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11/15: Girl Worth Fighting For

Lately I've been stressed out beyond belief with all the non-stop work I've been having to do with classes, Circle K, and my job. Either something's going wrong because of a million curve balls being thrown my way or I run out of time to get everything done in a timely manner. Sometimes I let it overwhelm me and it just knocked me out today so I skipped my evening class to sleep and do absolutely nothing before insanity took over. There's nothing better than sitting around doing nothing with my roommates. We're currently watching Mulan and obnoxiously sitting along to every single song. I'm pretty sure we all know the entire movie by heart.

Joe Fresh Gingham Button Down
Urban Outfitters Skirt
HUE Tights
Forever 21 Ring
Belt from Italy
c/o Blowfish Shoes Jackie Boots

I should be going to bed now because I have to get up early tomorrow. Too bad I'm wide awake because I took a power nap before. I thought it'd be a good idea to nap because I had a meeting an hour away but then it got cancelled and now I'm up late watching Mulan. Living the life - obviously. :P I keep on having midnight snacks too! Actually, I guess now it would qualify as a 2 AM snack. Late night snacks are both amazing and dangerous. Isn't it true that you shouldn't really eat before going to bed? Whoops! Guess bad habits stay around for a while. I'm not gonna out grow this habit for a loooong time.


  1. love this match!! the skirt it's so pretty... get rest =)

  2. I want your skirt! I love Mulan =) Take care!

  3. Skipping a class to get some rest is a really good idea if it helps you feel better about your sthings to do the next day :)

    You look very cute and pretty as always :) Enjoy your lovely film!

  4. hang in there hun!

    p.s. i love your skirt. great color!

  5. Loving the outfit, especially the boots!
    What is better than watching Mulan at 2am...NOTHING! :p

  6. great outfit jen! I love the colors and even the brick where you're sitting.

  7. Adore this outfit and your Jackie Boots are total perfection, loveee them!! And yay for taking some time out to relax. xo veronika

  8. haha! I hope you got some sleep. ;) Sometimes I like staying up late just because I fall asleep faster!

    I love that skirt and the distressed look that your boots have. You are too pretty!~

  9. YES MULAN. GET IT. Hahahaha.

    I hope you get the rest you deserve, sometimes after all the craziness we get to look back and realize how psycho we really are for trying to tackle way too much, but then again, it's fantastic to look back and be proud of your accomplishments.

    P.S. Gingham x mustard yellow? Yes please!

  10. Man, can I relate. Sometimes you really just need to turn yourself off for a little bit, and deal with the consequences later :)

  11. Hang in there! A break every now and then is definitely necessary. You've got this! :D

    This mustard yellow skirt is great by the way :)


  12. I think I might have broken into song as I read the title. I couldn't agree more about doing nothing. That's probably my favourite thing to do as a university student (worst student ever)!

    I do adore your skirt and belt though. :)

  13. You can eat snacks anytime of the day :) And watch Mulan whenever you can!! I hope the weekend allows you to play catch up and relax!! That mustard skirt is an amazing piece to have in one's wardrobe...

  14. Ah, I always love how you tie your belts instead of buckling them. I have really horrible sleeping habits too, even on days when I have to wake up early...I've quickly learned that naps between classes are not so bad after all. It's good that you took the time to get some sleep and have some r&r before jumping back in– these things happennnnn. Have a lovely weekend and good luck with everything!! xx

  15. The skirt is sooo pretty :) I love the color. You look great.
    I hope that you are able to calm down soon and rest enough... :)
    What do you do for a job? and what is Circle K?


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