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Since most of the snow has melted in my area, Jeremy and I decided to take a quick trip to Cheesequake State Park. We drove past a sign for it a few months ago and I commented on it, thinking it said Cheesecake (being my usual, always hungry self). We decided we'd take a trip down there sometime with some Cheesecake so we would be having Cheesecake at Cheesequake. We didn't have any Cheesecake with us this time around but we definitely will next time. And maybe next time we head down to Cheesequake the weather will be a lot warmer.

Also, could I have used the word Cheese any more times in one blog post? Reading it out loud makes it seem like a tongue twister!

Joe Fresh Button Down
Forever 21 Sweater, Jeans, Earrings
c/o Blowfish Shoes Vance Booties


  1. Loving all the fall colors! and those elbow patches on your sweater :)

  2. how adorable! LOVE the pictures and outfit:)

  3. Super cute!! I am addicted to elbow pads right now... it's pretty intense :D

  4. One) Love the fact that you thought that said Cheesecake. WIN.

    Two) Love these pictures. They're so perfectly in tune with the season!

    Three) LOVE your outfit! That sweater has to be the perfect color, and I adore your earrings!

  5. Haha, that is so funny!!! You'll have to take photos when you go again with cheesecake :)
    I'm loving the outfit as always

  6. You look so classy and wonderful in these colors! I love those earrings and the layering of your pretty sweater over your button-up. Cute cute! AND OF COURSE those elbow patches are damn awesome. There's an english teacher who teaches here and I see him in starbucks and he wears bowties and elbow patches and he seems so AWESOME but yeah you reminded me of him in a good way yup yup >:D :D

    also, the lighting is so pretty in these pictures! lovely fall colors <3

  7. WOO JOE FRESH WHAT WHAT?! Haha, I remember when I first discovered the line 5 years ago, gosh I was so in love with everything, now my obsession has become disgusting.

    Anyway, I love how you styled everything, so very encompassing of the Cheesequake leafy park. Haha :)!

    P.S. Can I steal you and your booties and closet?

  8. Cheesecake at Cheesecake sounds like it would be quite fun haha (:

  9. Hmm I read cheesecake too, when I first read the title of your post :-) Sounds way better than cheesequake though! - cute outfit!

  10. I love the sweater! The elbow patches are lovely - I actually read it as Cheesecake the first time and was like whhaaat? Theres a place called cheesecake haha! The scenery looks amazing though!

  11. Hello dear :) What a wonderful outfit and background ! You look gorgeous :*

    I wish you a fabulous weekend ! ♥

  12. girl, I love everything about this post! The outfit, the lighting, the background, everything is so gorgeous! I love how you make casual outfits look super chic.

  13. What a cute name for a park. :) I love that sweater, Jen, especially the elbox patch detail.

    xx Love & Aloha
    Swing by to enter my Alainn Bella Giveaway!

  14. You've been rocking jeans lately Jen and I'm loving it! I have been wanting to try out the blouse + sweater look. It looks wonderful on you! I love the photo location here! We're so going here next time I'm there! ;) And we'll bring cheesecake too!

  15. you're right ..... looks like a tongue twister and we enjoy the jersey color is divine
    A kiss from Spain

  16. LOVE this outfit, every piece you were was so beautiful!


  17. OMG I love the fall scenery, give me a warm feels, lovely <3
    I adore your sweater, especially the rocking pads, haha! and yea, this is my first time to hear someplace called Cheesecake, cute :D


  18. hahaha, right when i saw your title i suddenly craved for cheesecake...gaaah! Cheesequake sounds like a nice town to live in...

    anyhoo, i love your laid back style here..and i especially adore the boots. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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