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Watch Out for the Boys in Blue

Blue Floral Dress via Threadflip (similar)
Forever 21 Sheer Blouse (similar)
DKNY Black Tights
Ann Marino Bow Oxfords (similar)

This is one of those outfits that just doesn't quite feel right, especially on camera. I had won a $100 gift card to spend at Threadflip so I snatched up this beauty of a dress. I got it in the mail two days ago and it was so beautiful I couldn't resist not wearing it yesterday, despite the open back which would leave me feeling like a snowman by the end of the winter day. I thought I would be clever and layer a shirt underneath it to make it weather-appropriate; turns out I just ended up looking like an edgy version of Maria from The Sound of Music. I almost didn't post this outfit on the blog but then I decided, fuck it, YOLO. Because that's what YOLO means right? Right?

Also, please appreciate the bitch face below that my friend caught on camera:


  1. I almost didn't recognize you with the curly hair!

  2. I'm sure it'll feel much better when spring comes and you can wear it sans undershirt. Love the open back! I secretly have a giant back tattoo that shows in dresses cut like that, and I loveee wearing them!!

    Hope you're staying warm!


  3. Well, I think it looks cute and you definitely pull off the wearing a shirt under the dress better than me ( I'll look like a nit-edgy Fraulein Maria)

    I'm glad you posted the outfit even if you were sure of because it is fun to see you try new things.

  4. Oh my gosh, Jen, that dress is so beautiful! I just adore the pattern on it and it almost looks like denim from far away, which is really neat. Congrats on winning that $100 giftcard, you lucky gal, you. ;)

  5. *adorable!* and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes. they are darling!

  6. I love this dress on you! I think it looks great on camera! =)
    Also loving your "B*tch" face. haha!

  7. Hah, I understand completely - just today I was taking outfit photos and I felt like I just looked WEIRD. not like edgy weird...just weird. Or maybe it was the fact I was in a public park trying to get a jump pose on a tripod. Who knows.

  8. aahh yes, i love the layering of the dress with the top!!! can't wait to see you wear that same dress when the weather warms up!! love the back! :D

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  9. Aaa super lovely and sweet outfit! I'm lovin it <3

    crunchy cheese me

  10. Oh Jen you are so cute! This blue shade looks amazing on you! And your beautiful curls! So so so lovely.

  11. Cute shoes and love the dress too!

  12. Girl, your hair looks nice! And yes, you look like Maria von Trapp *the fashionista* Hahaha I love it :D

  13. So the next time one of stays at each other's places you're going to curl my hair right??!!!! I can never get it to look like that! Ah! I actually really love how you layered the dress over the top! Sure it might look funky in the back, but that's what cardigans and jackets are for ;) That dress really is super cute! It's gonna be so perfect in Spring!

  14. I actually really like the way you layered the dress over the long-sleeved shirt. I've been wanting to try the same thing but was anxious about how I'd look (especially because, quite literally, somebody tells me I look like Julie Andrews You've inspired me to try it, though!

    :) Sarah


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