait until I'm less exhausted from all the travel and walking. But now that the Dynamic Duo is reunited from last year's Fashion Week, we're thinking of doing another VLOG and this time we'll be answering any questions that you guys may have! Last time we just blabbed on and on about completely randomness so this time we'll give you guys what you want to hear. Leave your questions below! :)


  1. aww so finally you both are going out together since for a long time!
    so the question from me is: "I was wondering, where did you both meet for the first time? how and first impression from each other?" sorry for the long quest, haha!
    now I can't wait too for the DD post <3 hope you guys have some great time in NYC, take care! :D


  2. YAY! Hahaha I've been waiting for this for a long time >:) Evil face necessary. My question is, how do you both decide what your "item" will be for your Dynamic Duo posts?

  3. How do you both stay so awesome? Are there any rommates involved in any of your lives?


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