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Miami Bound: What I'm Packing

It's about time I took a break from the craziness of New York City. Right now I'm either lying on the sandy beaches of Miami or, more realistically, trying to check into our hotel and figuring out what do get for lunch without spending too much money. My two best friends from college and I decided to plan a trip down to Miami Beach for a weekend excursion to take a mental break from the north east. I'm awaiting reckless nights out and beautifully warm days on the Florida coast.

In the meantime, I scheduled a few posts from earlier this week since I've been horrible with posting. This mental break is much needed. I actually managed to pack my bag pretty light (I've gotten better since I packed a million outfits into a tiny suitcase when I headed to Turkey). I packed a few essentials such as a shirt for the clubs, a crop top and shorts (to wear over my bathing suit), and neon sandals (because Miami screams neon). Miami, bring it on. I'm so ready for you.


  1. enjoy your time!!! enjoy the sun, sand and water!!!! :D

  2. Mhmm Miami! Sounds wonderful c: Have
    a great time there!


  3. Miami has been a dream of mine ever since I got addicted to CSI Miami back in High School. Must be glorious to walk down Ocean Drive or dip your toes in the white sand! Have fun there!! x


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