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After our Wine Insights class last Thursday evening, which needs more wine and less power points, Jeremy and I decided to lie around in the grass for a little bit to enjoy the beautiful weather. Actually, it started off as outfit photos since I wanted to capture the sunset but then it led to bumming around outside. It's really nice just lying around, smelling the freshly cut grass, and feeling the cool breeze against your face - that is, until the allergies kick in. If only allergies didn't have to come along with the beautiful, Spring weather but I guess we can't have it all. I never used to have allergies back in high school but ever since I came to college my eyes would get irritated in seconds. Yay for developing allergies as you grow up! And also Yay for allergy medication! :P

c/o Lulu*s Heart Show Beige Cardigan Sweater
Abercrombie & Fitch Tank Top
Forever 21 Jeans
Blowfish Shoes Flats
Aldo Backpack

Lulu*s generously sent me over this gorgeous heart-printed cardigan you see me wearing and I have been wearing it every chance I get. Normally I'm not a big fan of prints, especially on such a large-scale, but I've fallen in love with it over time. My favorite part about the cardigan is the fact that it has two layers of fabric so it's surprisingly warm. This is coming in handy since the weather decided to be winter again. Make up your mind, Mother Nature! I heard it snowed it Pittsburgh this morning and it's already the end of April. Insanity.


  1. my allergies are killing me lately. i find that this year is just TERRIBLE...worse than any other time that i can remember. just no relief!!!
    on the brighter side, i LOVE that heart cardi. so cute!!!

  2. That last photo is just breath taking! I love your cardigan! :)


  3. HOT DAMN these photos are stunning!! I miss laying in the grass between classes...ahh, don't you graduate cause then I can't live through you!

    And I'm currently living in Pittsburgh and while thank goodness we didn't get any snow here in the city, just about an hour or more north, it is freakin' cold and I can't stand it! I could use a comfy cardi to make me happier...

    It looks adorable on you :) and I think blogging has me tapped into certain prints/designs that I probably would've have fallen in love with! Hooray for evolving personal style!

  4. You look so cute, I love th big hearts!

    xo Joana

  5. very pretty cardigan. you look cute :)

  6. Speaking of allergy, I got terrible allergy these days because of the bad weather, its really irritating me ):
    Anyway, I love your pictures! The last one is very pretty <3 I always wanted to have pictures on grass, maybe I'll try someday.
    Happy day, Jen!


  7. pretty,, :) i love your curly hair.. :)

  8. I love this post for so many reasons! I love that you didn't take this post so seriously, but you still look amazing and cute. I love that these photos still turned out amazing! I love dandelions and making wishes on them, and look you have a FIELD of them! I love your curly hair. Why can't my curls ever turn out like that? :( I love that you're wearing prints! I love YOU! And this is why you're my favorite! <3

  9. This is so pretty! Huge love for your cardigan, it's so cute. <3

  10. What darling pics, and everything looks so relaxing and fun! Oh Lulu's..I enter their dress naming contest every Monday, hoping so much I'll win that $50 gift card, (can't afford to shop at this point) but alas, I never win :P How nice of them to send you that cute cardi! I live right near their home base - hoping someday to purchase something :) If you wouldn't mind, could you check out my latest project on one of my other blogs? Yes, I do use wheels now, but this isn't just for me. I'm trying to sponsor someone in Indonesia with mobility needs with one of these INCREDIBLE off-road wheelchairs (and can't help but want one myself too :P ) Any help in spreading the word would be amazing..this company does work that changes lives; these chairs bring mobility on just about any kind of terrain, as well as independence and self confidence to their users. They truly offer a new lease on life to those in developing countries. I'm excited about the Indonesia project - my husband and I already sponsor a child there, so there's already a connection for me :) (long comment I know! hope u don't mind, but I think you're too sweet to mind *wink)

  11. I have never seen so many dandelions in one place, could see myself going crazy collecting all of them to make wishes. And I love that cardigan, heart prints are always a win, even if you're not a huge fan of prints.

    You may remember me from 'Butterfly Cupcakes and Daffofils', I am back with a brand new blog! Please come and visit :) Wardrobe Quarry

  12. Beautiful photos and love your outfit! :) I love spring but I have the allergy too ;( And it also started a few years ago... I have to take allergy medicines, they make me feel sleepy but as you said - we can't have it all :D

  13. I am so jealous that the dandelions have reached the point where you can blow them out (if that makes any sense) on your end! Lovely outfit and pictures! :)

  14. These pictures are so amazing. Like the light is just perfect. And the cardigan is so cute too - I don't usually go for big prints either (especially on cardigans) but I absolutely love this one. Hope you have a great weekend! :)


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