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ohne Reue

Is it really March already? My last semester in college is passing by too fast and I can't seem to catch up with it. If only I could slow down time and enjoy every last moment of college just a little bit longer. Every time March rolls around I automatically assume the weather will be spring-like. I think the weather is a little bit confused with itself right now though. Lately it's been raining or drizzling non-stop and I'm pretty sure April was supposed to be the wet month. Better bust out my umbrella from its hiding place. Or just walk around drenched because I'm too lazy to use an umbrella.

Gap Cardigan, Striped Shirt
Forever 21 Pants, Necklace
Topshop Belt
Seychelles Wedges

Now that it's my last semester of college, everyone keeps telling me to make sure it's the best it can be. People who already have full-time jobs says it doesn't get any better after college so I should go as wild as I can before it's over and do all the things I won't be able to do as a person in the "real world". My roommates and I already made group and individual bucket lists for the next couple of months and shit is gonna get real. The first half of this semester has been amazing and I know it's only going to get better from here. Gonna live with no regrets! BRING IT ON FINAL SEMESTER.


  1. ohhh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel! I am graduating in TWO WEEKS and it went by waaay too fast :( I feel like I already miss it! That's such a good idea to make a bucket list, maybe I should make one for the last weeks, though they will be mostly filled with studying!
    Also, those trousers are fab. You look perfectly preppy!

  2. Such a gorgeous look Jen, I love the sophistication! It's very Parisian, I love it :)!

    Good luck with the last semester of college, I'm not sure how it feels yet, but I know that since I'm fast-tracking, I'll be done a year ahead of everyone who was in my high school grad class... so I guess I get to dip my toes in a bit before everyone else?

    Best of luck! xo

  3. A bucket list is a great idea! Wish I had made one. Now I just have a "wish I had done ____" list. Oh well, it's fun to visit and cross those things off as an alum ;)

  4. Great casual look! You always make the best use of classic pieces! X

  5. I love how you put all the casual individual pieces so beautifully together.

  6. I am seriously in love with you.
    And this outfit. <3 And...there's been an email draft that I've been meaning to finish writing to you for like a month now. It was like a brainstorm for our DD. But I bet those items are like sold out now. Blah. Will get (back) to it soon! <3

  7. Such a lovely post! Your outfit looks so nice.

  8. Love the simplicity of this outfit. Hope your last semester goes well!

  9. I love the wedges, looks awesome with your simple look <3
    Anyway, nothing to say about your last semester but GOOD LUCK! Have fun in your school days, make sure you won't regret later (:


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