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UNIQLO Presents the UT Truckshop

This past weekend I had the chance to stop by and check out the UT Truckshop, presented by UNIQLO, in Gansevoort Plaza. To celebrate the 2013 UT T-Shirt (one of which I'm rocking below), they constructed a Dekotora-inspired truck which combined automative and LED technology to create a light show, which accompanied performances by DJ's all over NYC. The lights are actually controlled by a guy a few feet away, handling the controls.

I was able to climb onto the top of the truck to grab some quick shots of the crowd and the DJ. Since I'm always a smart dresser, I was conveniently wearing a short dress and heeled booties to make the vertical climb to the top. Check out that sweet shot my friend captured. Classy lady right there.

To go along with the experience, UNIQLO also released their UT Camera App which captures a moving image that gets replayed over and over again. Check out two that I recorded here and here and make one of your own by downloading the app (iPhone, Android). So much fun - I'm a little bit addicted.

There are two more performances coming up this month on Saturday, April 20th and Saturday, April 27th. Definitely stop by if you guys are in the area! I would recommend going later at night around 7-8 pm as the sun sets. Such an awesome experience.


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