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1/15: Almost Undamaged

Forever 21 Sweater, Jeans
Gap Cardigan
H&M Belt
Urban Outfitters Earrings
c/o Blowfish Shoes Vance Booties

Let the 15 for 15 challenge commence! I took these pictures right outside of my dorm before I packed up and went home for winter break. Although there's not much sunlight, I still love this time of day when it comes to taking photos since the lighting always seems magical (especially with the artificial light from the stores).

I spent my Christmas at home with my family - we all minded our own business since we don't really do anything special for the holidays. It's just another normal day at the Hsieh residence. It was still nice just being home though and having my family close by. After dinner my mom and I watched The King's Speech and I have to say, the cast is fantastic. I know, I know, I'm way behind when it comes to movies. I've got a long list of movies to watch over break and TV shows to catch up on. Too bad I packed my break full of things to do so I won't have a spare moment to breathe - but then again, that's just the way I like it sometimes. :)

How did you guys celebrate the Holidays?


  1. Wahhh I miss this street walking from the train station to and from your place :( But I miss you the mostest! You still haven't had Korean BBQ right? Christmas at the Hwang's is pretty much the same. Must be an Asian thing because I spent more time with my fellow-Asian-non-Christmas-celebrating friends than with my family, which is just the way I like it :) We went to see Christmas lights at houses that had coordinating music. So awesome! They did Amazing Grace in techno hehe. Wish we were spending winter break together! I love your earrings! That horse print is adorable!

    <3 <3 <3

  2. yeay for the first look on the challenge!Imiss you challenge, and finally posted up (:
    nice top, I love the pattern, Jen <3
    anyway, your dorm outside background is too lovely! Merry Christmas for you and family and oh of course for Jeremy too. Be blessed!


  3. Beautiful shots! You look stunning <3 I guess you spent your Christmas wonderfully! x

  4. ooh, you look amazing! I love the horse print shirt so much!! maybe I should try this challenge too since it's the first day of my christmas break and I could never succeed at the 30 for 30 one haha ^^ x

  5. Awww yiss, look numbah one! It tis beautiful. I am digging your long gold earrings. They so fancy and nice. It sounds like you had a nice relaxing holiday. :) We saw Sherlock Holmes 2 on christmas day and it was lovely aha

  6. Beautiful pictures! Was wondering what camera do you use for your blog? :D

    Merry christmas darl! ❤ your blog~


  7. Gorgeous shots, wow! I love this outfit and would so love to wear something just like it. I REALLY like the horse top - I was SUCH a horse girl when I was younger and still admire them very much. That last shot of you is breathtaking; what a beauty you are!

  8. this 15 for 15 is such an awesome idea! great outfit and photos :)


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