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Lime with a Hint of Mint

Forever 21 Denim Jacket 
Lime Maxi Dress c/o Lulu's
Shoemint Satchel
Mint Statement Necklace c/o Lulu's (similar)

Yesterday evening, I left work early and jumped on a train to Short Hills, New Jersey. Neiman Marcus, located at the Short Mills mall, was hosting a two hour meet-and-greet that evening with Rebecca Minkoff and Bryan Boy and they invited me to do some coverage and light interviewing. I'll talk about it more in my next blog post but, until then, here's what I ended up wearing. 

And I'm not sure if it's just me, but does anyone else feel weird if they wear heels to the mall? Bougie, much?


  1. What a lovely outfit for a day of
    shopping, niceeee lime colored
    dress! Xx

  2. When I go to the mall, I usually feel a bit odd wearing my high heels or wedges. Haha, but there are outfits that nothing else will work with it. This maxi dress is one of those things. Love the bright yellow color and your cute statement necklace!
    Haha, and the caption in that first photo...bahaha. Gotta love the photo bombers :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Your lime coloured maxi-dress looks very pretty. You were dressed beautifully for the meet and greet! I'll be looking forward to reading more about it. I remember that mall having a wonderful diversity of shops and great shopping too.

  4. bahahaha I love that first photo. "Oh geez, not another one of those bloggers." Oh Jen, you make me laugh, you do! I adore you.

    Your lime dress is impressive. I can't wait to hear about this neat coverage you did!

  5. Youre so famous! When I grow up, I want to be as awesome of a blogger as you.

  6. yeah.. on the rare occasion that let's say i was on a date (in heels) and we ended up dropping by the mall to walk around or grab something, i feel weird to be in heels (and to be so dressed up if i may say too).

    looking so fresh in this neon dress, dear! love the necklace! can't wait to hear more about this on your new post!

    Animated Confessions

  7. I love your dress! The color really great! :) Irene Wibowo

  8. HAHA. I love that caption there. Warrants my first comment on your blog!

  9. Lol at that first photo caption.

    I don't really go to malls or wear heels much so.... maybe? (no malls around...)

  10. Sometimes I wear a low wedge to the mall (like in an attempt to be somewhat inconspicuous even though it never /really/ works haha.) The maxi dress looks great on you and I can't wait to hear about how the event went! xx

  11. I love that dress - the colour and the design too! You look really pretty (:
    Laughed at the bubble you put up there ;)

    Yuen from The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  12. Haha! That speech bubble is awesome. Beautiful dress.

  13. This dress is so gorgeous, love the colour on you so much!! Perfect with the denim jacket. And that speech bubble killed me, so good

  14. Ok, you are too freaking cute :) I love the maxis you've been rocking lately! I have a friend around your height who's always sad that she can't find a maxi dress or skirt that works for her, so I'm definitely sharing this with her!

    And I can't WAIT to hear about your Brian Boy experience! I tweeted him when he was in SF for America's Cup, and I just about died when he tweeted back a smiley face at me. <--- big ol' dork

    :) Sarah

  15. Cute outfit, totally loving the dress and the color :) xx

  16. This maxi is soooo cute on you. Love the color!

    Xo, Hannah

  17. LOL @ the first photo. That girl is lucky to have seen you pose for the camera with your stunning outfit. :p


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