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Save the Drama for a Llama

Madewell Llama Tee (similar)
Target Gray Cardigan
Forever 21 Olive Pants (similar), Dolman Coat (similar)
Blowfish Shoes Jackie Boots (similar)

This outfit post isn't about how frumpy or manly I look. No, it's about the llama. Just focus on the fact that there's a llama on my shirt and everything else just comes together.


  1. That tee is too hilarious. I love it. I bet you smile whenever you see it reflected back at you in a mirror. Have a wonderful weekend Jen!

  2. it looks cozy and comfy
    i love the tee, it looks adorable haha

  3. DRAMA LLAMA!! Haha it reminds me of a video on Youtube, a British youtuber danisnotonfire posted it and named it "drama llama" :)

    I love how you had cool camera tones to match your cool toned outfit :)


  4. Hahaha, okay, yes, the llama does it! Fun shirt, but I'm also a big fan of your fur earmuffs :D x

  5. Hahaha this is a cute one, Jenn! :D

  6. Yep, you're awesome, Jen. Save the llama for the drama indeed. Drama for the llama haha whewps! Also, those fluffy ear muffs are AMAZING.

  7. If you ever come across this shirt again please let me know!!!! I have been looking for this shirt and it is always sold out!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


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