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You Ought to Love Someone

I know what you're thinking. I've been wearing this jacket in almost every single outfit post lately, but trust me, I have a really good reason for it. Actually, no I don't. The main reason is that it's the longest coat I own and it's freaking cold out there so I need something that covers my bum. It's also torturous to remove it during outfit photos outside and there's no way I'm taking pictures within my office. That would make for some awkward conversations.

Forever 21 Dolman Coat, Sweater, Navy Trouser Shorts (similar)
ASOS Heart-Printed Tights  (similar)
Gabrielle Rocha Abarne Boots (similar)

Lately my main photographer has been my co-worker, Chy. The best thing about having her take my photos? She used to be a fashion stylist so she's always tucking and adjusting my clothes, making sure that they look right on camera. I have rips all over these tights since I've had them for almost two years, so she walked me into Duane Reed to sneakily put some clear nail polish over the runs. Genius? I think so. I hit the jackpot with her.


  1. That is awesome that she ended up being your photographer! haha. I want your sweater!

  2. Aaaaaaaye, pretty lady! I'm loving those tights. They're perfect on and off Valentine's day, and just so dainty and cute.

    I'm glad that you're getting wear out of your coat, though! Sometimes it's just not cold enough to wear those nice long coats and when you can, you've gotta seize the opportunity! <3

  3. I love the tights but I also really like the photos. You got a great photographer indeed!

  4. I love these photos. They look so beautiful and clear! I loved taking photos with my old roommate because we always made sure those details were perfect, and now when my boyfriend takes the photos I always find something later that I missed, especially with my hair. Those are adorable tights, too.

  5. I love your tights! Perfect outfit!

  6. Cute tights!!! When I first glanced at your photos, I thought you had no shoes on! Silly me!


  7. Love the cozy neutrals with the heart tights! I completely understand the long coat sentiment too, ugh. But at least yours is cute! So lucky that your friend is not only a good photographer, but helps make sure everything is in place!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  8. Ahh, I love this outfit so much! Especially the shorts/tights combo. And don't apologize about the coat, I LOVE THE COAT, always wear it. No shame. x

  9. Shorts with tights and booties? You're clearly a woman after my own heart (pun not actually realized until just now!). This is such a great look for you- work it, girl!


  10. LOVE this look! It makes me want cold weather to stick around forever. They need to pay you because I want these clothes now ;)


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