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13/15: Give Your Reasons

Here's my next 15 to 15 look. I kept it really casual and this is usually what I look like when I'm walking from class to class. Simple. Clean. I don't really feel like writing much today since I'm feeling a bit blue but check back soon for my next look.

Gap Cardigan
Joe Fresh Gingham Shirt
Forever 21 Jeans
c/o Blowfish Shoes Cuvette Flats
c/o Gogo Philip Necklace


  1. Simple, sweet, and perfect. Love this!

  2. That necklace is stunning and your blouse looks so comfy!! Chase the blues away -- and take care, beautiful!

  3. So gorgeous as always Jen, you have such a contagious smile! :)

    Love the simplicity of this look, yet it manages to be so chic at the same time!

    Cheer up buttercup! xo

    P.S. One guy is totally checking you out in a pic ;)

  4. The simplicity of this is great, as is that necklace :).

    Hope your day gets brighter!


  5. Such a lovely outfit Jen! It's perfect! ♡

    xoxo, Laura

  6. That necklace is so pretty and such a lovely detail! I love gold and I love triangles, so, yeah.. it's kind of perfect. You look so lovely and casual. :D

  7. So simple, but the combination is lovely! And the necklace adds a nice detail as well. :)

  8. Cute outfit!!! I love the casual vibe, plus the cute detail of tying the blouse is so retro :)

  9. i literally cannot handle how cute you are!
    i adore your outfit! <3

  10. Almost done with the 15/15! I can't wait to see your last two looks for it! This combination definitely feels really clean and comfortable for the busy college girl. Hope that you feel better and have a good Thursday! xx

  11. We love your look ...
    From Spain a kiss


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