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Danger to the Doubters

Happy Memorial Day! My friends and I are stopping by a nearby Memorial Day parade in a few minutes to show our support. Then after a quick lunch with my parents, I'm heading over to Jeremy's to help him clean out his off-campus house before he officially has to turn over his key. It would've been the perfect day to celebrate at the beach considering that the weather is 91 degrees today; however, getting to the beach would be one hell of a trip. Beach traffic on Memorial Day? Definitely something to avoid. How are you guys celebrating the holiday?

Gap Chambray Shirt
Forever 21 Skirt
c/o Junk Food Clothing T-Shirt
Urban Outfitters Bracelet
c/o Wayfair Wedges
c/o Trendenzas Clutch

Now that it's summer, it's the season for self-portraits! I grabbed my loyal tripod and my camera and drove over to this bridge located right near the mall. For the most part it's not very populated and I only came across an older woman taking her morning walk. The last time I took pictures here I dragged my mom along with me. Looking back at that post, I wrote about how I wasn't ready to graduate. Now? I'm so ready to start my new job and see what the rest of the world is like. Bring it on post-graduation!

Oh, and the shirt I'm wearing? Junk Food Clothing is having their first Blogger Project and I got to pick out a T-shirt to style up. I'm absolutely in love with how comfortable, soft, and breathable this shirt is. Would it be going too far to tell you guys I wore it for three days in a row? Yes? Then I didn't. Absolutely not. Once all the looks are in, they're going to let their fans vote for their favorite look. Can't wait to see how all the other bloggers styled up their shirts.


  1. Very nice outfit

  2. Looove htis outfit! And I love how the shoes and bag match! PERFECTION :D

  3. Nice outfit and what
    a great location

    I love those shoes!

  4. You picked a great shirt! Those shoes of yours are quite adorable, too, I must say~ the color is just exquisite uhuhuhuu~ <3

    I haven't done anything special for memorial day but run errands with my mom. Gotta stay busy this summer~!

  5. Love this outfit... Amazingg...

  6. Love how you tied the t-shirt! Added such an adorable touch! X

  7. Okay so I feel like when I visit, we should just have a day of exploring abandoned places in NJ too. We could just bring like 5 outfits and change in the car lol. These are such AWESOME photo locations! Ah! I love this outfit! It's so coooooool!


    PPS. Dynamic Duo FOREVAAAAA. Even when we're old and wrinkly, we'll probably have matching wheelchairs or something ridiculous<3

  8. Love this outfit! Cute and simple.

    Ugh, Memorial Day shore traffic. #njproblems


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