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It's Not Easy Being Green

It's raining colored pants over here on JennifHsieh! I can't seem to get enough of them lately and I'm trying to hold back from wearing them, especially since I only have two colors and I'm sure it would be very noticeable if I alternated between green and maroon everyday. This pair is my favorite though, mainly because my favorite color is green and I'm loving the zippers on the legs. I like to think they release my inner badass but that's probably not the case. At all.

H&M Sweater (similar), Necklace
Gap Denim Jeans
c/o Free Endearment Wallet
c/o Blowfish Shoes Leopard Flats (similar)

Walking around New York City always makes me want to fill my arms with fresh flowers and scatter them all over my apartment. Does anyone else have a similar urge? I keep reminding myself that I'm a plant killer and that any plant that comes under my care ends up wilting by the end of the day. I most recently bought a small basil plant to satisfy my constant basil cravings. People kept saying it would be a super easy plant to take care of but it's wilting already. What am I doing wrong? No matter how green my pants get, my thumb will never be the same color.


  1. loving the pants...and shoes!!!
    hope you have a great weekend jen!

  2. YAY! That color looks so great on you!! I already have so many jeans but I keep wanting more and more colors and designs :)

  3. what a lovely outfit! thanks for the comment! following you now :)

  4. Cool zippers!
    As for the basil - my guess is that it's not getting enough sunlight and/or the soil doesn't have proper drainage.
    I'm partial to herbs, but adding a few succulents to your apt decor could give you a no fuss, chic way to be green.

  5. Oh I am definitely looking all of your pant looks. It makes me want to go back and give my pants a second chance.


  6. I really love these! And am definitely considering buying the exact same pair.


  7. I absolutely LOVE these pants! I saw them briefly in store but didn't have time to try them on, but definitely need to go back to try them! They are such a gorgeous color!

  8. The green pants is going well with your top, Jen. It's very nice :D
    I always get trouble whenever try to play with colored pants, but now I will try!


  9. such a great look to roam the street in! Love it!


  10. You look so snug and comfy in that outfit. The color of the jeans suits you!

    Wardrobe Quarry

  11. I love the color of the pants, the green is so pretty! And it complements the leopard flats so well.

  12. I love colored denim, I think you could live in your two pairs quite successfully.
    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Hey love! I haven't swung by for a long time, but I see you're as adroable as ever... flashing that beautiful smile of yours! Lovin' these hunter green skinnies (and the burgundy ones, too) on you! Perhaps I need a pair as well.

    Hope you're having a lovely day, Jen!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  14. like the colour of your pants! super cute look xx

  15. Such a beautiful outfit it is.Love your Green denim jean and that leopard flats also.You look super cute in this.

  16. This outfit looks so comfy! I love the color scheme and the leopard shoes. :) I'm being a leopard for Halloween!

    I'm the same way with plants, but I think it's more of the fact that I don't really want to take care of them. lol. I'm more of a pet person than a plant person...unless it's flowers or vegetables!


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