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Something in the Way You Move

I used to love Valentine's Day with every fiber of my being when I was still in elementary school. Everyone was given a list of every single student in the class to ensure that everyone would receive a valentine from everyone else. You were ensured to be loved just as much as the kid next to you. I remember in 5th grade I was so excited to know that I would definitely get a card from my crush and I remember putting extra effort into his Hello Kitty valentine. Turns out, he gave everyone the same card with his name signed on it. He didn't even write my name on mine and my heart was broken. In the end it turns out he had a crush on me too and I straight up refused him because I was shy. Heartbreaker since the age of 10. What up.

Studded Cardigan, Vegan Leather Skirt c/o Lulu*s
Urban Outfitters Crochet Top
Forever 21 Heels (similar)

Nowadays I tend to have a love-hate relationship with Valentine's Day regardless of my relationship status. Instead of being showered by obligatory valentines, I'm now surrounded by people that are upset that they didn't receive flowers, people drowning their single sorrows in alcohol, or hundreds of people showing off their Valentine's Day swag on Facebook and Twitter. But then I take a step back and remember that it's all about showing those around you how much you love them. It's not just about having a romantic candle lit dinner with your significant other and being swept off your feet (as nice as that can be). It's about surprising your best friend at her office a few blocks away with roses (which took a lot longer than I thought considering I was making the trek in heels). It's about writing a valentine for your co-worker filled with corny puns ("I'm not lion when I say I love you"). It's about texting your friend who's going through a bad break-up that you love them with all your heart. It's about remembering those who love you and loving them back.

And it's about telling people who take the time to read your blog, and support you every step of the way, how much they really mean to you. You guys make my world go 'round and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you guys and thanks for sticking with me. Happy Valentine's Day! Go spread the love! :)


  1. jen i seriously love that skirt and studded sweater! so pretty!

  2. love the studs, the leather, the two-toned pumps.. love the mix of textures!! :D
    happy valentine's day!

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  3. You look all kinds of elegant here!
    When I was in the 3rd grade I made an extra special valentine for the boy I had a crush on, too! I stopped liking him when he made fun of my volleyball serve in PE.


  4. You have a wonderful, thoughtful, sensitive and considerate way of looking at Valentine's day. I was very relieved to see the word vegan in "Vegan leather skirt" (I'm a vegetarian). Your Valentine's outfit is very pretty and I love your nailpolish! I don't recall having seen a studded cardigan before but it looks pretty paired with your Urban Outfitters crocheted top. A very Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  5. A very lovely outfit- I like the mix of Valentine's colors with a slight edginess to them- and your stories, both appreciating readers and your 5th grade love :)

  6. I fell in love with your studded sweater and amazing leather skirt :))) You look so stylish :)

  7. Hahaha Jen, I love your little Valentine story. You heartbreaker, you! I really loved Valentine's day in grade school--I loved making the little boxes for our valentines to go in, and then making them for everyone else, and attatching little pieces of candy... so fun!

    Your cardigan is super cute and the color is fabulous. You can be my Valentine if you want. ;D

  8. Darling my dear! The detailing on your cardigan is so fantastic.

  9. haha...the love/hate never ends. =)
    Love how happy you look in these photos!

  10. you're so sweet to share the love!!! :) have a wonderful weekend

  11. You are the sweetest :) I love your blog and it makes me so happy! Thank YOU for all you put into it! Love that sweater, by the way...the studs are super chic and fun and the oxblood is such a rich color.

    <3 Cambria

  12. The nails are as black as my soul! And I love the spikes on your sweater....cozy for you but wards off any unwanted hugs. Shwwing!!

  13. you are so chic!

  14. oh i love this outfit!
    that faux leather skirt
    looks great with the cardigan.

    and welcome to flock together!
    so happy you joined ^_^

    erica | sweets + hearts

  15. I love this outfit soooo muuuuch! It's pretty and cute and classy all at once. I hate you.

  16. This is the best Valentine's post! You are the sweetest and you look so lovely. I love that leather skirt on you. Wear it lots more please!

  17. You look fabulous in that outfit, Jenn! :D

  18. Ummmm I'm going to steal those shoes! Everything that I've loved from your recent posts has been from Forever 21! Goodness I need to go shopping there with you! Anyways, I just wanted to thank you AGAIN for your Valentine to me! It was super sweet and came at such a surprise! I really do love Valentine's Day because of the reasons you said--because it's about love, all kinds of love. And I LOVE YOU! <3


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