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The Miami Diaries: The Arms of the Ocean Deliver Me

Victoria's Secret Bikini Top, Bikini Bottom
Forever 21 Shorts
Love Knot Sandals c/o fibi & clo

During our second day in Miami, we decided to keep the daytime alcohol-free. We finally understood why all the restaurants were still handing out their breakfast menus around noon - Miami definitely works on a more relaxed schedule than New York City and you rarely see anyone running around, trying to make a deadline. That might explain why our servers are so hard to wave down as well.

After grabbing a simple brunch at a nearby cafe, we spent the morning tanning (and burning) on the beautiful Miami beaches. On our way there we passed a bunch of rental bikes and we couldn't resist riding along the coast later in the afternoon. I haven't had a decent bike ride since high school and I forgot just how much I missed feeling the wind in my hair and like I didn't have a care in the world. Bikes? So underrated. If only I wasn't so scared of the NYC traffic to invest in a bike of my own.


  1. You and your Victoria's Secret swimsuit look fabulous! I love the colour. The beach, the ocean, and your friends all look wonderful too. I love breakfast and tend to get up late so I'd probably love Miami and Miami Beach. I should visit there sometime.

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  3. you al look so cute in your swimming suits!

  4. I can't wait until I can start riding my bicycle again and this is making me want to frolic around in a colourful swimsuit!
    Glad you had such a good trip

  5. Aw looks like youre having tons of fun! Cute bikini and bottoms! =)


  6. So sweet, looks like a fabulous place too

  7. look so wow!

  8. One thing in my to-do list is to ride a bike along the beach!! Love the photos :)


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