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Taking Sandy Into Our Own Hands

Modcloth Cardigan, Striped Tank
Zara Skirt (similar)
H&M Belt
Seychelles Wedges (similar)

It's been a long and crazy week and I'm so glad it's the weekend. Even though I don't have a three-day weekend like my two teacher roommates, it's still nice knowing I've got two full days of no work ahead of me. I should actually be sleeping right now since I will be traveling two hours down south, to the New Jersey shoreline, to help out a great friend. I've known her for a few years now and her neighborhood got hit hard, causing flooding, water damage, and even the loss of her car. A bunch of us are gathering together to bring supplies and to help speed up the recovery process of the local community clubhouse. I'm so ready to just get down and dirty with volunteer work instead of spending my days sitting in a office (as much as I love my job). Sandy, don't wait up. My inner Jersey girl is going to reverse some of your damage. ;)

P.S. My hair might look a bit shorter since these pictures were taken over a month ago. I haven't had time to take outfit pictures, lately, and I discovered these beauties in my archives of non-uploaded photos. 


  1. That's so awesome, hope y'all get a lot done this weekend! Love the coloring of these photos. :)

  2. hope everything goes well with you and your friend...

    this set of photos are lovely!!! :D

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  3. You are way too cute! Love this skirt and the striped pattern on your top. What a great chunky knit cardigan too!

  4. love the colors! such a cute outfit :)

  5. This footwear makes you much wonderful.Really adoring footwear really like it .

  6. Loving the gorgeous textures here! :)

  7. What a great fall outfit! I especially love the cozy knit sweater! -Jessica L


  8. I am loving that chunky sweater. Hope you have a really wonderful and fulfilling weekend!

  9. I love the colors of this outfit!
    And that's so nice of you go to out and help a friend! Sandy was a mean mean storm! :(

  10. So sorry for the trouble Sandy has caused! Good for you volunteering! Very selfless. I love the sweater you're wearing in this picture, it looks very cozy!

  11. That's so lovely of you to drive down to help the hurricane relief efforts, Jen! Work hard, yay yay <3

    And these are still lovely pictures, even if they're from 2 months ago~ I love that orange skirt!

  12. I have to say it, you are so darn cute! I love this chunky sweater and your hair is beautiful :). That's so great that you're helping out other Sandy victims, it makes me smile!



    Southern (California) Belle

  13. Beautiful outfit. That's great that you are going to help your friend, have some fun while you're at it ;)

    xo Jenny

  14. Love this outfit! That striped top is so cute.


  15. Love the autumny colours - you were obviously planning ahead with this outfit haha! That's so great of you that you're going to go help out, good luck with it :)

    Life etc

  16. Hey, your outfit is soooooooo lovely! I love your shoes! You looks so pretty, Jen :D

  17. I like your hair shorter :) And I love this outfit! That rust color has stolen my heart this Fall. I just can't seem to find anything cute in that color to buy (not that I need anymore clothes). I still can't and won't ever get over the fact that I almost bought this skirt way back when.


  18. love the shoes!


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