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Cinco de Mayo!

This past Saturday was Cinco de Mayo so a few friends and I decided to celebrate it the right way - with some authentic Mexican food (the restaurant was appropriately named Cinco de Mayo), sketchy bar hopping, and tequila & Coronas galore! Definitely an interesting and unforgettable night. I took a few, random pictures throughout the night that I didn't remember I took until the morning. Keep up with my other random pictures on Instagram! My username is jennifhsieh. :)

I just took my last final a few hours ago and I'm officially done being an undergrad! It still hasn't kicked in and I keep thinking that I'm still going to wake up tomorrow and go to class. I might accidentally do that anyway. In one week I'll be moved out of my on-campus apartment and moved back home. Can't wait for that beautiful home-cooking. <3


  1. looks like you had a fun time! congrats on being finished with school. now welcome to the real world :)

  2. BHahahaa... That last picture! Classic.

  3. Pictures you don't remember taking are the BEST kind of pictures. Looks like you guys had a blast celebrating! Cinco de Mayo has to be the least noticed holiday in Europe ever.

    Congrats on graduating and being done with college! Home cooking + summer? What more could you ask for?


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