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Working Out with Cory Vines

Does working out make you feel like the way I look in the picture above? Just thinking about it makes me cringe, especially with the summer temperatures. Once the sun comes up, all I want to do is bask in air conditioning and watch Netflix (gotta catch up on my Arrested Development).

That also means I'm spending plenty of time lying on my ass and not getting any sort of exercise in my daily routine. The older I get, the more I realize that it's good to stay active and develop some sort of workout routine on a weekly basis, even if it's really light.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Cory Vines racerback tank and it's officially my new favorite shirt to work out in. It fits me perfectly and brings some extremely welcome color to my exercise routine. To me, feeling good about myself while working out is just as important as the work out itself. If I feel disgusting, I'd rather just pop some extra butter popcorn in the microwave and continue to sink further into my self-pity party. Wearing an awesome workout outfit gets me motivated to put it to good use and feel my best. Oh, and did I mention how sick the fabric is? Super breathable and super soft.

I love that the company itself puts so much effort and personal ties into the products it pushes out. Their passion for what they create shows in the high quality of their clothing. They'll be releasing other pieces in the next few months, such as henleys and leggings, and I can't wait to check them out.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Cory vines giveaway and you might just find one of these bad boy tanks in your mailbox. ;)


  1. You look cute in those work out clothes. That tank sounds nice. I want one!

  2. Exercise is fun! Cool tank...if I was a lady I'd wear one.

  3. Super cute and I completely agree that if you feel good about yourself while working out, it plays a huge part of how successful the workout is (or how long I keep at it). Hmm maybe have to go buy a cute workout tank now bc Ive been a complete sloth lately!

  4. It is definitely important to make exercise part of your routine!! This tank top is wonderful, I have trouble finding ones I like, this one looks soo comfy!

  5. ah reminds me to have some work out too
    you look great jen!
    style frontier

  6. Wow this post will definitely get me back on track--dammit.
    Nice! haha


  7. Will do! Obsessed with it so far!

  8. The way you described your shirt makes me want to grab it now. I need that in my life. I easily sweat with my exercise shirt because it is kind of thick. This shirt seems comfortable.


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