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I'll Never Let You Sweep Me Off My Feet

Forever 21 Blouse (similar), Jeans
Modcloth Bralette (similar)
Madewell Sandals

I'm pretty horrible with posting things on time because I'm always too exhausted to post anything when I come home from work. I wore this outfit to work this past Friday and I have to say I've begun to have an obsession with sheer tops. To keep this some what work appropriate (good thing we have a casual dress code), I wore a lace bralette underneath that I got from Modcloth a few weeks ago. While taking my outfit pictures, my mom decided to start without me and started snapping pictures of me buckling my shoes. Thanks, Mom.

The NYC apartment hunt is still being a pain in the butt and I feel like I keep losing money right and left. I think I'll have an apartment to move into by the end of tomorrow though, so cross your fingers for me! I know once I move into the city I'm going to need to live on a super strict budget. This means only spending money on necessities (cheap, necessities) and closing my eyes to all the alluring bars and restaurants surrounding me. Not to mention I have no idea who's going to be taking my outfit photos! I might have to recruit a co-worker. It's going to be a tough year. A really tough year.


  1. I absolutely love your heels and sheer blouse!


  2. prettty :)

  3. Your poor thing!! That apartment just isn't giving you a nice time, is it? :( I need to come over and beat it up for you so it'll start being nice. I wish I could just come over and make you some dinner or something to help in some way! I really hope things look up for you soon.

    On the bright side, this is such a sleek outfit. I would totally wear this--that top is so modern, and I love love LOVE those heels.

  4. I love that top! I've bought a few new sheer tops myself and really love them, there's something so romantic about them

  5. Wow nice images of ur.I like it you are so preety.

  6. i'll take photos for you! haha i live in NYC. although too bad im a nooob :( haha cute outfit!!!

  7. So hot without even showing a lot of skin!!! ;) Those shoes will always have a soft spot in my heart! Every time you wear them, I remember that wonderful weekend together. If only we could have another one of those this year :( But it's best that we don't, especially since the both of us are on strict budgets. It is going to be a really tough year for us, BUT we'll get through it TOGETHER<3 Love you! Update me on the apartment hunt when you get a chance!


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